The Feeling: Introduction

The Feeling

The Feeling - Introduction

by Clayten Tylor

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The Feeling This “little book” is really just about the feeling of spiritual love and happiness . Yet, I felt it was necessary to use terminology that is acceptable to both the religious and the atheist reader. However, that kind of logic was in the hope of changing the atheist into becom ing a believer.

I thought about chang ing the word God, to Love; or even to something like Godd , just to overcome the dogma connected with that particular word . But that would be missing the point, because the traditional words, best resonate with the feeling that those particular words spiritually represent. By this, I mean that the spiritual meaning of any word such as “God,” comes from the actual spiritual vibration of that particular word. It is t he inner vibration , a s a spiritual feeling that gives life and meaning to the words.

Our personal name is also caused by an inner vibration, which is the spiritual feeling of our sense-of-self. Our name is linked with knowing the inner nature or quality of our individual spiritual essence. Through a name we can determine the inner nature and quality of a person or thing.

Therefore, unless we can feel the internal sense of the word, we can never know the truth. The truth does not appear, except to those who are guided from within. Therefore, we will need to examine the internal spiritual feeling of words, such as “God” and “Christ,” “Heaven” and “Hell,” “Good” and “Evil,” and many others words in order to reveal what they represent spiritually, without their dogmatic religious interpretation.

All of this religious terminology is only the means to take us to a state of mind where we can actually approach the true meaning of a name – its true spiritual essence – to briefly become it as a feeling. We want to be able to feel like God, to be like Christ, and to “know” first hand the truth of what these words really mean.

Also, throughout this entire book, my use of the term “man” is always meant to mean both male and female. The same dual-gender meaning applies to the “Divine Human,” “God-man,” and the “internal man.”

The language that we are forced to use to communicate, is merely an intellectual language. Yet, what I am going to explain is not an intellectual concept, but a perception of a spiritual feeling. The feeling is the most important perception of all of our physical senses, for the taste, smell, hearing, and sight, are all a result of it.

Although all we have are words to convey this “inmost feeling,” I want to stress that this feeling really cannot be understood with just words. It is the language of the heart, and the intellect puts up great resistance to this type of intuitive knowing.

The real language of spiritual love is the feeling aroused by pictorial symbolism, which is divinely inspired imagery that flows from within when the time is right for it to be revealed. I f you have any resistance to religious terminology, then try to understand the particular word as I do, from a numerologist's point of view , not as a religious feeling , but as a sound vibration.

That said, you do not need to know anything about the spiritual meaning of numbers , in order to perceive the feeling of conjugial love . The best thing that you can do is to become aware of the spiritual feeling that certain words instill in you as an internal love- response . Then the pictorial imagery begins to be revealed, first as a celestial feeling and then as a spiritual knowing.

The esoteric or inner feeling of any word such as God, vibrates as the perfect meaning of everything that it represents spiritually. That exact word is needed to communicate to you that exact spiritual feeling. If reading or hearing a particular religious word upsets you or does not make you feel good, then that response is not in the actual word, it is in you. Our judgments block the feeling of knowing.

Likewise, by correspondence, the spiritual plane of the Divine is felt to be reversed to the physical plane. All religious symbols require that we turn and back ourselves into them, to act “as if” in order to experience them spiritually. When we act as if, we re-unite with the spiritual essence of a thing. Therefore, we must first act as if, by putting ourselves in its place, in order to truly understand and experience it.

In addition, if you are accustomed to terminology such as love and wisdom, it would appear in the spiritual world reversed as wisdom and love; and a color like red would appear as its after-glow as green. Moreover, if something irks you, such as a word like “feeling” or “God,” then you will not delight in the understanding of it. It is the delight of love that unites us to a thing that we desire to become.

This mundane talk about the spelling of words is just semantics, for what I really mean is that you and I, as self-centered beings, cannot possibly understand or enter the spiritual and celestial worlds of love, because w e are a response to the flow of love through us. A s selfish as we are, we can never enter th at particular level of love. At least, not un til that self-centered aspect of ourselves is left outside .

As human beings, we are created by our resistance to the flow of spiritual love through us. Thus, the experience of living in a body can be painful by feeling separate from love. Yet, the feeling of separateness is necessary for the birth of the spiritual awareness of Oneness. Our painful separation and all personal suffering is based on an illusion arising from a misunderstanding, which is how the spirits rule over us.

Another thing to mention to help you understand where I am coming from is that I believe that everything is memory, that everything is conscious energy, made of mind stuff. Thus, if you believe in reincarnation then that too must be just memory. Everything, including all knowledge is contained within. We want to enter the memory to feel the Love , then the Light , and then to let it feel to flow t hrough us .

Consequently, we must get past our personal memory in order to be able to attune with the Divine memory. In order to experience the feeling of spiritual love, think of it as a spiritual memory of a celestial feeling of being truly loved. The memory is the entrance into the spiritual feeling of heavenly happiness. We want to reach the inner center, where it is the most beautiful. That center, is an image in our memory.

Our personal memory is the collection of our most intense feelings of love as images. The intensity of our ruling love veils the feeling of our soul as an image essence. It follows us to eternity, unless we deal with the memories that are no longer appropriate.

Think of your soul, as the essence of a spiritual fountain expressing the desires of your ruling love. Desires are not in the future, they are feeling-premonitions of what is to come. They signify, what is possible with faith. Faith is believing that it shall be done.

Therefore, you must relax with your spiritual goals, and they will manifest. To develop your spiritual self, you do not have to do anything special except to recall the feeling of the divine occasionally as a present spiritual state of being. And then act on your own intuitive guidance to obtain it. Thus, to manifest any desire, it helps to think of it as being a feeling from your past.

To manifest a spiritual knowing as faith, it would help if you imagine knowing the Divine in this same way, as a loving feeling of affection from the past. Then all you have to do is remember that same spiritual feeling of love in order to trigger an influx of conjugial love from the Divine.

However, first we must reverse our position towards the idea that time and space are necessary constructs to manifesting our desires, or to healing, or to knowing the Divine. Once we do that, and make the shift from the intellectual self into our intuitive feeling-self that is without time and space, then all of these explanations about terminology will be redundant. Once we feel It, we will be It, for we are It now.

Essentially, try to feel the spiritual love, and automatically you will love yourself. If you can feel by imagining the love of your spiritual self, automatically you will feel the love of the Divine. It is the same with manifesting all your material goals – just love-them into the eternal now.

Also, forget about time, for the feeling of time is related to pain , which is concern about the future. Only love is experienced without time. Only love is predestined, and all of us are predestined to love, which needs to first be the feeling of love on earth .

Thus, “purgatory is a fable invented by Roman Catholics” (T. C. R. 475.3, Rose). Yet, as a selfish lonely feeling, purgatory does still exist within, especially, when we worry about the future and close off the feeling of love from within.

Thus, our greatest influence over time, space and the outer events in our life is not only by how we respond to the things that we like or dislike, but also by adjusting that response to a more loving feeling. This is because, if we dwell on something that we dislike, a similar negative feeling arises, which causes the event to repeat itself. This is how we are purified, first by the temptation that attract us, and then by the fermentation that separates us.

Conversely, if we dwell on the feeling of spiritual love as being a corporeal sensation within our body – presto, negative thoughts subside, mind-chatter becomes silent, and a spiritual love affair begins as a feeling throughout our entire body. It is the inner feeling of the soul coming forth as a pictorial image that save us from ourselves.

Therefore, be cautious about negative thinking or worrying about the future. The feeling of worrying, not only blocks all of our worthy desires from manifesting, but also blocks the inmost soul-feeling awareness of the spiritual feeling of love.

The Feeling
by Clayten Tylor

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