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How this Book Came About.


My interest in writing this book never began with the goal of using seaweed for skin care. In fact, my skin seldom if ever had a moisturizer or a body lotion on it in its entire life. Yet, now I understand why. It was because I had never found anything that I could put on my skin that felt good, until now.

This book began after self-publishing my first book called The Seaweed Jelly-Diet Cookbook Guide, which was about my discoveries while experimenting with seaweed as food. It started when I continually found myself with several extra batches of seaweed jelly being prepared, but nothing to do with them.

Then one day, after being at the beach all day, I got sun burnt badly on my chest, and was trying to find a way to apply apple-cider vinegar to relieve the pain and to assist with the healing. Instead of soaking paper towels with the vinegar and laying them on my chest, I decided to mix the vinegar with some clear seaweed jelly ( serum ) that was already being prepared. After I applied it, it was such a relief, that the Seaweed Beauty Guide began to emerge.

I started to add the seaweed jelly to other skin care products, and I was very impressed with the improved moisturizing effects. I tried the jelly with other treatments such as the clay facial, a treatment that can usually be very messy and extremely drying. Amazingly, the seaweed jelly not only held the clay together, but also added a rich moisturizing effect, something I had not ever experienced in conjunction with clay. It was incredible!

I refined the seaweed recipes, and the odor became more tolerable, while the consistency became more creamy. Then it could be worn throughout the day as a skin care product without being noticed. This invisible quality expanded its uses into the herbal treatments, which required it to act as a protective barrier from germs, but also be moisturizing and invisible.

There were many times while writing this book that I got discouraged thinking it did not really say anything new about seaweed. Yet, then I would discover another use, like the Lubricating Joy Jelly, something so simple, but effective, and I would continue to write. The only thing that might be new is that I am not going to make a seaweed moisturizer, and then sell it to you for a thousand dollars an ounce. Instead, anyone, rich or poor, can now have the finest beauty products that nature provides for free.

I hope you enjoy the simplicity of these recipes, and are able to improve on them by adding your own ingredients. Then one day you might even want to try eating Seaweed – for remember, you only have to try it, to believe.

About the Author

Clayten Tylor: Author of The Seaweed Beauty Guide.

Introduction To Clayten Tylor

Clayten Tylor is a retired Esoteric Business & Personal Development Consultant. Formerly a Restauranteur, Artist, Designer, and now a Seaweed Enthusiast. He makes his home in Vancouver , B.C., Canada.

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