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Spiritual Healing Requests

Free Spiritual Healing ~ Thoughts of Love Campaign (T.L.C.)

Creating Miracles ... thru the Power of Thought.

"Health issues do not stem from the body, and therefore cannot be treated from the body." - C.Tylor.

The Thoughts of Love Campaign (T.L.C.) is a metaphysical Spiritual healing service. Similar to prayer, it enfolds you in love, which helps to attract more favorable circumstances into your life. Whatever the challenge you are experiencing; love, health, domestic, economic, or any other problem, add your name to the Spiritual Healing, Thoughts of Love Campaign (T.L.C.) healing list free for 30 days .

Your personal information is kept strictly confidential. Feel free to re-submit your name only after thirty days until the problem subsides. Also, if you receive some benefit from this service, a kind word of thanks, or a donation is always acceptable. If you know of someone who could use this service, please ask for their consent first.

Spiritual Healing Requests:

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