Seaweed Beauty Serum Recipe

How to Make the Kelp Seaweed Serum

How to make Kelp Seaweed Serum

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The Seaweed Serum Extract:

The soaked Seaweed Serum is the name I use for the clear liquid egg-white jell that forms when seaweed encounters just fresh water. It is the main ingredient used as the base in all of the recipes, and it may be made with distilled scented water. It binds and mixes the other ingredients into a smooth luxurious consistency - a kind of "carrier" or "transporter." You may leave the Serum-based recipes on day and night, as used in the herbal skin treatments.

How to make the brown Kelp Seaweed Serum Recipe

How to prepare weight loss liquidStep #1 - Use 2 Ounces Dried Kelp SeaweedStep #2 -Cut into small piecesStep #3 - Blends easier cut smallStep #4 -Rinse well in cold water

2 oz. dried brown Kelp Seaweed
1 cup Fresh Water

(#1 - 3) Cut or break the dried kelp seaweed (see: seaweed Kelp species guide page #8) into smaller size pieces.

(#4) Place the dried cut Kelp pieces into a jar. Rinse well, but briefly, before the gelling begins, in cold water. Drain.

(#5) Soak in Fresh Water for four to five days. You can start to use the Serum anytime after a few hours, but best after a few days. Add your favourite oil to use for as suntan lotion, etc.

(#6) Pour into your favourite bottle

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