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Good & Truth:
The Art of Spiritual Balance

Good & Truth - The Art of Spiritual Balance by Clayten Tylor

by Clayten Tylor

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Keywords: Self Improvement, Spiritual Development, Spiritual Regeneration, Psychic Development, Midlife.

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Good & Truth

Book front Cover- Good & Truth: The Art of Spiritual Balance by Clayten Tylor


The idea of love, hopefully includes romance, sex, and reciprocity. Yet, the archetypal idea of love, brings a greater-use into the love-act, and when that good-use gets developed within each of us as individuals, there is a greater chance of manifesting the outer riches we are seeking.

The Archetypal idea of love has a higher use, besides manifesting in individuals as good-use. The goal is for it to build a permanent home in us. Yet, most times the body does not live a full life, or long enough to achieve it. An inner permanent home gets made from the affection of love in proportion that an individual dwells on it, and hopes for it. A good-use would be using the affection of archetypal love, to unite all levels of our being, and to begin a new relationship from within.

Even the idea developed while you read this book is enough to attract the affections that cause our own spiritual regeneration. We are reaching into the archetypal world where it all began, looking to align ourselves inwardly spiritually, equally to the feelings of love and acceptance that we are seeking outwardly. Once we balance the inner with the outer, the polarity of the body shifts to the center, and the archetypal love as intuition restores our memory of what we truly are.

In that memory of ourselves, a feeling radiates out from our body as big as the universe. The mind begins to understand concepts of archetypal love. We immediately comprehend that the more we enclose others in our affectionate love, the more the good-use can make a permanent home in our body. When the inner center strengthens, all mind-chatter ends. Every time we make ourselves feel as big as the universe, we are filled with the memory of the One Self. Yet, each time we bring ourselves back to thinking of ourselves in a body, we attract the pleasurable feeling of Conjugial love.

Clayten is a retired Certified Esoteric Astrologer, Numerologist and Mystic. His other interests include subjects such as Spiritual Healing, Occult Psychology, Metaphysics, Sacred Science, Mystical Qabalah, Color Therapy, Contemporary Spirituality and Trans-personal Religious experiences. He is also an avid Swedenborg enthusiast.

Diagram- Good & Truth: The Art of Spiritual Balance by Clayten Tylor


This book gets dedicated to all who teach the truth, if it leads to a life of good use.

“ Truth is the beginning of every good thing, both in heaven and on earth; and he who would be blessed and happy should be from the first a partaker of truth, and then he can be trusted”— Plato.


I acknowledge the love, laughter, and music during the early part of my lifetime — for without them — having the affection of heaven later in life is pointless.


This book came about by having to deal with a bad neighbor. He is a fifty-year-old peeping Tom that uses feeding the birds to disguise his schemes . He likes to go out before sunrise to throw food scraps around the neighborhood, so the birds squawk while still dark to wake people up, so he can watch them.

The situation has gone on for some time, but no-one has seen him but me. This insight happens when we develop our intuition, we begin to see the truth about others, even when we do not want to know that side of them. Others have no idea this undercurrent of society happening around them, blinds them from the truth.

Intuition becomes a burden, when it gives the foresight and prudence to see the evil in human nature. Crows squawking for the food early morning could make anyone want to kill someone. This book acts as a psychic's guide to spiritual development through the difficulties that life throws at us, while dealing with a schmuck.

By writing this book, I not only overcame the difficulty with my neighbor, but I avoided killing him, while protecting myself without getting angry. Although, I could not stop him from littering or making a noise, I had the by-laws changed to protect the wildlife. Now, the by-law officers, and not me, have to babysit him.

Whatever one's particular problems are, a flood, wildfire, a death, it needs to be handled in the same way. Learning to depend on the affection of truth, for knowing, imbues the love of understanding. We are developing an affection for the sensation of understanding truth, so that we can act justly and not kill someone.

The sense of sight, corresponds to the understanding of truth from the spiritual aspect of reason; the seeing and knowing the inner nature of things. With understanding, we sense the symmetry and beauty of life and follow the harmonies back to their source to develop a perception that nourishes the love of learning.

As the affection for the love of learning truth intuitively refines into a supremely exquisite sensation of goodness, we begin to sense it in all objects. One realizes that all along, good was leading them, but now we know, because one can feel its essence. The feeling of its essence creates the fondness of understanding the affection of truth as a knowing. If I could instill that sense of knowing, while one reads this book, then the understanding of truth becomes a personal experience.

Understanding Truth, by recognizing it by its sensation of knowing, results in perceiving Good by its affection of feeling. Yet, the affection of Goodness, rules over all the other sensations, by the feeling of pleasure. In a selfish person, it causes the sensations of effort and lust, but just for those only natural, unregenerate, those not yet spiritual. Possibly, all we are, whether we live a purely natural or spiritual life, is our sentient feeling of effort that represents what we once lusted after.

The sensation of effort leads to the false association with the concept of self-ability. The promptings from our falsity, the negative judgments and self-talk, causes our thinking to respond selfishly to sensations in our will. A response is happening always, and the concept of self-ability develops in the way our ego prides itself, including when not knowing something.

By constantly responding to the waves of the sensations of effort that wash over humanity, our self-ability evolves into self-motivated greed. The hereditary evil that we inherited from Adam, was his ambition, and it returns to haunt us. Self-ability in its fullness, is the feeling of confidence to create, to sign our creations, and to gain from the effort. As creators, we can either create for good, or for evil, the only difference is that one is selfish, and the other is selfless.

Both affections of selfishness and selflessness lead to personal effort, and the burning of carbon. The inner selfish and selfless emotions go with all schemes. As an example, if two people perform the same amount of work, they achieve equal financial rewards. Yet, the spiritual reward is the contracting selfish affection hidden behind in our intention, and it affects how we react to love, in different ways.

Sadly, our ego even determines for itself, if its own measures contain selfish or selfless affections. Our ego judges its own schemes, good or bad. Our ego has a conflict of interest, and we need a different outlook, to know the truth. Thus, keep in mind that during this regeneration process, while dealing with a schmuck, or whatever else the world throws at us, our ego is becoming scared, because its sense of self-ability and dominion over others gets dismantled through this journey.

In the concept of Divine Order, where truth and good are together, the Divine goodness, gets protected by the bad vibrations of falsity. It cannot enter goodness, just as our mind-chatter stands between us and the Divine. The divine has no incentive to help us with anything, not until we remove that falsity. In the case, with my neighbor, I failed in making him see his falsity. Although, his wildlife feeding is quieter, taking place further down the street, it feels like its over, but the stress from the experience will not go away.

The sensation of effort, is our bondage. It creates the feeling of self-ability that causes our sense-of-separateness, even from the divine. When we stop trying to produce situations, but instead feel everything as the Divine perfection, the potential essence of that goodness reveals itself by changing all things, including evil. In my neighbor's case, he needs to be punished, but I will trust this process.

Our goal is to transmute the effort we feel that results from our sense of self-ability. The sensation of self-ability in-itself is false, and is from humankind's atrocious past. The past is unknowingly still influencing sensitive people today. They feel it as their own evil past. As an example, a disadvantaged individual might feel their lack of self-ability more difficult than a failed privileged person. As we each get older the falsity grows, adding to what is collectively false.

A sensitive person can have a lack of perception, because of the overwhelming sadness they feel crying-out to them from the collective past. Their attunement contributes to creating a zombie-culture out of today's humanity. A wealthy privileged individual might also feel the crying past of humanity's hereditary evil, but the cries only fuel their further extreme ambition, to drown out the sound.

I did not think it would happen so fast, when ten years ago I published The Feeling , saying it was for the search engines as my way to influence society. We need to understand that sensitivity is a spiritual sense. To protect society from further collective pain, we also need to understand that the affection of massive greed, is presently acted-out as an emotion from the past, a roaming greed-culture possessing the attention of those wanting to gain personally.

A burgeoning zombie-culture is acting-out as today's lack of humanity. The influence is from the past, the desperate, dead, previously wealthy humans, wanting to reincarnate back on earth during the Age of Aquarius. Our only hope is that more individuals, wake-up spiritually, and redirect their ideas into some more socially acceptable expression. The extreme accumulation of wealth is from the false concept of living just one lifetime. Sorrowfully, as one wishes, it will be, even if false. Remember, from a spiritual outlook, women are the real power, and they need to guide their partner to be a better person.

In the Age of Aquarius, humanity should be headed toward the oneness of goodness. Yet, the habit of judging things by their appearance, and not by what they represent, signifies we are headed toward the oneness of evil. A home becomes real estate, and people lose their humanity when we value things by appearances and not their use. Instead of humanity evolving to the oneness of perfection, it has become a zombie-culture dragging all the sensitive souls with it. We are focused on the outer imperfections and the falsity that block the inner spiritual feeling of love.


Our spiritual perception knows when something rings true. Yet, to perceive celestial goodness, to know the internal spiritual sensation of a thing by an intuitive-knowing from a higher level of the mind, requires further development of our perceptive faculty. By becoming aware of our thoughts, feelings, and desires, we develop the perception of knowing good and truth as the spiritual vibrations of all things heavenly.

However, before we can grasp what we have become, we must first recognize that our present state of mind, cannot understand the spiritual concepts of our true potential. Thus, we will use other terminology to express the ideas of transforming our feeling of self into a likeness of becoming more than human. Our false sense of self-ability, has unknowingly cut-us-off from the knowledge to change our thoughts that have made us who we are. We must find the source of this false knowledge, and stop it.

Our ego does not perceive anything, it just judges and critiques the perceptions that the Watcher within experiences. However, the ego can also follow the watcher within, back to its higher spiritual perception of Itself. During spiritual regeneration, the ego must step aside to get out-of-the-way to dissolve the negative thinking patterns that block us from becoming more than just human.

Few people, survive the inner journey of spiritual regeneration. It reverses the direction of the will, to align with the magnetic current of the divine will. The reversing of the will, applies to the destruction of our sense-of-love, and it takes away all self-ability by weakening our love-of-self. We have mistakenly personalized the one-will as our own ambitious self-ability. The dismantling process of regeneration on the ego is devastating, for the tendency to fall back into fantasy and falsity from the lack of self-ability to face our responsibilities, grows stronger. As soon as we remove the false love that opposes the endeavor of divine will, the watcher within appears as an affectionate glimpse of our higher self.

As our love develops into the affections of charity and faith, our perception transforms into a deeper understanding. The development of an expanded spiritual insight, are attended by waves of affections related to community, society, and finally the feeling of Oneness. The increased sensitivity is full of pleasantness and delight, signified by feeling like royalty for a short period during spiritual regeneration. By ruling over our thoughts and emotions we enter the innocent phase, where we forget all pain, and all hurt ends. This sense of innocence happens more during meditative practices, when we stop trying to understand spiritual things by using the mind.

The primary truth of goodness, and its opposite diabolic mirror, both cause good and evil sensations. Whatever good and evil seem, perceiving them for what they are, as pleasant or unpleasant sensations, is the first task. The carnal sensation of lust is our pleasure that sustains us physically, whereas the spiritual affection of love awakens our perceptive faculty to nourish us spiritually. Both teach us to know what is Good, by what is less good. These pleasant or unpleasant experiences become memories, the pictures covered with sensations that now disguise the real event.

When we trace the feeling of carnal-good back through our memories, even in our photographs, it reaches its purity with spiritual-good as a light attended by a sentient pleasantness. The light is intelligence and wisdom, the sentient pleasantness that shines from goodness and creates a sensual feeling of love attached to each image when we recall it.

However, a love, when it has none of the identifying and attaching principles of selfishness, connected to its affectionate nature, begins to glow. The light is a symbolic erasing of our autobiographical memories of our past as a sensation. Our memories bind us to the past by those sensations, and without those emotional thoughts, we are held in the eternal present, innocent, and only then, is the light let in.

Heaven is at war, opposing hell, within. The concept of heaven encompasses everyone who desires to attune to that affectionate love. No one gets excluded from the love unless they want. Our place on the spiritual path, measured by the volume of love in our will, means we each create our own little heaven, and no special talents needed. The state of warfare, an internal conflict against our falsehood, uses only the symbols of truth to fight the inner battle against the falsity of our own mind-chatter.

When the affection from good as a sensation of delight, overpowers the falsity of mind-chatter, it silences the thoughts. The good feeling turns lust back into love in our blood stream, as a sensation that acts as an effigy for our soul to inhabit. The spiritual cognitive consequences of truth, result from a silent mind, developed into a collection of knowing moments to become the sentient vessels for the soul to attune with permanently. In this way, symbolically, birthing the Christ Child within.

Even if we were still in some hell, outside heaven, we can momentarily imagine a feeling of the heavenly delight of those in Heaven might experience. The source of that delight is a spiritual endeavor, a feeling at the center of everything. We can attract it by learning to hang onto it as a sensation. It grounds the heavenly affection into our body. Our life appears the same, but our body begins to feel different. Our life feels so much better, without our ego haranguing us.

The grounding of the spiritual-endeavor as a sentient feeling is by bringing the spiritual affections of good and truth from within out, by joining the external-self with the internal-self. The joining, is by an emotional interaction between the two different ascending affections of consciousness, the mind-chatter-self, and the silent Self, each giving the other their turn to rule.

More importantly, I will say this now, so that we truly understand each other: I do not think this heavenly delight of good can begin until the carnal pleasures of the physical body have been fully satiated. We need to live a long full life, with the experience of all of our earthly desires fulfilled, before embarking on a spiritual path. Once someone is past middle age, or if someone has been meditating, and survived the birth of a conscience, then a spiritual path is appropriate.

The spiritual way of life is not a path of sacrifice, as some might think, because the benefits are greater than living a merely physical existence. However, it should be only after our earthly inclinations have been explored fully before we will be able to discriminate and re-direct our desires to more appropriate expression.

When we can perceive the affections of good and truth as sensual sensations in the body, we are then able to bring our lower carnal desires into balance to experience the perception of Oneness.

The feeling perceived in the present moment during the experience of Oneness is greater than all the other pleasures. We do not want to be hindered by some past sexual memory that would block our further progress of that moment. In the present moment we perceive the past and future as one. The future is a result of our past, and in the present-moment we can alter it, by changing our response.

To change our destiny, can be carried out by smelling. If one is not a nose breather, make the effort to examine your diet for the cause. Smelling while breathing, quiets the mind and brings perception and inspiration. When the mind becomes predominately silent, such as during meditation, it results in a moment of spiritual knowing made of transparent light.

During the moment of spiritual knowing, our subconscious mind is still waiting for a prompting from our ego, its next negative judgment or criticism. The subconscious mind finally gets bored waiting for the silence to end, and it turns away from the ego inward to the higher-self for an answer. Yet, instead of judgment, it receives intuitive guidance, and everything changes.

Intuitive guidance, is inner spiritual hearing as revelation that comes only when the mind is at peace. The sense of hearing corresponds to the love of obeying our intuition. It connects all things and acts as personal support. Spiritual guidance happens after concentrating on a problem, then symbolically letting-go of it for the universe to solve. The intuitive sensation then begins as an influx to guide us. Ideas come quickly, and if you do not write them down and obey them, it will become impossible to be further, intuitively guided by an affection of an Inner voice.

The affectionate nature of good and truth are erotic. We must be able to check our lower desire nature and not debase the energy as we pass from the silence into the imaginative level of the mind. Here we are susceptible to negative sexual imagery, because of the profound pleasure of these higher harmonies of affectionate love.

Misused sexual energy keeps the body merely physical. By keeping the sensual energy merely sexual, we are unaware of its spiritual potential. As an example: if one has ever been in a purely lustful relationship then one knows no silent moments when one is not thinking about the person. Lust feels like love, until withheld. Only love, brings silence to the mind, and intuitive guidance.

When we can see good and truth as gravitational and magnetic energies, they begin to cause a deeper perception and inspiration of symmetry and beauty. Our past mistakes can look awful from this deeper outlook. Yet, by looking at our past, with a silent moment, is the beginning of a conscience.

The conscience must first purify the ego of its wrongdoing. We need to make amends and restitution before we are ready to embrace the spiritual feeling of Truth. From then on, we are guided from within, through the spiritual regeneration process.

During regeneration, the gravitational and magnetic energies, begin to rock us back and forth until our conscience forms. We perceive the symmetry and beauty of the spiritual plane when conscience carries out its work properly, and we change our bad habits. With the inner balance restored, we start an original life.

We are all embarking on an original life, carrying goodness from a two-fold origin. One, from our gravitational past, what is hereditary, like the natural good in gentle animals. The other origin of goodness gets imbued by reading doctrine, but I prefer calling it spiritual philosophy.

The mind understanding impossible acts, like when someone performs the human flag, hanging horizontal on a pole, the consciousness shifts for a second, unable to believe what it sees. A similar feeling, causes magnetism to act from reason, and thus, knows how to dispense goodness responsibly with conscience.

The feeling of magnetism when fueled by an internal obligation, leads to spiritual regeneration by the perception of the affection of good, and the sensation of truth. Those perceptions are not everywhere at first. The perception that most people want, is to get away from themselves. We are acknowledging this self is the false aspect of consciousness, and if we continue as we are the chances of ever performing the human flag will not only be impossible, but unbelievable as well.

Chapter One: Cognition

In Divine Order, the perception of Divine Good and Divine Truth in their purity on the archetypal plane are incomprehensible, other than as the affections of our Soul and Spirit. As archetypal ideas on the highest celestial plane, we can only recognize them by the sensations of warmth and light that they cause when they interact orderly as gravity and magnetism, developing our cognition.

Good & Truth - Divine Good is the warmth of our Soul The affection of Divine Good is the warmth of our Soul. It acts like gravity through divine truth to bring us into this world. Good is a tingly spiritual sensation in the body. Its celestial heat is hot enough to transform carbon into diamonds. We have about twenty percent carbon in our body, but it feels to multiply by the affection of goodness.

The affection of Divine Truth, is the movement of our Spirit that acts like magnetism to attract our circumstances. Truth is an understanding, or the inner light of cognition, and when developed, is bright enough to guide us with our eyes shut.

Together, celestial warmth and spiritual light transforms our physical body into a sacred furnace. The body is then able to turn the celestial feeling of gravity into the sentient heat of good, and the spiritual knowing of magnetism into the inner light of truth, that together shimmer like diamonds in the blood stream.

We can use divine good as the celestial affection of love active, to produce the feeling of heat in our body. The fire of our soul as a sentient sensation, is like the spiritual feeling of charity, whereby the love creates warmth when emitted by an affection of well-wishing. Yet, the heat of divine good is not Good's passion, but love moving as charity, causes the warmth. The feeling of goodness is the passion.

The act of charity, represents divine good's love. Any benefit to be felt from good, is only when we will, the affection of spiritual-love, as mutual-love to others. The spiritual sensation of charity, is from the warmth created in the well-wisher's body as a result from willing mutual-love to others.

The love of Divine Good in motion, is Divine Truth, the spiritual light that glows from the warmth of love-in-action. Truth is the warmth of love when it lingers as an afterglow. It represents our spirit, as the affection of enlightenment, outwardly glowing and inwardly fully attentive. We cannot physically see the spiritual-light of truth, but we can feel it, by making it glow as faith.

Divine good and Divine truth manifest as love and wisdom on the spiritual plane. Wisdom on the celestial-plane is truth, but on the spiritual-plane it acts as the light from faith. Among other ideas, truth on the physical-plane signifies intelligence and science; whereas, good on the physical plane represents pleasure and delight. Two together, warmth and light represent the silent spiritual church within. The inner church is an affection of being loved. It gets created, once we perceive the celestial warmth as charity, and the silent spiritual light of truth as understanding. The inner affection of being loved, is both a feeling and a knowing.

Funny, in Numerology, the word church , 3 4 7, is the same as affection , 3 4 7, and temptation, 3 4 7. I see why so many churches became nightclubs, in the 1980s. Yet, the truth is difficult to see since church, is the same as predator, 3 4 7, and guns, 3 4 7.

One facet of Divine Truth that can be sensed, is the silent spiritual light of the exterior aspect of truth as faith. It results in perceiving the internal sense of the person or object, as an inner knowing by an affection of what is spiritually true. In this archetypal idea, divine truth represents the cognitive aspect of consciousness as an influx of light. The spiritual-light of faith is one of the two great-lights represented by the Sun and the Moon that holds the mind silent by an influx as a revelation.

A silent mind becomes spiritual, intuitive, listening for guidance and later reflected on by our intelligence. In reflection, truth instructs the mind by the glow of revelation. As more and more cognitive knowing moments build up they result in an enlightened release as a glimpse of spiritual light.

Cognition is a spiritual knowing, from either our internal-spiritual awareness from what we feel as an intuition, or from our external-psychic senses through thought, experience, such as a hunch or an instinct. The cognitive aspect of Divine Good that can be perceived as an archetypal sentient goodness, is the Divine, through the feeling of the spiritual sense of touch, as an affection of love moving and expanding .

On the spiritual plane, cognition is the feeling of what is good and pleasurable. As an archetypal pleasure , our cognition of goodness, becomes reflected on the physical plane through our sense-of-touch, as the sensual principle within all things .

Divine good and truth in the spiritual world are love and wisdom. In the Qabalah tradition, both good and truth maintain their separate identities, as two different sensual affections as they pass through the four planes, or worlds, into their elemental nature as the life-breath energy to create our consciousness.

From the radiating gravity of the celestial fire in the archetypal sphere, the feeling forms a spiritual pattern as it flows through the fluid plasticity of the magnetism of the creative world. There the astral processes take over in the formative sphere and actualize in the solidity of the physical world. In the physical world the divine patterns manifest as heat and light, and correspond to the feeling of life and consciousness on the spiritual plane, and spirit and soul in the celestial sphere.

Spiritual or astral light is the friction created by the inner alchemical fire in whirling motion as creation, still evolving. The affection of celestial good in motion as spiritual warmth actualizes the feeling of mutual-love. We are not yet super-human, because at this point, our affection is still only spiritual, the act of thinking about someone with love, and then willing it to them, but also feeling them receiving it as mutual-love. The entire process of thinking, wishing, and sending is spiritual love.

Mutual love has a spiritual-good feeling at its core, and we are multiplying and trying to bring that aspect of good to fruition by vivification, by giving it our attention. We want to make the sentient-feeling of mutual-love, the foundation for our spiritual feeling of self. All that we can know of divine-good, and divine-truth, begins when we weave a spiritual body of mutual love for the sensations of elemental-good and elemental-truth to inhabit. This becomes what is meant by spiritual freedom.

The archetypal fire element, is represented by the wand, to indicate the radiating warmth of freedom in our body that results from willing mutual love. Its sensation is completely independent of our usual volitional sense-of-self. Fire represents the flowing sensation of love, if not held back by lust.

Love without the possessing sensation of lust, is the calm veiled beneath the feeling of our sense-of-self. Once we find this spiritual feeling, we can step-into and out-of it at will. When we think of love, we invite it in by an attunement. Then by projecting that affection of love out to the universe, causes a cognitive sensation as a spiritual realization of Oneness, a universal-love. We are headed even further out to the end of the spiritual universe, and to the source of love within.

A realization of the sensation of spiritual love free from its pattern of lust, signifies the affection of the inner church. Lustlessness indicates the will-ideas from the fire-element of the archetypal sphere, have been transformed by the fluid plasticity of the Alchemical water element passing into the life-breath energy. Welcome to the realization of the inner church: Love in the body as a concept of goodness.

Love has broken through into the formative world to manifest as the feeling of oneness on the physical plane. Celestial goodness actualizes in the body by the warmth in the blood stream that enables us to Will the spiritual feeling of mutual-love to others as astral light. Light represents the natural mind silent, and transparent when the alchemical fire within glows as divine truth.

Our volitional sense-of-self, or the feeling of our personality in physicality, is considered selfish, felt to be drawing into itself. The selfish volitional aspect of the willpower also attracts mind-chatter like gravity. In contrast, the inner spiritual self is self-less, and emanates out from the center as silence, causing a feeling of magnetism. To feel that magnetism passing through us, is the trans-formative power of the spiritual self. Our body as a spirit in the spiritual sphere causing our feeling of self.

Self-love is emotional love and implodes on us, because of its selfishness. Spiritual love radiates and lingers as an after-glow of light; and when that afterglow results in an understanding, it also acts as a healing. The feeling of faith is an acknowledgment of truth, as a continuation of mutual-love moving outward as spiritual light.

Spiritual or mutual-love, can range from a charitable-love such as the charitable feeling of giving, to an overly protective-love such as parenting. Love intends good, and it glows when its innocence comes through as faith. Love joined with faith is the foundation of spiritual belief that becomes the perception of good and truth.

We each have our own halo or spiritual light around us hidden deep in the present moment. The more we can stay in the Now, the sooner the archetypal movement of spiritual love and light in the body gets perceived.

The spiritual plane is silence, how we know when we are in it. It lifts our mind into silence of the celestial sphere of love. In the celestial sphere is the affection of love, and its warmth is how we know we are in it. We enter the celestial sphere, filled with love that unites with the spiritual light that becomes warmth.

Esoterically, together the warmth and light represent the inner spiritual church, as the reciprocal happiness and delight that results from the flow of love to and from the archetypal plane.

The spiritual church corresponds to love as exterior good, when we will mutual-love outside ourselves as “love-to-the-neighbor.” The spiritual effect is the same if one wants to think of it as sending love to their friends. To develop mutual-love as a habit is not easy, but the practice of willing-love is an affection that unites the outer-self with the inner-self, to create the feeling of the spiritual church within.

Wishing love to our friends and family is a good way to develop the affection of mutual-love. However, you cannot tell anyone you are doing it, or the subconscious mind thinks we are a fake. Make a secret list, or use your contacts to think of in your contemplation, and over time expand it to include people effected by wildfires or floods.

The celestial church is all feeling, and corresponds to the influx of affectionate-love from an interior source of good, and being sent back to the celestial-plane. The term “love to the Lord,” works the same if one wanted to think of it as gratitude to the Divine, or the Creator. It corresponds to being infinite and eternal, as a reciprocal affectionate-love at its most pleasure-able heights, transformed into the spiritual feeling of innocence in a conjugial love experience.

The awareness of the inner church is the goal of spiritual regeneration. Usually, some horrible crisis has to happen to bring that awareness, and for a moment we feel someone's pain as if it were our own. In the spiritual-church we can open the door and comfort them knowing it's not our pain. Yet, the cause of the comforting is the spiritual power of rapport working to bring balance.

Together, the two interacting moments, the desire for innocence, and the need to transmute pain, in ourselves and others through the sacred power of rapport , suggests to our subconscious mind to culminate our efforts into a conjugial love experience.

Chapter Two: The Touch

The feeling of conjugial love is in our body right now. To find it, corresponds to being touched by the sacred affection of good in its innocence. To perceive the innocence of good, signifies the reception of an innocent substance passed through the sense-of-touch as a feeling. We improve our receptive capacity to the affections of both good and innocence by expanding our understanding of our sense-of-touch.

The same affection of carnal-love that unites us with a consort, corresponds to the love of joining good and truth. The desire to unite, is associated with the sense-of-touch, but what keeps us apart is our response to it. Even the cautious prudent feeling that forewarns us of an impending danger, is our sense of touch. The sense of touch unites all the other sensations of seeing, hearing, smelling, and tasting into itself by a feeling. It also appropriates their pleasures into itself as well. A divine touch, can even unite two totally opposites into one identity.

Archetypal-love, as a divine concept, such as conjugial love, is the sentient reciprocal touch of the will, as spiritual joy felt in the body. It corresponds to everything sweet. It has a spiritual afterglow effect, the same sensation felt from the feeling of love emoting. To will-love, or to move love by our will, we must form it into an image of everything sweet, and then send it glowing, to have a true spiritual experience.

We can all learn to will-love, when we use words to convey our anger we are expressing our natural will. The will, only moves when encased in an affection of either good or evil. The will holds the anger if it does not get to relax by flowing outside the body, such as during mutual-love, when the spiritual will as an affection becomes projected to others.

A spiritual sensation of love-in-motion as our will throughout our body, creates friction that lingers as the result of the interplay between the flow of the tenderness of love, and the affection of innocence. The interchange causes a reciprocal motion of conjugial love to create pleasure in the inner-self, and joy in the outer-self.

Spiritual love is the affection of the inner church. To perceive the inner spiritual church we must be received into it. Since reception is a matter of polarity, let us first examine the differences if we were to think of love as a masculine feeling, and innocence as a feminine affection. In this example, there would be rape and pillage everywhere. However, if it was reversed and love is a feminine feeling, and innocence is a masculine affection, then one can imagine the enlightened world we would have.

When we will, love, we tap into the flow of spiritual-love, no matter our gender. Our practice of willing-love helps other people feel this spiritual love as well. However, our egotism is unmotivated to pursue this selfless path, because the ego's self-love focuses on its own love for the things of the world.

Think of self-love as the jaded aspect of our personality. It keeps us ambitious, even after we have everything. The primary principle of spiritual regeneration is innocence. Our personality must be restored to innocence, to perceive good and truth, and to be received into the inner church. We can still have everything when we are full of innocence, we are just not so full-of-ourselves.

Think of it this way: whatever schemes we take , the feeling of effort required to supplement it, makes us believe that we are doing it. We also tend to want to own everything that we carry out as our personal effort , even if our measures are evil. In this way, the more we associate the good that we perform as from ourselves, the more likely we will perceive the evil from ourselves as well. The one leads to the other.

The sensation of effort we feel responding to our schemes, holds us in bondage to the past. Our feeling of effort, is also how our conscience undertakes to hold us in bondage. In freedom, we could respond how we like, but that would require developing our reasoning ability. To act from freedom according to reason, develops the concept of truth into a knowing moment, as intuition.

When our intuition associate s pleasure, with the language of the rational mind, truth blends with the will, to unite with goodness . This indicates that thinking about goodness , can make someone feel good about themselves , and perhaps be come a not bad person.

However, a love for money and material objects is also a useful affection to hone. It helps us learn how to manifest the objects that we desire. Wishing, hoping and cultivating our desires is how we possibly learn to feel the spiritual affection of mutual-love.

The feeling of mutual-love is an expanded continuation of the affection of self-love, when it begins to care about others. Self-love reaches out to develop relationships and security, to dominate others and to own everything. Mutual-love reaches out to embrace others in love, and leads them to good.

Mutual-love contains the additional spiritual sensation of innocence, because it corresponds to the feeling of heaven in the present moment. The act of willing mutual-love to others encompasses them in an afterglow of innocence. It suggests to our subconscious mind to manifest the heavenly affections of love and innocence in our own life, because of our willingness to make good use of our knowledge by performing this selfless act.

The practice of willing-love to others, signifies the perfection of archetypal-love in physicality. Heaven on earth is here now, perceived between breaths as the spiritual afterglow that expands our sentient sense-of-self. The expansive motion over time causes a transformation of our ego, from selfish to self-less, earthly to heavenly.

The act of mutual love grounds goodness, whenever we perform it in our quest to become more than human. A reciprocal feeling of mutual-love is how heaven creates here on earth. The affection of heaven is first, created in our own blood stream, by practicing attuning to mutual-love as a spiritual feeling.

To love someone by having a deep feeling for them, helps us to learn to hold our attention on them. However, to attract someone specific, requires that we use all the other basic materialistic tools, such as; a good job, nice looks, or a pleasant personality. This practicality is because all material objects manifest by an affection of love for them. Yet, all spiritual manifestations happen by having an attunement to them. By dwelling on the idea of a heaven on earth, it creates the feeling of a safe place within. It also strengthens the concept of a safe place for others.

Archetypal-love, is to love, by an attunement, without any feeling of attachment. Spiritual or mutual-love, wishes someone well, by identifying with someone and then sending them the feeling of love. When attuning to archetypal love, a feeling of joy happens as an afterglow. The glowing joy affection, is passion without an attachment, and we want to feel this way more often.

Archetypal love corresponds to the energies behind the celestial gravitational waves. It causes the spiritual magnetism to make its sensations manifest on the material plane as faith. We need faith to will mutual-love as a giving love, freed from its identification and attachment to material objects.

By correspondence, using t he science of representations t o restore our faith after a breakup in a relationship, requires that we learn to love again. In time, we grow more lovable by not becoming as attached , until we learn to trust again. The same steps forward are needed when we desire enlightenment.

We must first relate ourselves to a power beyond the limits of our personal life. We do it naturally when we admire someone by putting them on a pedestal. The affection of admiration is the pedestal, and we must use a similar technique for manifesting our spiritual desires.

In religious terms, faith results when the Word enlightens our understanding. The downward flow of the vibration or sound of Truth lifts the mind upward by faith. The light from faith indicates that the body is receiving the vibration of spiritual good. Without the light of truth causing an afterglow, spiritual good cannot break through to be perceived. Truth enlightens by a spiritual cognition as an inner knowing. Only then, is the celestial affection of goodness from within lifted and perceived as a pleasurable feeling or sound, as the Word that enlightens.

Good & Truth - The Path to Self-enlightenment To enlighten a reader by words, is an impossible task without also drawing out the person's own sense of inner goodness. Having the archetypal affection of goodness within ourselves, is a prerequisite for perceiving truth. Perceiving our goodness represents the sentient sound or cognition of our soul, when we feel the flow of truth as a spiritual knowing that we call faith. Our faith is a sentient cognition of light that represents a testament of the goodness from our soul being in our body.

When we are willing celestial-love in its essence, and believing in truth as a knowing, the soul with the affection of faith vibrates in the higher realm creating the feeling of a spiritual life. Try to attune with it now. Faith is a spiritual knowing, as a subtle sensation of optimism. In its spiritual expression as an archetypal sound vibration the light from the feeling of faith causes enlightenment.

Enlightenment is an intuitive knowing as a feeling that results when something rings true. True enlightenment encompasses a vast accumulation of many of these individual separate moments of knowing. The feeling of knowing that develops from inner guidance contains the present spiritual life essence of our existence. The spiritual essence is the vessel for innocence that glows long after the physical experience of knowing. We are learning to harvest these glowing knowing-moments of enlightenment that open the way to understanding the things celestial and spiritual.

I like to think of these knowing moments, as the innocent feeling of faith that glows when we perceive truth. Each knowing moment of faith builds our knowledge of spiritual things until they break down our sense of separateness in an enlightenment experience. We intuitively remember our True Self, and thereafter, we are in no more need of outside doctrinal instruction for our spiritual regeneration.

The celestial or archetypal feeling of the knowledge of good and truth on the spiritual plane are the affections of charity, and faith. Spiritual charity is a giving-out feeling of love, as purposeful well-wishing, without attachments, without conditions, and without caring how the receiver uses the gift.

Charity from a spiritual outlook, is the willpower moving as the affection of mutual love, whereby the giver and the receiver both benefit. The giver benefits by the measure of love coursing through their own body, while the receiver experiences the sensation as a healing. Spiritual-love moving as mutual-love is like a mother's love, in that, it cannot be seen, but it can be felt.

Each experience of love adds to the knowledge that possibly unites in a higher affection, as a sensation of giving. We are lifted by giving and receiving love as an affection of charity. Mutual-love results in an attunement that starts the Resplendent light coursing through our body as a healing.

Good & Truth - Radiate to the Four Directions of Space The sensation created by the willpower, directed outwards from the balance point within to all six directions of space at once, suggests to our subconscious mind the cube-of-space, and to manifest a similar reciprocating love. It represents Holy love, because the sensation of the will as an affection of giving, leads the understanding to an internal receiving of itself by its own measure.

Try it now. Project love outwards as a feeling to all six directions of space at once. The number six, represents combat. Yet, once the combat is over, when the feeling of love reaches its furthermost borderline, it signifies the number seven, to represent its goal, the peace and rest of the center-point of balance within. This center point of balance within, corresponds to a heaven on earth.

To reach that inner balance we first must learn about the opposite sensations of charity and faith in the physical world, as evil and falsity. However, evil only exists because the ego is selfish, and its companion is falsity. Selfishness and dishonesty arise from the feeling of lust, and it causes spiritual good to dissipate into selfish sensual pleasure, while the falsity hinders the glow of faith.

Even then, spiritual good, as the tenderness of charity, has to resonate as an affection of mutual love, long enough to silence the mind-chatter. The mind-chatter hinders the spiritual-light of faith to form a companion with the spiritual-warmth from good.

Symbolically, archetypal-good is our soul, represented by the fire that produces warmth that becomes the archetypal truth as the mercy of the spiritual light of faith. The return path reverses: the light of spirit or archetypal truth becomes the warmth from good.

Truth can likewise turn false, and light can also become cloudy, and hinder the spiritual warmth. The fire of good, then fails to produce light. Falsity is like green-house gases to our soul, it veils our spiritual body with a covering of mind-chatter that makes it difficult to perceive the internal goodness.

To illustrate how light becomes cloudy, as an example, in a relationship if our partner committed adultery, and we did not know, would we still love them? Our love for them would still be true. Yet, consider if one knew that their partner had an affair. Still, the single thing that they would lose is their faith; and only then would their love turn to hate. Thus, the question is: can we get back our faith?

If faith is the luminescence feeling in our aura, as evidence of our love, then good is the heat that gives the inspiration that makes the light glow. We need them both, love and faith to produce heat and light. To be whole, we need to experience the warmth of love as an affection, but we also require the feeling of faith to glow and make us feel beloved.

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