Love & Light

Love & Light, by Clayten Tylor

Love & Light

by Clayten Tylor

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Love & Light, by Clayten Tylor

Love & Light, by Clayten Tylor- Back Cover Book

This book examines Emanuel Swedenborg's spiritual experiences of Heaven and Hell from an esoteric perspective as a feeling, the language of angels and spirits. To perceive this spiritual feeling, begins the regeneration process that develops an inner perception of celestial love, as spiritual light.

By examining celestial love as a feeling, in conjunction with spiritual light as a knowing, we can begin to conceive of angelic forces and understand their affects on us. When we can perceive love and light as a feeling as it expresses through our physical senses, we can start to affect our own psycho-spiritual development to evolve from a sensual to a spiritual feeling of conjugial love.

As we examine love and light as a spiritual feeling through heaven and hell, we too begin to experience a deeper spiritual awareness, which can initiate a personal communication with the Divine, as a Conjugial Love experience.

With creative self-expression as our goal, we can take regeneration into our own hands to speed-up our own evolution, while we transmute the forces that block the spiritual feeling of the Brotherhood of Mankind, and thereby, together, manifest the feeling of Heaven on Earth.


To my mother, Mary, and to my friend, Kasandra — my two earthly Angels!

Also, to Todd and Maria — my two earthy Devils!


Emanuel Swedenborg first came to me in a dream and wanted me to write a book. He said that he had been trying to communicate with absolutely anyone, but no one could hear him. He had been waiting for me to become familiar enough with his writings so that I could write about my spiritual experiences.

During that time, Swedenborg kept saying that due to the “opposing factions” most people had become less interested in true spiritual experiences. Therefore, he wanted me to self-publish – as he did with his own writings. He said, it was because the book would probably never sell, or ever be accepted as a realizable truth within my lifetime. But at least it would be in print on earth as an idea, if only ever as a spiritual fantasy.

I did not think that I could write the kind of book that I thought Swedenborg wanted, because I did not know enough about religion. However, he told me to just start by writing about my own personal spiritual experiences, and he would then direct me to the most appropriate quotation.

I had already been preparing for about twenty years to write a book about my spiritual experiences. I had amassed hundreds of pages of notes about my dreams and visions, and I began to sort them into chapters. Furthermore, I would start writing by describing a dream or other experience, and then be dumbfounded when I would open one of Swedenborg's books to find the perfect quote.

While writing, I would first ask myself a question, and then a word or a quotation from one of his books would jump off the page. Sometimes I would just look at a specific word, and immediately that word would be spoken out loud on the radio. I would gasp at the coincidence, which continued day after day for several years.

In my experience, writing or talking about spiritual subjects can be a very alienating topic in our society. We have lost our desire to communicate with the spiritual realm, and therefore, our ability. Thus, a materialistic person, who might not yet be able to perceive these higher love influences, scoffs at anyone who talks about these things.

Swedenborg tried to explain to me at the very beginning that there were opposing factions, and that each side had a different understanding of spiritual things. Yet, neither side had actually experienced anything that might be considered spiritual, or even thought that they might need to develop their abilities in order to communicate with angels or spirits – or even him. Eventually, what I think that he meant by the opposing factions was actually an inner battle between heaven and hell.

Although, all of Swedenborg's writings are about spiritual experiences that he personally witnessed, he said in a dream that no one in the church were actually believers, just readers of the Word, as they could not actually hear him. (Funny, I bet all spirits have this issue with humans, not being able to perceive them).

Spiritual experiences cannot be confirmed with any real credibility. Therefore, Swedenborg's writings offer me a means to verify spiritual truths without having to prove them to the scientific community. I understand now that the opposing factions are also between science and religion, of which Swedenborg's writings, as well as his own life seem to straddle both of these two opposing viewpoints: the first half of his life spent in science, and the latter part of his life writing about spirituality.

Personally, because of my interest in spiritual development using esoteric Astrology and Numerology as guides, I am well aware of the skepticism of people who have never been exposed to this line of thought before. Especially, regarding the idea that spiritual awareness, as foresight and insight, is something that can be learned, particularly after our discovery of the feeling of conjugial love.

Intuition is perhaps the closest acceptable term that can be used to define this kind of spiritual awareness, which flows in directly from within. To me, self-improvement is the spiritual development of an intuitive awareness of this guiding spiritual feeling of good as an inner state of peace and silence.

This book does not require that you have any previous spiritual enlightenment experiences in order to perceive past the appetites and pleasures into the more exalted spiritual affections of conjugial love. When the rational mind opens to the spiritual affections, the whole personality is changed automatically.

To not confuse the word affection, with the word emotion, I have chosen to use the word feeling. I use it to indicate when the rational mind is in a peaceful spiritual state of knowing. In this sense, it should be called an esoteric feeling, because it exists even without knowing it does.

I do hope that my interpretations of Swedenborg's quotations, and the personal experiences that I use as examples to describe the feeling of conjugial love will offer you some insight to bring about your own enlightenment experience. In this way it will convince you, and through you benefit others, which will eventually reveal the perception of the Divine as the spiritual feeling of mutual love – and thereby bring about a global conjugial love experience for absolutely everybody .

Ten Practices

The common mother, is a term used to describe the effect of the prolific principle. It states that everything in the spiritual and natural worlds is insertable. It means that everything is implanted by influx, in order to make possible inherent life.

The insertable aspect, is the common father or masculine principle of multiplication. It gives circulation to everything. The common mother is the receptive feminine principle of fructification. It responds to the active force, by exhaling a subtle penetrating spiritual essence.

The spiritual perception of the common mother, is obtained at the end of the regeneration process. It happens after the ego has been transformed through regeneration from selfish to selfless. The common mother is then called the spiritual “Earth” because we perceive her in our body of flesh and blood, as love. When that love emits light, it is then called the spiritual “Church,” because we perceive love as the underlying essence of all physical form.

The soul is from the father, and the common mother is the feeling of the Soul's body. She is called the spiritual earth, when we first perceive Her, but the spiritual church when we share Her love. She is the principle of affection, on the path of return to the feeling of Divine love.

The common mother, has been ignored and mistaken, or perhaps just unrecognized until these words have been linked. She is the spiritual sense of the Word. She is the affection of good, flowing into the affection of truth on her return path through the physical earth into the spiritual feeling of love, and reuniting us as One, in an affection of conjugial love.

To that end, this book contains ten exercises, or ten spiritual practices to help perceive the spiritual influx of the common mother. Our ego has been created from a possessive love; and the common mother is just below that separate sense of self. The state of separateness is why the body require s a full night's sleep to restore to a state of wholeness. Doing these exercises, is a reprieve from the exhausting pull of the ego, and over time the pull becomes less. Eventually, we are able to restore ourselves to a state of peace, by a momentary attunement. The ultimate attunement is to the affection of conjugial love, and it transforms our ego into being more than just human. When we learn to become silent, the effortless feeling of the eternal moment breaks through as an influx of conjugial love.

I cannot guarantee that you will experience the very highest heavenly state termed, conjugial love. But the one thing I can promise you is that once a personal communication begins through your dreams, you will start to feel your true self, as the affection of love. Then, you will always be guided by the intuitive spiritual feeling of the common mother.

Our goal is to experience the common mother, first as the spiritual earth, and then as a spiritual church, and finally, uniting in a conjugial love experience with the Divine.

Ten Practices: Attunement to the Common Mother

  1) Remembering Dreams

  2) Acknowledging Love

  3) Intention

  4) Demons Within

  5) Self-derived Intelligence

  6) Casting-out the False

  7) Feeling and Silence

  8) Mates in Hell

  9) Heart & Breath

10) Measuring Goodness


After writing my first book, called The Feeling, which was similarly about Swedenborg's theology, but from an esoteric or feeling perspective, I had absolutely no intention of ever writing a second book using his quotes; and especially not after the first copy got sold, and the person requested a refund. (It has since undergone many revisions).

Swedenborg's writings are not, very well known by the general population; and they are not read by anyone that I personally know today. I am also not a great writer, and therefore, I am the last person who should try to give a modern day interpretation to the religious terminology used in his writings. Yet, I would also like you to know that since someone who is religious would never read this book, and anyone who is spiritual would never read anything religious, then this book in itself is an act of love.

As an Esoteric Astrologer, I am accustomed to the isolation of being misunderstood. Swedenborg experienced a similar isolation, when he switched from writing about scientific topics to writing about his spiritual experiences.

I enjoy reading Swedenborg's writings. Yet, if it were not for the life-changing dreams that I experienced because of also understanding his writings, I might have never written either of these books. In fact, it was my most recent dream that made me think that perhaps I had no choice in the matter. Maybe my dreams were prodding me-on though my sleep since this particular dream was about a terrifying bus accident.

Love & Light, by Clayten Tylor- Back Cover Book

“Every occurrence in life, however accidental, is brought to pass by some cause originating in the spiritual world” (D.P. 70).

In this dream, it was a dark and rainy night. I got onto an empty bus and decided to lie down on the bench seating on the right-hand side near the back. The bus headed downtown and had to go over a bridge. When the bus approached the bridge on-ramp it had to make a slight right-turn, but since we were going quite fast, and the road was very wet, we began to slide sideways. I could feel the bus was about to rollover. In my dream I began to pray, asking, “please don't let the bus roll over.” Yet, the bus did roll, but not once or twice, but three times as it slid towards the edge of the bridge. I prayed again asking, “please don't let the bus slide off the edge of the bridge.” Miraculously, the bus came to a stop on its side. The windows were all smashed and the broken glass was all over the pavement. Surprisingly, I was still lying comfortably on the bench seating, only now, because the bus was on its side, I was actually lying on the back part of the bench seating, and everything else on the bus got destroyed.

I realized that if there were anyone else on the bus, even a driver, they would have been thrown out of their seats and killed. Yet, I was still lying-down very comfortably with my hands folded over my heart. I was both unhurt, but more particularly, undisturbed. In fact, because of my position laying-down on the bench seating, I hardly noticed anything as the bus rolled. I did notice my body shifting to the back part of the bench seating as the bus rolled repeatedly three times while I prayed.

Love & Light, by Clayten Tylor- Back Cover Book

When I did wake up, I felt that it was just a very terrifying dream. Yet, as I thought about it during the day, and began to draw the angle of the bus on some paper, I realized that there was not another seat on the bus where I would have been safe. In fact, if I had not been lying down, I would have been killed.

While thinking about the importance of dreams, I realized that my unconsciousness had devised a dream that could have had such dire consequences if it had been real. If only as a mathematical equation, based on the chances of my survival, then this dream was spectacularly symbolic. Moreover, since I had never prayed in a dream before, to me, it was a sign that my life was no longer my own. Perhaps I needed to devote the remaining years of my life to interpreting Swedenborg's writings.

Let us look at this dream without the fear, to examine how I arrived at this. Since the bus was on its side, it says “side signifies good” (A.E. 336), as well as, signifies “spiritual love” (A.E. 365); and “to lie down, signifies conjunction and consociation” (A.E. 252). Yet, for the term conjunction it says, “the conjunction with man is according to the state of his thought, and thence of his affection” (A.C. 4211).

The term consociation implies a feeling as a vibration. Thus, it says, “all things are consociated most exquisitely, according to all the differences of love, and of mutual love and faith, originating therein: and in the hells, according to all the differences of lusts, and of fantasies, thence derived” (A.C. 2449).

The closest spiritual correspondence for the term to roll is “to roll away signifies the removal, of all the falsity, which intercepted and hindered approach to him, and thus to open divine truth” (A.E. 400). Therefore, “to roll away the stone from over the Wells' mouth signifies to uncover the Word as to its interior contents” (5798).

In this book we are talking about an essence of spiritual light being revealed to us as a spiritual feeling of love through our dreams. Thus, here it says, “once that small membrane of the eye has been rolled away a kind of light appears, though dim, experiences a state of calm” (184).

By remembering our dreams helps us to perceive the vibration of the Word as the feeling of conjugial love. It is the feeling of love made holy by a spiritual knowing. It is sanctified with light while we dream until it becomes a feeling of love for others. Yet, whether dreams are important, or we make them important by trying to understand them, I do not know, but the first thing to do is to start the habit of remembering them.

Remembering Dreams (Exercise #1)

I was not always able to remember my dreams; I actually had to teach myself. Teaching yourself to remember dreams is not easy to recondition yourself. Yet, all dreams need to be noted. Some people remember only some of their dreams, while others do not remember any. I had to pray before sleep to ask, “please let me remember my dreams.” I also had to train myself to write them down immediately, just a word or a picture in my dream-diary that I keep handy beside my bed.

I like to spend the day trying to remember different aspects of a dream to discover what it really means spiritually. Then I would write an interpretation of the dream, as if deciphering a personal communication from the higher self. Remembering dreams by writing them down quickly is an important tip to begin to make a deeper connection to the spiritual world. Without a dream re-call there can be no real sense of personal communication with the spiritual feeling of conjugial love as being from a higher consciousness. I examine dreams as if they are a message from my future self.

Through the process of remembering my own dreams, I uncovered the memory of many re-occurring dreams. One of those dreams was that I was always running down the street in slow motion trying to catch a bus, or being on a bus that was going nowhere. This slow-motion bus dream ended after I realized that the bus meant “cannabis.” Thus, “smoking flax, signifies a little truth from good” (A.E. 951).

Yet, even alcohol, caffeine, sugar, prescription drugs, or any other blood-altering substance can distort spiritual truth and block a clear memory of a dream. Especially, in the case of a dream with a spiritual message. The blood needs to be pure to remember dreams, or to be able to feel the birth of spiritual love, which strengthens through the feeling of dreams. All non-food substances affect each of us differently, but try to do without them to feel the withdrawal effects for yourself.

Swedenborg seemed to live on coffee and bread, but there is also not much mention of his personal habits regarding alcohol, other than it was used for social occasions. His dream-diary mentions many dreams with fanciful figures lurking in the background, and one of those dreams does mention him drinking wine during a feast-full dinner. Thus, “to make a feast signifies worship of the Lord from a joyful mind” (7093); also a “feast signifies the adulteration of good and truth” (A.E. 481).

There are not many details regarding Swedenborg's meditative process used in his spiritual practices. He seemed to begin by first interpreting some religious text, and then have many inner spiritual visions take place as a result.

At first, it takes time to meditate. You might have to give up pleasures or even divert energy from making money to make the time. I used to spend all of my time working and making money, but meditation was difficult during those times. Yet, just like with dreams, with meditation you realize that you are the one that is being meditated, by being brought into an attunement with the spiritual realm, into a spiritual feeling without time. Yet, once that spiritual feeling has been established, it can be recalled at any time, and then meditation takes no time, but becomes a state of being.

Useful Garden

During those times, I would spend my free time doing inexpensive creative pursuits, such as painting with watercolors, or gardening. For several years, I lived in a rental apartment and spent my free time on my balcony growing flowers. I built a trellis enclosure made of coat hangers and bamboo poles painted black to resemble wrought iron around the entire balcony. I grew English ivy all over it. It was a private heavenly garden paradise. Yet, the time that I spent creating my balcony garden was a waste of time, because the structure turned out to be rotten and finally collapsed. Nevertheless, with the additional time now available without a balcony I began to write, and through writing, I discovered an inner garden where things do not rot so quickly.

Thus, a spiritual life is when, “worldly and heavenly things agree together in man, when heavenly things have dominion over worldly things” (4099).

Swedenborg talks about how it is a feeling of use that determines the intensity of the feeling of spiritual love that we receive as an influx. However, for this analysis of our use, the level of pleasure from the new feelings emerging from our dreams is the best measurement of our use. Although the use that we spend our time on might not be considered a high use, there is always more time available if we eliminate a lower-use. Thus, by thinking of use as being a spiritual feeling that comes through our dreams, instead of our accomplishments is the means to attract the spiritual feeling of conjugial love, and to thereby feel useful.

I used to own a very busy 132 seat fine-dining restaurant that included the liquor and concessions in the attached two Civic Theaters. During that time, when I would try to meditate, my mind was always full of mind-chatter, negative thoughts of my employees stealing (which is easy in the restaurant business if you are not always present). I learned then that unless I could shut my mind-chatter off at will, I would never be able to control the feeling of time. Mind-chatter is the cause of time, but unless it can be silenced, we will always be ruled by time and not by our feeling of use.

Although, time is money, money is not use, not unless it is used correctly. Money was to be an exchange of time and effort. If I mowed your lawn in exchange for a future hair-cut, I should not be able to take that effort elsewhere to triple its value, and then come back to you and say that you now owe me three haircuts. This is a simplified argument to measure the value of time and money. However, our feeling of use will be measured by a similar evaluation, for time is an illusion, but not use. As an example, the spiritual feeling of being of use can replace the feeling of any amount of time or money.

Thus, “that which has relation to time in the world, is eternal in heaven” (T.C.R. 27), for today, signifies “the time present,” but the feeling of use, signifies “the perpetuity and eternity of a state” (2838).

Therefore, we do not want to take the memories of what we did with our money into our tomorrows. We only want the memory of what use it was. Since that is what we will become — the corresponding feeling of our spiritual use.

We want to get to the source of who we are. Thus, “there are three things in general, which perish, whilst the internal sense is coming forth, namely, what is of time, what is of space, and what is of person” (5253).

Essentially, this means that everything that we do and are, will perish. Yet, what will remain will be what we are about to discuss in this book, which is the spiritual feeling of our true Self as a knowing. It is the level of intensity of that heavenly feeling of love that acts as the connection to this knowing, by a spiritual feeling of usefulness.

The spiritual feeling of love is already complete, it has a use. It is our ability to feel the closeness of that spiritual feeling of love that will determine the measure of our feeling of use. The closer we can get to the feeling of conjugial love, and then begin to identify with it as our inner sense of Self, the closer we will be to feeling right about our use as human beings.

Nevertheless, the evil feeling of our love-of-self does not even know that the spiritual feeling of love exists right next to it. Yet, it is not that evil is all that bad, it is just that the feeling of self-love, is a very similar feeling to spiritual love. Therefore, we cannot possibly come to understand the spiritual feeling of love, without the realization of our selfish feeling of self-love; that awareness is essential to perceiving spiritual love as being a different sensation than our love-of-self.

The Divine Name as the feeling of spiritual love, is already within us right now. Yet, it is the complete opposite feeling of self-love. Self-love is the feeling of loving only ourselves. It justifies its existence by the use of self-talk and opinion. It is the mind-chatter within our love-of-self that we are examining in the hope of eliminating the false concepts that led us to seek happiness outwardly. We have been wasting our time and effort in a temporary life of trying to possess people and things.

Here Swedenborg gives a brief history of our possessive feeling called self-love. Note that he says that the desire to accumulate wealth came about by humanity no longer living apart from each other, but now able to see how someone else lives, and thus, became jealous, which turned into greed. Essentially, saying that the desire for excess wealth comes about by the need to feel better than others. Thus, the unconscious feeling of greed is the result of a feeling of spiritual insecurity.

“The ruling evil in the posterity of the most ancient church, was self-love, and not so much the love of the world, as at this day. They lived apart from each other, according to their houses and families, and had no desire to accumulate wealth” (230).

The greedy, needy feeling of self-love led to humankind's loss of faith, and with it the loss of neighborly love. Thus, “the ruling evil in the most ancient church, was that they did not believe in the Lord or the Word; hence faith became annihilated, and in concurrence thereof, neighborly love was annihilated, so that nothing remained but falsehood and evil” (232).

Light is Darkness

It is our sense of self-love as a possessing, contracting feeling, which causes the darkness at the center of our being. It is the secret place from which man can transform and radiate a spiritual feeling of love as light. From that secret place within shines a subtle substance that can only be seen by a few. Yet, it can be felt by almost anyone who turns faithfully within to try to find it. Thus, the “secret or hidden signifies inwardly in man. The secret place signifies where the Lord is” (638).

The secret substance of conjugial love gets veiled by the feeling of darkness. It emanates a heavenly feeling as a silver cloud around those who find it. It is an obscure feeling of celestial love and spiritual light as one. Thus, a “cloud signifies an obscure light in which the spiritual man is, with respect to the celestial” (A.C. 1043).

The spiritual cloud of heaven is a conscious, living, spiritual feeling termed the Word. Thus, “it is written in many places that the Lord will come in 'a cloud of heaven,' means the Word in the natural sense; for there is a spiritual sense in the Word, but no one as yet has had the least conjecture that it exists” (T.C.R. 776).

Moreover, the spiritual cloud of obscure light can be encouraged to grow into an inmost celestial feeling as a clear white light, which is the correspondence to Divine truth. Thus, “this signification of 'clouds' in the spiritual world has its origin in the fact that the light signifies Divine truth; for which reason He is called the Light.” (T.C.R. 7763).

However, to determine how spiritual light grows from within is when we can find its perfect center, as the source of the feeling of conjugial love. The knowledge of the celestial church as the location of this secret temple within, is called the place of the ark. Thus, the “temple represents heaven and the church; the sacred place where the ark was [is], the inmost principle, which is called the celestial church” (A.E. 630).

As established in the book, The Feeling, the celestial church is the feeling of inner love; the spiritual church is the inner light from that love; both are everywhere. Yet, when the celestial feeling of love and the spiritual light of knowing align within at the center of our being, they reveal a celestial essence. It contains a beneficent spiritual feeling that appears to emanate like a silver cloud as a spiritual life force.

Thus, “truth shines with brightness, and brings with it serenity and gladness” (N.J.D. 197); for the “thoughts grounded in truths, appear as white clouds” (D.L.W. 147).

Nevertheless, if we do not purify ourselves of the prideful feeling of self-love with its self-righteousness; and especially after the inner spiritual feeling of love as an essence has been revealed, then the hellish feelings of self-love get attracted to us like moths to a flame. They try to pull us back into the egotistical selfish feeling, back into the feeling of our self-love.

Thus, “antipas, my faithful martyr, signify those who are hated on account of acknowledging the divine human of the Lord” (Ap. Ex. 137, A.R. 112).

Chapter One: Sphere of Light

We have determined that everything in the universe, including vegetables, plants, animals, and humans has an Aura, or spiritual body, as the feeling of a sphere that surrounds their physical body in a cloud of obscure light. For “there is an effluvium around every vegetable, animal, and man. With man after death, it is his sphere or love” (10.130).

The natural sphere, emanates from the celestial sphere of love as a spiritual feeling through the atmosphere of heaven from within. “A spiritual sphere, being the sphere of the affections of his love, emanates, pours forth from every man, and encompasses him. Moreover, this sphere implants itself in his natural sphere, being the sphere of the body, and the two join together” (171.1).

The collective Soul as a celestial feeling of love gets transformed down by correspondence into our personal aura of spiritual light, which surrounds all life. Although we might not be able to see it yet, that does not mean that it does not exist. Thus, “man is not immediately conscious of the fact that a spiritual sphere surrounds him, the nature of which is determined by the life of his affections” (4464).

The easiest way to perceive the spiritual sphere of light, is as love; and to become aware of how it feels. Thus, “a natural sphere is continually flowing forth from the body, not only from man but also from beasts, yea, from trees, fruits, flowers, and even from metals, is a matter of common knowledge.” (171.1).

Although, the spiritual sphere of our aura, cannot always be seen physically with our eyes, almost everyone can sense it as a spiritual feeling, or at least they can be taught to feel it. “The eye signifies the understanding, because they correspond; for as the eye sees from natural light, so does the understanding from spiritual light, wherefore to see, is predicated of both” (A.R. 48).

Some people still believe that it is by their physical appearance that they attract love. Yet, that is only true for someone looking for something else besides your love, like your money. In fact, the feeling of Self, the spiritual feeling that we are discussing, is the magnetic attraction that causes the feeling of every kind of love, including both spiritual love and physical lust. The Divine Name as the feeling of love rules over all heaven and all hell. Our task is to perceive spiritual love, and prepare to receive it as a spiritual influx of conjugial love. Thus, “the understanding part of a person's mind is that which receives what is spiritual” (6125).

The spiritual sphere of love that surrounds us as humans is a soul feeling that has the capacity to communicate with heaven. Therefore, the spiritual purpose of physical life is to develop the mind and the body to be able to receive that feeling of conjugial love, and then to express the spiritual feeling of love that the higher soul transmits.

Communication with heaven takes place when we acknowledge the spiritual feeling of love. Swedenborg uses the term remains to describe the feeling of Divine good, which was implanted in us as a spiritual inheritance This spiritual sphere surrounds us as our means of communication with the inner heaven — for this sphere is heaven.

“It is the same in the spiritual world; but the spheres flowing from subjects there are spiritual, and those, which emanate from [good] spirits and angels are deeply spiritual, because with them, affections of love and perceptions and thoughts therefrom are more interior. It is from this that all sympathy and antipathy takes its origin, and also all conjunction and disjunction” (171.1).

The sensation experienced from a pulsating influx of spiritual love feels similar to sensual love, but a bigger-than-body cloud-like feeling, as an aura of love for everyone. The bigger that we can make our spiritual sphere feel, the more intense is our feeling of love. The more love that we can feel, the quieter our mind becomes. This spiritual meditation is a daily ritual to practice sending love anonymously “to the Lord” and “to the neighbor.”

Thus, “in that world, presence, and absence are according to these spheres, for what is homogeneous or concordant makes conjunction and presence, and what is heterogeneous and discordant makes disjunction and absence” (171.1).

If we can imagine the celestial feeling of love as a sphere of spiritual light surrounding our body as we fall asleep, we align ourselves with the spiritual feeling of love in the dream world as well. Then, by recalling this feeling often during the day, and implanting the spiritual feeling of love as light as the last image that we experience before falling asleep, it causes the feeling of spiritual love to be felt constantly.

It takes no time or money to develop the spiritual feeling of love within, as it has always been there. In fact, neither time nor money can help make this spiritual connection felt for you. It is not about you and me having a conversation, it is between you and your dream-world communicating a feeling, to thereby affect the magnetic structure of your cells in their capacity to receive an influx of spiritual good.

This ability to communicate through our dream world by a feeling, and eventually with the Divine, begins in the physical body as the spiritual sphere of love and light. The purer that we can make our thoughts, the purer will be our spiritual feeling of self and the happier we will be. This can be measured by the growing strength of the sensual feeling as it develops into spiritual love, and eventually, into a personal conjugial love experience with the Divine, after it is made holy within you.

“All consociations in the other life are regulated according to these spheres; those, which agree being joined together according to their agreement, and those, which disagree being separated according to their disagreement” (Earths in the Universe).

About the Author

Clayten is a Certified Esoteric Astrologer, Numerologist, and Mystic. His other interest includes subjects such as Spiritual Healing, Occult Psychology, Metaphysics, Sacred Science, Mystical Qabalah, Color Therapy, Contemporary Spirituality, Trans-personal Religious experiences; and is an avid Swedenborg enthusiast.

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