Seaweed Baby Powder Deodorant

seaweed Baby Powder Deodorant Recipe

Baby Powder Deodorant Recipe

"To be cleansed signifies to be sanctified." - Swedenborg.- A.C. 4545

When I wear antiperspirant, my feet start to sweat within three days. Even deodorants can be non-effective despite their peculiar scents. So imagine the delight to find a deodorant that works.

This Baby-Powder Jelly is a great under-arm deodorant, it is non-sticky, completely unnoticeable, and you can only smell it up very close. It is a delicate, every day deodorant that keeps you smelling nice all day, and leaves your skin fresh and dry. All skin types, excellent for sensitive skin. This is a far better way to put baby powder on a baby as well - with no dust flying around.

How to make:
Put the seaweed ~ Read More: Order Book →. Put some jelly on the back of the spoon, and apply it to the underarms using the back of the spoon.

Recipe Ingredients:

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For a more moisture-absorbing deodorant, try adding a little white clay.

This baby-powder deodorant keeps for a couple of days, but turns brown after the third day, even refrigerated. Therefore, it needs to be prepared fresh.

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