The Feeling - Chapter Three

The Feeling

The Feeling
by Clayten Tylor

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Chapter 3: Sound of Love

Think of the Word of God as being t he feeling of spiritual love. Spiritual love is the Divine dwelling in you and me as the feeling of a celestial sound- vibration. Thus, “the sound of musical instruments corresponds to affections of spiritual and celestial love” (A. R. 702); “stringed appertain to truth; wind to things celestial” (A. E. 323).

When I recall my previous silent-darkness dream, each time that I awoke from that imprisoned paralyzed fully aware state, I was also left questioning what the meaning of that particular experience was. Unlike any other dream that I have ever experienced, that one, a simple message about a vibrating sound, had no logical or rational explanation that I could surmise, which led me to forget about it until the next time it occurred.

Yet, “angels and spirits, according to their differences with respect to good and truth, distinguished tones, and admit only such tones as are in accord” (420).

Even now, the only explanation for that darkness-dream to occur is the ability for it to transport me back into the emoting feeling of the sound sensation. That expanded spiritual sense of consciousness felt to be my real body. Now, the mere thought of that dream causes my whole body to begin to tingle. I understand now how that dream has formed my perception of what I call the spiritual f eeling, when the “mind becomes the Man himself” (F. M. R. 5).

The self-less feeling of spiritual love at soul-level exists within each of us. Its discovery is our first step toward the super-conscious state termed the “Now.” The eternal moment is our jump-off point to birthing the Divine feminine essence within. It is this essence that reveals the esoteric “path of return” to the feeling of Unity.

The affection of spiritual love gets hidden beneath the selfish feeling of our ego. It is beneath our ego's possessive loving-self feeling. Thus, “t he love of self is called love, but viewed in itself it is hatred; for it does not love anyone outside itself nor does it desire to unite with others to benefit them, but only to benefit itself” (T. C. R. 45).

Our love of self could be thought of as being formed by a response to noise. E very sound, such as a car-horn honking, can cause a corresponding love/hate feeling-reaction in our body. It i s our actual response to every sound vibration, which determines our perception of our spiritual self. Thus, “reverberations are one of the punishments evil spirits bring upon themselves” (829).

Our response to sound can be taught to respond differently, to recognize just noise. T hereby, our response to love as a spiritual sound vibration can be changed. Thus, “the sound of spiritual language differs so far from that of natural language, that a spiritual sound, though loud, cannot at all be heard by a natural man, nor a natural sound by a spiritual man” (C. S. L. 326).

In my early spiritual studies, I was taught that every time I heard an ambulance or a fire-truck siren, I was to stop and radiate love, to change my response to the sound. Later in life, I awoke in the middle of the night with my heart pounding and my body pulsating out waves of healing love responding to the sound of the siren of a fire-truck racing past my house. My body's new response performed its work automatically, even in my sleep. This indicates that all sound-responses can be reprogrammed to respond more appropriately with love. Thus, “the law of retaliation consists in this, that evil carries along with it its own punishment” (A. R. 762).

Yet, what is this automatic feeling-response, but our preconditioned hereditary evil of loving ourselves. Our self-love as our ego separates us from the spiritual feeling of love. Spiritual love is the self-less feeling in its virgin purity within. It is before we had been hurt by love. Our love-hurt is as if we have been terrorized by noise, since the feeling of our “hereditary evil consists in willing and thence thinking evil. It is known by the delight, which is felt when evil befalls another” (4317).

Humanity's hereditary evil is but an immature love-response that has been collectively terrorized. Spiritual love gets hidden from most humankind until we can bring awareness to this response, and recognize the affection beneath it. For “bruised, signifies what is broken and not in coherence with interior truth” (A. E. 627).

As an example: if someone was to insult you, you might respond by feeling hurt and then strike them back, because “Reaction derives its force from the active cause, which it reciprocates” (6262).

Yet, by training our personality to not overly react to the feeling of hurt as being personal, we might understand the other person is hurt, and is why they are trying to harm us. Thereby, we respond spiritually, forever ending the pain of a selfish automatic response. Thus, “t he Lord admonishes those who are in the good of charity” (2387).

The Word, is felt first in the body as a sensual, tingling sound-vibration of love. Thus, “t he conjunction of heaven with man is by means of the Word ” ( W. H. 10).

By changing our response to the feeling of selfish-love do we also dissolve our negative patterns and come to know the self-less affection of conjugial love, which flows through everything to make us feel as One. There are two sensual feelings, yet, one can be used to make the other feel better by becoming One.

To be fair, to make the spiritual feeling of love equally accessible to all, “the Word is vivified according to everyone's state of charity and innocence” (1776).

The sensual feeling of self-love can become the same spiritual vibration as the affections of charity and innocence. Our love-of-self is an immature response to an affection more spiritual. Yet, the feeling of self-love is a false pattern easily dissolved. Our response to an influx of love can be either spiritual or immature. As an immature response it is our hereditary evil, automatic, self-centered, separating and isolating. It “ o riginates from the fallacy of the senses that the body acts on spirit” ( 1633).

When our response becomes spiritual, love is trans-formative, regulating and tempering. Yet, to participate in the higher self-less spiritual response as a conjugial love experience, the immature feeling must be cleared of its negative, selfish reaction.

As an example, let us return to my paralyzed darkness-dream. How could someone cope with not being able to move, or not having any control over their own body? Yet, to experience the spiritual influx as love, it only comes about by being completely relaxed and trusting without fear. It is experienced as an influx of self-less love from another level of being, from another plane of existence.

Thus, “the divine influx from heaven with the good, opens the spiritual mind, and adapts it for reception; but with the evil, it opens the inferiors of the natural mind, wherein evils and false reside” (A. E. 504).

Think of the sound of the Divine in this way: that our English alphabet got made of vowels as the feelings of love, and consonants as the spiritual light or the awareness of truth. Thus, “vowels refer to good, and consonants to truth” (C. S. L. 326).

Think of Divine Love and Wisdom as a string of intuitive feelings whispering ideas and images made up of the spiritual and celestial alphabet of love. It is the language used by angels, as the feeling of a sound vibration communicating its heavenly Joy to guide us. Thus, “affections manifest themselves chiefly by sounds ” ( H. H. 241).

Certain vowel sounds represent the inmost feelings of the celestial plane. The other vowel sounds represent the outermost feelings of the inner spiritual plane. “ Vowels signify affection and love ” ( A. R. 29). “ A , and O , are vowels used in the third heaven to express affection ” ( S. S. 90). “ E , and I properly belong to the spiritual class of affection, those, which involve good partake of U ” (H. H. 241).

Consonants signify truths, but are difficult to pronounce without the vowels' affection of goodness. Therefore, words without the soft celestial vowels of love can have a hard sound and then the entire feeling of the message would be misunderstood by how we respond. Therefore, any mis pronunciation of a single note would be our misunderstanding of the entire message.

In this case, it is the misinterpretation of the sound vibration as a sensual feeling responsible for our misunderstanding of the spiritual singing affection of Divine love. It leads to our misunderstanding of our real purpose of life, to develop the perception of that heavenly singing feeling as spiritual Joy for others.

The emotional feeling from music or from singing is different from the affection of conjugial love. Yet “the singing of heaven is nothing else than an affection of the mind, which is emitted through the mouth as a tune” (C. L. 155). Thus, “choirs in the next life are the means by which spirits are brought into unanimity” (A. C. 5182).

Creative Love

The Word of God is the spiritual feeling of the Divine's love. The feeling of self is our hereditary evil as a preconditioned automatic response held in our sensual memory, blocking the affection of an influx of a conjugial love as the experience of our realization of heavenly happiness.

To feel that happiness, our sensual memory must be purified of its selfish sensation of lust. Yet, here lust means our hereditary evil, as every selfish negative sensation or personality trait. They include emotions such as, anger, jealousy, gossip, and even the feeling of idleness. Thus, “idleness is a life of self-love” (A. Cr. 112).

In the following quote Swedenborg talks with spirits that had lived this “useless” idle life; and the “listlessness” that came over him, just by their presence.

“ There were spirits who during their lifetime had not striven for the good of society, but only for themselves. Their sole end in view had been to live sumptuously, and to grow rich; accustomed to false presences and to the ways of worming themselves in by various forms of flattering, solely to be noticed. In the next life they are useless members and are cast out from wherever they go” (A. E. 1509).

The creative-affection of usefulness gets hidden by our feeling of lust. It is our hereditary evil, experienced by most humanity as the feeling of sexual stimulation. Yet, the spiritual feeling of love gets intrinsically connected to this same creative sex-affection by the life force within humankind.

Therefore, transforming our sexual energy into creative magical-power begins by harnessing sensual love as a feeling by concentration. Thereby, we are birthing the spiritual feeling of love into awareness by using magnetism to attract and establish a new sensation of self.

However, then we must fix that concentrated awareness of spiritual love as a feeling-essence into the Now. We do this by practicing bringing the feeling of peace into our body, by reaching up and then surrendering to an influx of conjugial love.

Yet, the pleasurable feeling of our hereditary evil has both the power to lift us up or to pull us down. Lifted to experience the collective pleasure of the spiritual feeling of love, or pulled down to undergo the isolating delight of the sensation of lust.

It is through our sensual memory, by how we respond to the feeling of spiritual-love as it flows through us that will determine whether the love-feeling can be perfected into a conjugial love experience.

Thus, “ to grow signifies to be perfected” (2646).

Lower unites with the Higher

Awareness of the spiritual affection of love does not begin by feeling good. It begins for each of us in different ways and various times, but its awareness always starts by feeling bad by making us ashamed. “Ashamed signifies to be in evil” (A. C. 163).

If you recall, I did not become aware of the memory of my re-occurring darkness-dream until after I turned forty years old. You can see how it is possible to live with the “sound” of the spiritual feeling of love, but without even being aware of it. Essentially, unaware of our own intention, of what motivates us to do certain things, still ruled by the desires of our ego.

Sound corresponds to affection, and speech to thought. Thus, “affection utters sound, and thought utters speech” (A. R. 875).

The feeling of spiritual love as a sound vibration begins to grow within each of us when it is acknowledged. The way that it grows, is by us imagining the trillions of cells in our body tingling. A tingling affection is not radiating, but receiving. Thereby, lessening the resistance to the flow of spiritual-love and making the body feel more alive with the actual celestial essence, the source of the feeling of conjugial love.

The feeling of spiritual love as an actual celestial essence, is not like the substance of the body. Therefore, it is foreign to the body in how it feels when it flows-in as an influx. The lower will, uniting briefly with the higher Will, is the birth of this spiritual feeling of love. It begins the process of regeneration, which causes the sense of conscience as a repercussion of the body going about its old ways of living.

Thus, to live with a conscience requires a new way of being. The new spiritual feeling works against the emotions of the body as it tries harder to live in its old ways of selfish desiring without any awareness.

A birth of conscience is the feeling-bad phase of spiritual regeneration. It is the result of the first awareness of the feeling of spiritual love. To live with this new, bad sensation of conscience, the old selfish affection that we once felt as good, must be transformed of its attachment and identification to the body.

Even so, “hereditary evil has no power to turn the human race into a breed of monstrosities” (2 Econ. 313).

Yet, even Angels experience conscience as a bad feeling, contrary to the affection of goodness.

Thus, “there is a perception, together with pain, that one is doing something contrary to goodness and truth, and one is touched by sorrow, and almost sheds tears, which is an innermost conscience” (Sp. Ex., Odhner, 4036).

Resonating with Sound

At forty years old, I was asked to lead a local meditation group. Particularly, to lead the class during the chanting phase of the meditation. Since I was unable to hold a musical note, I began to take singing lessons. After some training, I realized that I could instead make my body resonate with the same vibration as each chant. I eventually learned how to make my body hold each vowel note individually as different inner spiritual feelings, but also, without ever verbalizing a perceptible sound. This inner spiritual feeling of sound is the correspondence to conjugial love.

The particular musical note that was imbued into my body during my silent darkness dream was of a higher vibration than singing vowel-sounds. Yet, it was still a sound vibration that created the feeling-tone in my body. In addition, just as a musical note can grow in volume and pitch, so too, as sensual beings can we encourage ourselves to develop in the vibratory strength to eventually feel conjugial love.

“ The celestial things of love through the constant conflicts and victories, constantly being united to the Divine Essence until the point was when His Human Essence as well had become Love, or the Being (Esse) of life, that is, Jehovah” (1738).

When the mind-chatter can be trained to move out-of-the-way to receive the vibratory sound of spiritual love more fully, then even the Angels get stirred. Vibratory tones are the language of angels. A natural body cannot hold the purity of a spiritual vowel sound-vibration until it has been purified of its opposite vibrations. This requires that the conscience also be cleared of its impurity.

To purify the conscience requires becoming a faithful receiver of the spiritual feeling of love as a pure sound-vibration. By tuning-in often enough until the inner spiritual affection of love gets made to feel Holy. Yet, that requires a permanent shift from the intellectual to the feeling side of our love-nature, to align consciously with the rhythm of the spiritual affection of love to cause a momentary conjugial experience.

The experience of conjugial love, is the Feeling of the Divine. It is also called the “Word.” Therefore, the name of the Divine as a Feeling is the secret doctrine of an influx of conjugial love. Essentially, the sensation of the Word, gets felt as a spiritual affection of love, as a sacred vowel-sound-vibration that flows through everything. Being able to feel it, is “heaven” and pleasurable. Not being able to feel it, is “hell” and pleasurable.

Recognizing, adjusting and fine-tuning our feeling-response to improve our awareness of the feeling of the Divine by an influx of spiritual love, is the esoteric Doctrine of the Divine.

No one can tell us how to locate this funny quiver-feeling. Or how we are going to interpret it when it is felt as a spiritual influx, embodied in our flesh. The first task is to begin to nurture it. It starts from the sensual affection of love, drawn out until it becomes a spiritual pleasure of joy for others. Since we go with it, we too seem to become a radiating center of that Joy.

Sound Pleasure

The Age of Aquarius is not about a world to come, it is about receiving the feeling of spiritual love onto earth now. The “world to come” is the physical plane corresponding to the spiritual sphere and everyone receiving an influx of conjugial love.

The Word is “made flesh” when we feel it. Its Glory is to see the spiritual light, and thereby, to feel ourselves as One. That “glory” becomes a love-reality as a perpetual spiritual feeling of mutual love on earth when the Word gets made flesh. Thus, “flesh is Divine good, the blood, Divine truth of Divine Good” (4735).

How do we receive the Divine name as the feeling of the Word as a spiritual influx of conjugial love into our flesh? Swedenborg says, “flesh, signifies the good of the will-principle and in an opposite sense the evil proprium in man” (A. E. 1082). Moreover, “ glory” is the “flesh.” It represents the proprium made to feel spiritual, because “flesh signifies the vivified proprium” (A. C. 148).

So, it is about vivifying our ego, burning up the false. This following quotation proclaims the greater pleasures perceived when we change our response, and receive an influx of spiritual love as a sensual feeling.

“ The joys, satisfactions, pleasures, and delights, cannot be described, they are perceptible to the feeling; for what is perceptible to the feeling cannot be described, because it does not fall into ideas of thought, and thus not into words” (D. P. 39).

The ego vivified, is burning-up the false, but it is not giving up anything important, since the reward is greater pleasure. Burning up the false has nothing to do with our evil acts. The false, is our feeling of separation. It is the cause of our evil acts. Thus, “happiness enter as man puts away the lusts of evil and falsity as if of himself ” (D. P. 39).

The key here is, “as if of himself. ” Therefore, to start the process of regeneration, first you must feel bad enough to want to change. That can only come about after you have lived your life fully, and reached the point that you now feel bad enough to want to change. Thus, “good and truth begin from the inmost. ”

We want to draw it out, to feel the goodness, and be made good. We are talking about heralding-in the Age of Aquarius by our Will receiving the affection of conjugial love into our personal feeling of self. Thus, “earth signifies the external of the spiritual man” (90).

There is a pleasurable feeling that happens from willing spiritual love as a corporeal affection to others in preparation to perceiving the Divine Will. Thus, “pleasant has respect to the understanding, as delightful to the will” (A. R. 756). Thus , said another way: “heat does not exist in love itself, but from it in the will, and thence in the body” (D. L. W. 95).


Glowing Light

In my late teens, I had done some “soft” drugs. This is important to tell you for the experience that I am going to share with you now. It is regarding our discussion of the Will principle, how it expresses through our sense-of-self, first, as a vibration felt as a quiver, and eventually, as a self-less sensation of spiritual love, free from the body.

In the 1960s it was the “in-thing” to do the drug, LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide). If you have never done it (and not that I recommend it, for drugs were purer back then), you become aware that vibration is the fundamental principle of all life. It is the vibratory power that makes sight possible. When the eyes begin to pulsate during an LSD “trip” it creates a strobe-light effect, which makes everything appear to move in slow motion. It is, as if you could stop time, to examine something more closely. This pulsating spiritual vibration is the source of all of our senses, the fundamental sound-vibration of Divine order, of all motion, of birth and death. Thus, of course, “Man was created a form of divine order” (T. C. R. 65).

Good and truth are also the same back and forth movements as pulsating vibrations of expansion and contraction. Modifying or adjusting these vibrations, is behind our ability to send or to Will the feeling of spiritual love to others.

The equalization of the two vibrations is the basis of the birth of the One, as a heavenly feeling. It is the movement of this spiritual feeling at the stage of the Vital Soul, the basis of our sacred work at this point. Thus, “the first or supreme and innermost essence of the body is the soul” (A. K. 456).

If you have ever leaped off a cliff, or watched someone on television jump out of an airplane, and felt a quiver in the lower part of your body, is the Vital Soul energy. It is the vibratory Kundalini energy that begins the “virgin birth” of what I call The Feeling that results in a state of cosmic consciousness .

That feeling-energy — and there are a myriad other names for it — is the source of all of our senses that we associate with living well. Equalizing and modifying that feeling-energy, will determine whether at the end of our life we believe that the Divine loved us. Thus, the feeling of “the good and truth received from the Lord, by every angel and man, constitute his identity” (10.367).

At this point, we want to become aware of the feeling of our spiritual life, created by the movement of good and truth. We develop an understanding of its movement by feeling our connection, which signifies conjunction.

Thus, “M an is not life, but a recipient of life, and there is conjunction, if adapted to it as an active to a passive, or as what in itself alive to what is itself dead, which thence obtains life” (2021).

When the feeling of “life” flows without resistance, it is the source of all sexual orgasms and births, holy shivers, fight-or-flight responses, including the sensation of death. Yet, when we learn to feel it without responding to it sexually, or without identifying the feeling by connecting it with the past as a memory, it becomes an available pure source of radiating, renewing vibratory creative-energy.

In addition, just the same way that the feeling of love during an orgasm becomes associated with the person that we share it with; when sexual energy has been modified of its possessive attachment it then gets experienced as communing with the Divine. (This is why sex can create life). When we can cause our own full-body spiritual orgasm at will, and can radiate love-energy out like the Sun, then this is to love the Lord and to do his commandments. Thus, “ t he Lord's love appears as a radiant belt” (7270).

I know this sounds absurd, but bear with me and I will demonstrate how this was a natural ability that we have lost in the collective fantasy of projecting love energy onto others, instead of to them. The loss of this spiritual perception corresponds to the darkness, the second coming, and the manifestation of the “Word made flesh.” For “The Word is the Divine passing through all the heavens” (10127).

Yet, the most difficult part of this phase of regeneration is to become a spiritual adult, by consciously choosing to will-love, and to radiate the vibratory love-essence to others whenever we feel a lack within ourselves. We imitate the Divine order of conjugial love as the desire to be One, by willing, the essence of mutual-love as a motion. Thus, “spiritual power is to will the good to another and, in so far as one can, to want to transfer into him that which is in ourselves” (A. E. 79 -2).

The Balance

The esoteric knowledge of the spiritual power of willing good, is hidden in the balancing of the gender-terms male and female. However, this secret knowledge has long been lost. Thus, “what is meant by 'male and female' in the internal sense, was well known to the Most Ancient Church. When the interior sense of the Word was lost among their posterity, this Arcanum also perished” (A. C. 54).

Essentially, it is impossible to understand the other gender by mere words, or any verbal communication. It requires a shift into the heart — to feel the other person's spiritual essence. The following quote explains further the differences between the inner natures of the male and female genders.

“ I n the masculine principle love is inmost, and its covering is wisdom. In the female principle the wisdom of the male is inmost, and its covering is the love thence derived. So that the male is the wisdom of love, and the female is the love of that wisdom” (C. S. L. 32).

Even today, the male/female polarity is shifting, with men getting weak and ineffectual, unable to find work; and women becoming the major breadwinners, and even playing their part in contributing to the road-rage phenomenon. Therefore, we are still not reaching our true internal balance, to feel spiritually as one. Yet, it goes much deeper than that, which will require a symbolic story to explain further.

Uniting Polarities

To describe the esoteric or the spiritual feeling of the male and female energies in balance, let's use the analogy of children being seven years old. For “Children are born with inclinations to such things as their parents were inclined to” (C. S. L. 202).

The boy is on his bicycle, with the girl riding on the back. “Girls and boys signify the goods and truths of innocence” (A. E. 863). She is holding onto him, with him peddling. They come to a patch of bramble bushes, signifying “scientific truth” (6832), but he does not stop. The girl's legs get scratched by the thorns, but if she was to react and say, “stop, stop, you are hurting me! ” she knows that the boy would get off his bike, take his toys and go home. There would be no creation, period. So, what is she to do?

If the girl focuses her attention on love, she notices that the scratches on her legs are beginning to heal. Once she connects her power to heal by focusing her concentration through the feeling of love (the quality of the female), the boy only then turns around to ask if she is all right. As long as she is in her spiritual self she can say, “y es, g o faster,” and all becomes love again.

In this way, the male gets allowed to be his stupid self, while the female stops acting like a man. She takes back her power to heal and leads him to love. Yet, not by any outer means, but subconsciously, by practicing feeling conjugial love within. Now, she can let him lead, knowing that her power to love, is the real power-position.

The Creatress

Let me explain further about the spiritual power of willing good, by the following interesting quote where the terms male and female get described by correspondence as being our thoughts and our feelings. Yet, when they are united as the feeling of love in the Divine Essence, they are then called “the Creatress.”

“ All human feelings and thoughts arise from the divine love and wisdom. The feelings arise from divine love, and the thoughts, from divine wisdom. Since we have been created to be recipients, to the extent that we love God and are wise because of our love for God; (that is, to the extent to which we are moved by what comes from God and think as a result of that feeling), it therefore follows that the divine essence, the Creatress, is divine love and wisdom” (D. L. W. 33).

Please note that it said that w e receive the delights in equal proportion as we “think as a result of that feeling.” So first, let me explain now what I mean by the term “feeling” as it relates to the “virgin birth” as the affection of spiritual and celestial love.

Virgin Love Exercise #4

Exercise #4: A “virgin birth” of the spiritual feeling of love corresponds to the Divine Trinity in its three aspects of enlightenment. The Divine Natural is the awareness of the sensual feeling of love. The Divine Spiritual is the awareness of the light that makes the sensual feeling, feel divine. The Divine Celestial is the awareness of the Divine Human Essence in a conjugial love experience by a feeling of Oneness.

A “virgin birth” of the Divine Human Essence is the resurrection of the feeling of spiritual love as a state of being without a separate sense of self. It happens either in an enlightenment experience as an act of Mercy of a “Divine revelation,” or you can believe that this is one, and give it a “virgin birth” yourself. The result is the same.

The following exercise is to bring the Divine N atural, the lowest level of the ego's sensual feeling of spiritual love into conscious awareness at its invisible corporeal affection. It begins as a sensual tingling sensation all throughout the body.

The FeelingStep #1

Take a deep breath and raise your hands up over your head. Hold your hands straight up in the air and stretch up. Smell deeply. Feel the blood draining out of your fingertips, out of your hands and down your arms. Hold this position for several deep breaths or as long as it feels comfortable. The spiritual correspondence of doing this exercise, signifies faith.

The FeelingStep #2

Now, lower your arms and relax. Allow your hands to hang completely down at your sides. Relax fully. Imagine the blood rushing back into your arms and down into your hands as they begin to pulsate and feel as big as baseball mitts. Continue to hold this expanded feeling as long as you can. Encourage your hands to pulsate in rhythm with your heartbeat, using the breath to increase or decrease the expanding sensation.

The FeelingStep #3

Allow the feeling in your hands to radiate up your arms and to fill your whole body all the way up to the top of your head. This is the “Now,” a fully-present state of being, as the mind without mind-chatter in silent-thought. This is the first perception of the Word. It is the beginning of the “birth” of the Christ Consciousness. Continue to hold an expanded sensual feeling up to the top of your head. Practice nurturing it by acknowledging it until it becomes conscious in you as the spiritual feeling of love. Thus, “If the mind is heavenly, the whole spirit, even as to its body, is heavenly” (A. E. 775).

Sensual Love

Our spiritual power is in our serpent-feeling. Thus, “a Serpent signifies the sensual principles ” ( A. R. 455). Born from the “dust of the earth” is being born from the “sensual principle of man” (A. E. 1145).

“ The serpent who seduced Eve and Adam ” stands for “ man when he is corporeally sensual ” ( A. R. 550), because “ a ll animals signify the affections of man ” ( A. R. 455). Thus, “ t he woman who seduced the man to eat of the forbidden fruit, signifies the affection of the natural man” (A. E. 739).

This “serpent power” is our libido or Kundalini. It is the sensual feeling of our proprium ego as our sense of self. It can be raised from a lower to a higher feeling of purification, simply because “serpents” can be either good or evil.

“ Noxious serpents, signify the sensual things that are dependent on the evil affections; and harmless serpents signify the sensual things that are dependent on the good affections” (A. R. 455). Thus, a “serpent's head is self-love” (D. P. 211).

This “serpent” is a cautious, sensually intuitive, silent state of being. It was an ability that the Most Ancient people possessed. This sensual-feeling raised-up as an intuitive spiritual perception gets used to recognize the feeling of evil within ourselves.

“ By serpent among the most ancient people, was signified the sensual by which they exercised circumspection; evident from the words behold, I send you as sheep into the midst of wolves; be ye therefore prudent as serpents, and simple as doves” (Matt. x. 16. 197). Doves signify, “ O ne about to be regenerated ” ( 869).

Hence, it is this sensual cupidity feeling of the serpent within, which begins in the silent darkness as our sense of self-love, our ego, our hereditary evil. This false ego-self feeling seeks constant mental stimulation to be perceived and loved. Yet, after the ego has been regenerated, it adopts an inner stillness as we begin to perceive the heavenly dove-like “states of goodness and truth” (876).

The spiritual affection of love cannot easily be sensed, but this quotation explains how to live your life to start to “feel” this spiritually sensitive sensation as an inner stillness. “ B y a life according to equity of justice; a life according to truths of faith, and goods of charity; and a life of mutual love, and love to the Lord” (9594).

The feeling of the serpent when in a state of inner stillness is actually the affection of the Divine. Thus, “the brazen serpent signifies the Lord, as to his divine humanity” (469).

This quote links regeneration with the feeling of the sensual principle. “Celestial and spiritual love are the very being of the man who is being regenerated; and the rational and sensitive faculties, when imbued with that love, are his coming forth” (2621).

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