The Feeling

The Feeling

The Feeling,
by Clayten Tylor


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The Feeling

This book is an Esoteric interpretation of Emanuel Swedenborg’s spiritual writings. It is written from a sinner’s perspective, as a personal memoir, meant to impart spiritual guidance by example. It is a hands-on self-help book on how to "birth" the Divine Feminine Essence of Love from within.

The author traces the Divine back to its original source as Essential Love and Essential Innocence, which begins in the body as a sensual feeling of love, and through the process of regeneration, it becomes the Word of God. Then, by sharing the spiritual feeling of the "Word" as love, it becomes a blissful union with the Divine within, as the feeling of the "New Church."

The "New Church" is the perception of an influx of spiritual love flowing from within as happiness. But it also has a two-fold purpose: For when the feeling of love from a sensual life has been transformed into the spiritual feeling of love, and when done on a mass scale, it ultimately manifests as the true purpose of the New Church, Swedenborg’s "New Jerusalem," the Brotherhood of Mankind, as the feeling of Heaven on Earth.


Dedicated to: Emanuel Swedenborg, (1688-1772) — My Savior.

I will admit that this book has far too many quotations from Swedenborg. Yet, the reason I used so many of his quotes was that I needed to prove what I was writing, was true. Often with subjects of spirituality, we like to take the spirit out of the word spiritual. My use of too many quotations is a way to bring the feeling of the spirits and the angels back into the words, spiritual, and celestial.

I like to smell while I breathe. Smelling while breathing opens the spiritual mind and stops the mind-chatter. We need a quiet mind to understand spiritual quotes. Sometimes, as an example, when my mind is quiet and I smell a beautiful perfume, I can feel as if an Angel just swept by me. I want to thank Swedenborg for that way of thinking. By thinking of life in this same way, makes it easy to read difficult subjects, or to come up with ideas and solutions not possible to imagine through the memory.

I like to think of the term spiritual, as being guided intuitively. Intelligence is an aspect of breathing; as is spirit, understanding, and wisdom. The most noticeable thing about death, is the loss of the breathing function. However, there is another breathing function. It is the spiritual breath that results from death. Yet, it is also by breathing deeply while reading something with a spiritual meaning.

The spiritual breath awakens as a rhythm between the in-breath and out-breath. The rhythm of the breathing affects our ability to discriminate and to understand difficult subjects. This book and Swedenborg's quotations, are a way to develop that spiritual breathing function, and to bring the discrimination to recognize a good idea, merely by the feeling of it. The next good idea, could be in our next in-breath.

We want to open the rational level of the mind that results from smelling while breathing-in the spiritual breath. We are trying to draw out the feeling of conjugial love already within us. Not only that, we just need a quiet mind to attract it. This is all I am going to say about the innocence of wisdom, the breathing function of Spirit, as truth, knowledge, and light. The rest of the book gets devoted to the Breath of the Soul, as beauty, charity, love, and goodness.

Life-Path Analysis

For: Emanuel Swedenborg — January 29, 1688

To understand someone, I like to start by undertaking a life-path analysis of their date-of-birth using Numerology. I will calculate one for Swedenborg, but I suggest that you follow along by doing one on your own birth-date. In this way you prove to yourself the spiritual guidance left behind like bread-crumbs along the Path of Return.

Emanuel Swedenborg was a Christian mystic and visionary of the spiritual world. He was born under the Sun-sign of Aquarius, in Stockholm, Sweden, on January 29, 1688, into a wealthy Lutheran family. His writings, particularly his concepts that “heaven is a communion of souls,” and that “dreams contain spiritual guidance,” are both significant keys to understanding our present new Age of Aquarius, which signifies the feeling of mutual-love on earth.

Swedenborg's birth-date adds-up and reduces to a single-digit destiny number eight. This is the most fortunate of nine possible life-paths, and can indicate wealth and genius. Indeed, Swedenborg did not ever need to worry about money. The number “eight signifies good” (A. R. 739).

During our early years, our life gets ruled by our month, of birth. In Swedenborg's case, his birth month is January, which corresponds to the number one, highlighting a pioneering period in his life. It was during this time that he studied geology, botany, zoology, and mechanical sciences. It was also when he wrote his scientific and technical works, which included his inventions and theories on physics and algebra.

Our middle years get ruled by our day of birth. Swedenborg's day of birth is the 29th, which reduces to the number two, and bestows a socially diplomatic influence. During that time, he met Sweden's King Charles XII (1682–1718) and his sister Ulrika Eleonora (1688–1741) who in 1719, ennobled his family, changing their name from Swedberg to Swedenborg.

This name change for the family was a life-altering influence, particularly for Emanuel Swedenborg. It changed the life-expression of his full name from 6 4 1, which indicate caring, but highly independent person, to a 3 9 3, signifying love and the desire to express it as a feeling. The number three in The Tarot, by Paul Foster Case is the “Luminous Intelligence,” to indicate the radiating aspect of the feeling of love.

In Numerology, we cannot begin to contribute to society in any meaningful way until after six cycles of nine, after the age of fifty-four. Until that point, we are too full-of-ourselves, overly self-centered. It was at that time when Swedenborg had his spiritual feelings awakened, He began to attune to an intuitive source within, the beginning of his visionary period that greatly influenced the world.

The latter part of our life gets ruled by our year of birth. Swedenborg's year of birth reduces to the number five, which imparts a willful influence. It is best expressed by traveling and trying new things. Spiritually, it signifies the power of the Will to-do-good. This is intriguing considering “the number five signifies remains” (5291); and they represent the feeling of love, as the means of communicating with heaven.

This book intends to follow the same spiritual path that Swedenborg took, through the realm of the affection of love. By developing our intuition, we too will arrive at the same goal, and to personally experience an influx of conjugial love.

Conjugial love, is a term Swedenborg uses to describe the Essential Love. It is through the direct experience of perceiving a spiritual influx of conjugial love flowing through our body that we are then able to communicate with heaven.

Essentially, this communication is not difficult if we think of the Divine as the feeling of conjugial love. A personal conjugial love experience is the verification of that feeling as a cognitive knowing. The sensation of knowing is the esoteric signal to the subconscious mind to begin the cellular transformation that will enable us to communicate with heaven.

The oft-misunderstood quote: “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing ” holds an important secret: do not make the same mistake and pretend that you can perceive conjugial love without actually having the spiritual experience. When biblical Christians revealed their secrets, they were fed to the lions. It was because their oppressors could not feel the same depth of love as they did. By pretending that you can feel conjugial love when you cannot, tells your own subconscious mind to also just make-believe. Therefore, it does nothing, and you will forever be waiting for your own cellular transformation.

Sorrowfully, because of the sensation that falsity causes in our own body when we are dishonest with ourselves, we can never know the true feeling of conjugial love. The experience of conjugial love is through the spiritual feeling of innocence, void of the twisted sensations that falsity causes.

Swedenborg said that “a new church arises. ” Yet, he also said that it would be a different church, based on the inner knowing. Consequently, the falsity will eventually burn itself out. It is the result of just pretending to be able to feel conjugial love. The entire battle of man against man was the result of hiding this knowledge of the spiritual feeling of conjugial love.

Therefore, I can see the “New Church ” as being the true feeling of love, coming through the subconscious mind. This will enable each of us to feel a direct conjugial love experience for ourselves. Thereby, to truly feel mutual love for all of humanity.

This was Swedenborg's vision for the Aquarian Age: the repatriation of the feeling of Conjugial love. Not another religion, not another building as a church — but a feeling as the affection of conjugial love, as mutual-love on earth.


Ten Spiritual Exercises

The evolution of Conjugial love, from a celestial feeling of spiritual light into physicality as a sensual affection encompasses a multitude of complexities. This book contains ten exercises to help experience those complexities. They are the layers of sensual-love that together make up the pure affection of a conjugial love experience. However, to perceive its celestial purity as a sensual affection, one must first remove the layers of misconceptions regarding the sexual feeling of self-love.

The ten spiritual exercises are layers, or different sensations of love. When layered one upon the other in a particular order, the result is a blissful feeling. If you are unable to complete one of the ten exercises, put it aside while you keep practicing. Eventually you will experience that particular love-sensation, because conjugial love is an expanding living feeling based on the layering of all ten of the different sensations of sensual-love.

Ancient wisdom has taught this knowledge of layering. The Divine Name translated as the Lord in the Bible, and Jehovah in the revised versions gets designated by various names, such as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Thus, each name has its own separate spiritual feeling as a layer of the One.

Nevertheless, humankind's outward search for this secret knowledge has led us astray. Our search will be inner, for the spiritual feeling of conjugial love. It is composed of layers of different affections, and of being loved in return.

The reason I am writing this tell-all book that includes the ten spiritual steps is that I wish someone had told me earlier in life. For when these ten exercises get practiced as a sensual rhythm, they attune us to the blissful feeling of conjugial love within.

It is important to experience the sensual affection of each one of the ten balancing exercises to perceive the totality of the spiritual feeling of conjugial love. It is in the act of doing each exercise in their order, which transforms our sense-of-self as our ego to perceive beyond our personal feeling, and to live spiritually.



Ten Spiritual Exercises:

  1) Separation from the Ego

  2) Recognizing Self-Love

  3) The Holy Supper

  4) The Virgin Birth

  5) 42-Days of Sexual Abstinence

  6) Heavenly Essence

  7) Reflection, a Mirror Perspective

  8) Acting As If

  9) The Sabbath: Equilibrium Within

10) Adoration Praying; Humiliation Prayer


I am eternally grateful to my wise friend, Kasandra, for her insightful influence and companionship during my midlife crisis, when she sensed my inner suffering, and handed me the following quotation by Keen.

When through the deep waters I call thee to go,
The rivers of sorrow shall not overflow;
For I will be with thee thy troubles to bless
And sanctify to thee thy deepest distress.

Kasandra was the Western representative for Information Swedenborg, Canada. She first introduced me to Swedenborg's writings with his quotation “God is Love,” and from that moment on, we began a back and forth intellectual exchange that continued three hours a day for the next fifteen years.

Kasandra affected me deeply as a friend, and through our mutual love of Swedenborg's writings, we shared our deepest concepts of what “ God ” could be. It was a comforting theology at a time when there were no answers to what I was experiencing.

Kasandra's love for God brought me much peace and understanding as I struggled to make sense of my own overtly religious spiritual experiences happening to me at that time.

Swedenborg wrote the quote “God is Love” over two-hundred and fifty years ago. Yet, it was Kasandra who helped me to get comfortable enough with religion so that I could expand on Swedenborg's spiritual concepts from an esoteric perspective. I was often guided by his visitations through his theological writings.

Although Emanuel appeared to me in my dreams and wanted me to write a book about my personal spiritual experiences, it was Kasandra who always encouraged me to be myself when it came to the topic of religion. The seemingly unimportant personal stories used to explain Swedenborg's religious concepts, are in the hope that you will find a similar narrative in your own life. Thereby, be able to perceive the Divine as the feeling of conjugial love more easily.

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About: Clayten Tylor

Clayten is now a writer, but a retired Certified Esoteric Astrologer, Numerologist, and Mystic. His other interest includes subjects such as Spiritual Healing, Occult Psychology, Metaphysics, Sacred Science, Mystical Qabalah, Color Therapy, Contemporary Spirituality, Trans-personal Religious experiences; and is an avid Swedenborg enthusiast.

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