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Herbal Seaweed-Jelly Beauty Treatments

Herbal Skin Treatments

"The number seven was esteemed holy, as is well known, by reason of the six days of creation, and of the seventh, which is the celestial man, in whom is peace, rest, and the Sabbath." - Swedenborg A.R.657.

In this chapter, I have used the seaweed Serum recipe (page 9) in a way to demonstrate its 'suspension dispersion' properties, which gives seaweed Serum the ability to disperse herbal essences uniformly within an invisible pH-balanced coating. When applied to the skin ~ Read More: Order Book →

All of these recipes use the distillation process as discussed in chapter one, to make the herbal essences for these treatments. This process makes.

How to Make the Herbal Seaweed Serum

Seven Principles of Cellular Regeneration

The Heptagram is a geometrical formula that represents the seven creative principles of regeneration in perfect balance. - a symbol of perfection!

The Seven Principles: The Seven Days of the Week

Nicholas Culpepers' (1616-1654) pioneering work on classifying herbs, is the foundation of herbal medicine. But he also developed another little known classification, based on each herb being governed by one of the seven personal planets.

In Alchemy, these seven planets, represent the seven 'inner metals', that when brought into balance, make the universal medicine, the Elixir of Life. Although in Alchemy, we are talking about becoming 'eternal' - our skin cells regenerate in exactly the same way, from the inside out.

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Seven Days of the Week: Ruling Metal

The planets (Metals), or the seven inner creative principles, are also, dual in nature. According to Paul Foster Case in his book The Tarot, they are associated with a pair of opposites, and these opposites give a clue to their spiritual meaning, and therefore the correct remedy. ~ Read More: Order Book →

Each day of the week is ruled by one of the seven 'inner' metals. Sunday which is ruled by the Sun, corresponds to the metal 'Gold', and although the Sun represents the 'heart' of the physical body, as the metal Gold, it corresponds with the 'Higher Self'. Therefore the Sun herbs have the ability to influence us on a much deeper level when used on its ruling day.
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