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Seven Herbal Beauty Treatments

Balancing The Seven Inner Metals:

The Seven Days of The Week (continued from Herbal Skin Treatments)

Our skin is a reflection of our personality. It corresponds to the 'truth and the false in the ultimate', which means, that if our skin is rough and dry, then to improve it, we must correct the rough and dry aspects of our personality such as our prudishness, or our uncaring attitude. If our skin is smooth or clammy, we must deal with the smooth or clammy aspects of our personality, such as our integrity or our sponginess. Even if our skin is too oily, it could mean that we are too sticky or too co-dependent.

Therefore, when balancing the seven metals, first determine if you demonstrate the positive, or the negative qualities. If you lack pride, you would use a Sun Herb Jelly on Sunday, or every day to increase the pride in your life, or until the condition improves. ~ Read More: Order Book →


You may also prefer to use these treatments in the bath or as a seaweed wrap (page 72) as in the chapter on Spa Treatments.

Also, this chapter deals with the 'seven days of the week' which relate to correcting specific personality flaws, but not physical diseases. But, I have included a chart (page 83) for the ~ Read More: Order Book →

Sunday's regenerating seaweed jelly treatment

Sunday's Regenerating Jelly

"Innocence is the essential principle of regeneration." (Swedenborg. 3994)

This Sunday-Treatment uses the Sun-Herb Chamomile, but all of the Sun herbs re-vitalize and stimulate as they subtly uplift and regenerate the skin. The Sun’s essential nature is to radiate perfect beauty, strength, and confidence throughout the entire circulatory system. The Sun's spiritual energy increases generosity and love, which receives consideration and optimistic responses in return.

The Sun-herbs act to balance a lack of the spiritual energy, which causes the negative traits related to self-love, such as vanity, arrogance, over-optimism, and excessive pride by bringing about a strengthened inner core, with greater spiritual awareness, resulting in softer, smoother skin.

The opposite attributes of Fertility & Sterility in relation to the Sun-herbs is one of perspective. For as we try to improve the softness of our skin by outer means, it is not until we improve the inner-skin of our personality that we begin to understand the shift in perspective that is necessary to improve any outward condition.

This shift in perspective - the 'Gold' - is a new concept of personality that begins the process of cellular regeneration. This new self-identification is transferred onto newly developed fertile cells, which eventually liberates us from physical circumstances. The golden age was a time of innocence - the primary principle of regeneration - when we knew we were loved.

How to make:
Put the ~ Read More: Order Book →. Rub palms together to create a creamy lotion. Apply to face and body.

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml) ?
  • 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml) distilled?
  • A touch of ?

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