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Planetary hours astrology report

Planetary Hours Report 2015
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Planetary Hours 2015

planetary hours Reports 52-Pages $5.
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* Planning a magical event a year in advance? Don't get disappointed when you discover the planetary hour is Saturn that hour. Why wait for the Planetary Hours to be posted on the internet. Plan the year head with this Twelve Month (52 Pages) 2015 Planetary Hours Astrology Report for your Time Zone.
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One Year - 52 Page Report
Grid Format Includes:

Beginning Time | Ending Time | Last Aspect | Sign

- Symbol Grid format for quick reference.

(Note: Report set for Planetary Days. Start Date: January 1, 2015- December 31, 2015)

About Planetary Hours

The hours of the day have been associated with planetary rulers for over 2000 years. They are used by many modern astrologers but at the same time are dismissed by some modern astrologers as arbitrary. Some object to the use of the days of the week for calculating them, since there is no obvious correlation between the order of the days of the week and the planets themselves. In fact, if you read up on the history of weekdays you will not find much that makes sense other than a vague agreement that they began with the Romans in pre-Christian time. Why there are seven or why they are in the order they are seems to be unknown, though there is much speculation about numerological, mathematical, or mystical reasons.

However, if you read astrological texts, the origin of the week days appears to be simple and clear. The seven planets used are the only seven planets known in ancient times and the only planets always visible to our naked eye even today. Even as more bodies are classified, or declassified, as planets, these seven planets remain a significant set. The planetary hours follow what is sometimes called the "Chaldean" order of the planets, from Saturn to Moon according to their increasing average daily motion: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon.

Though no knowledge of the original start day, or first Sunday, appears to be known, it was undoubtedly a significant day. From that point, sometime before 46 BC, a long continuous string of planetary hours began and it continues through today. The days of the week get their sequence and names from the hours rather than the other way around.

To use the planetary hours, you need to know what planet is associated with the action, person, or thought that you are planning and then choose an hour that is ruled by that planet. Here is a list of some of the keywords often associated with the planets:

Planet Keywords

Emotions, feelings, moods, children, mothers, women, wives, public, nurturing, breasts, domestic affairs, family affairs, fertility, home, responsiveness, subconscious, tides, water, fluids, babies, comfort, emotional security, memories, nostalgia.

Self, recognition, achievement, administrators, advancement, attainment, athletic sports, CEOs, consciousness, creativity, dignity, executives, drama, fame, government, teachers, fathers, husbands, influential people, jewelry, men, males, managers, people in power, promotions, recreation, public office, publicity, theaters, vacations.

Writers, messages, communications, ideas, thoughts, mail, emails, letters, books, authors, agents, advertising, cars, car repairs, commuting, conferences, contracts, conversation, correspondence, dealers, discussions, critics, criticism, editors, files, gossip, information, instructions, journalists, language, library, literature, education, newspapers, papers, documents, phones, telephones, printers, rumors, schools, speakers, teaching, study, talk, the press, thieves, tourists, traffic, data entry, typists, vehicles, wit, words.

Affections, art, artists, heart, beauty, candy, cash, checking account, comfort, companionship, cosmetics, custom, dancers, decorations, designers, diplomacy, earnings, female, flowers, gifts, girls, good taste, harmony, income, love, marriage, mediation, money, partnerships, sex, savings, royalties, social affairs, singers, style, values.

Accidents, abrasions, aggression, army, assertiveness, athletic contests, combat, cuts, desire, energy, explosives, firearms, dentists, guns, hate, hunters, injuries, knives, machines, martial arts, mechanics, men, military, muscles, paramedics, passion, police, quarrels, rashness, scars, sexual energy, soldiers, strife, virility, war.

Abundance, affluence, altruism, expansion, ethics, beliefs, blessings, educators, excess, expansion, expansiveness, fairness, foreigners, fortune, gurus, law, lawyers, judges, increase, liberty, opportunity, optimism, philanthropy, philosophy, preachers, priests, professionals, propaganda, prophecy, rewards, riches, salesmanship, universities, wisdom, winnings.

Ability, age, ancestors, archeology, bondage, boundaries, builders, caution, foundations, structures, institutions, prisons, corporations, deprivation, discipline, fears, hard work, hardness, landlord, social laws, limitations, limits, obstacles, obstructions, organizations, poverty, pragmatism, prudence, puritans, realtors, responsibilities, restrictions, stability, worries.

Agitation, astrologers, electronics, bohemians, hippies, unconventional, computers, computer networks, the internet, disruptions, eccentrics, electricity, independence, innovation, inventions, surprises, sudden changes, non-conformists, nervous tension, originality, radicals, progressive, science, science fiction, shocks, technicians, unique.

Spiritual insight, popular culture, myths, selflessness, mysticism, dissolution, dreams, alcoholism, fine arts, poetry, Utopia, confusion, delusions, drugs, addictions, ESP, mystics, oceans, seas, paranoia, psychics, unreality, glamour, escapism, fog, mists, idealism.

Rebirth, occultism, purification, transformation, depth psychology, clearing away, extremes, hidden things, renovation, renewal, research, sexual release, healers, suspicion, mortality, recycling, refuse, mass psychology, the masses, rejuvenation, purges, depths, elimination, investigations, compulsions.

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