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(Applies to this Lifetime)

Successful Humility

This lifetime should bring greater success and a striving for position of advancement, which results in your self-image getting a big boost. But as your self image grows, and you make huge strides in your outer world, you must also incorporate a new attitude, one of acceptance - in order to reconcile the warring aspects within yourself .

Ask yourself, how can you have complete control in some areas of your life, and yet, have no control over other areas? Has success been at the expense of health, or relationships? How successful do you need to be? And how do you measure success?

This lifetime you must reconcile the ‘striving’ quality (represented by the successful areas of your life), with the combative quality (represented by the area of your life that you feel you have no control over). Wherever the 'struggle' appears in your life, whether in work, health, relationship, or money issues, the struggle is really just a spiritual test - for all ‘struggle’ is really just your ego seeking a self-serving expression.

Just as success is an opportunity to be more humble; and work, or not working, because of health issues, is an opportunity to be of more service. To live successfully outwardly - while combat is going on inwardly - is an opportunity for greater acceptance.

Acceptance gives you the ability to perform any task with an open heart. And with an open heart, there is real growth and healing. But humility must occur first, before you can serve in the capacity that compliments this new phase of outer success.

This phase is one of ‘spiritual’ combat, because it is a combat regarding your attitude. Spiritual combat is merely the dispersion within personality of what is false (pride, selfishness, greed, etc.) - the last combat of temptation before we are regenerated, and become holy (holy implies without struggle).

The ‘struggle’ was necessary to keep you humble. Seeing your struggle issue as a lesson in humility, and an opportunity to serve a higher purpose is the first step. But humility must occur first - before you can be reconciled to the cause of your struggle.

The attitude of confidence and control, that made your outer life successful, must now be applied to the ‘struggle’ area of your life. Just as the outer world can be molded to your will, so too can the cellular structure of your body be administered to health; or the emotional state of your partner administered to love - merely by reconciling the warring elements within your own nature.

Your task is to understand that your personality, and your body, are meant to be instruments for a higher purpose - higher than mere outward success. And that purpose is to recognize the holy aspect within the ‘struggle’. An attitude of acceptance will open the door to more appropriate opportunities to love and to serve. Accept the call! - Spiritualize the struggle... with humility.

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