Seaweed Beauty Bath & Shower Recipes

Seaweed bath and shower recipes

Seaweed Bath & Shower Treatments

"Water signifies the spiritual things of faith. To give water signifies the common influx of truth" (Swedenborg. 5668)

These bath-care recipes (page 62-66) are simple ways to include seaweed in your everyday skin-care routine. When I began experimenting with seaweed, I started to add a small amount of the Serum (page 9) to my store-bought skin care products for added moisturizing properties - and the effects were outstanding. Over time, the amount of Serum kept increasing until I realized that there was a limit to the amount of moisturizing effects that could be obtained by merely adding it to soap.

About the Bath Care Recipes

I cannot explain why these bath and shower treatment recipes work so well, such as the deodorant, or the hair rinse. The brown kelp (page 6) makes everything feel clean and moisturized.

A scientist might be able to explain why.... ~ Read More: Order Book →

How to Make the Pureed Scented Seaweed Jelly

The Seaweed Bath & Shower Recipe Highlights

Seaweed bathNatural Seaweed Bath Sachets
The ultimate tool in Thalassic (seaweed, seawater) therapy, contains seaweed blended with. ~ Read More: Order Book →

homemade liquid seaweed soapHand & Body Liquid Soap
Although the hands get good 'taking-care-of' throughout this skin-care regime, this Liquid Hand and Body Soap Serum is so simple to use....
~ Read More: Order Book →

seaweed baby powder deodorant Seaweed Baby Powder Deodorant Jelly
This Baby-Powder Jelly is a great under-arm deodorant, it is non-sticky, completely unnoticeable, and you can only....

homemade seaweed hair rinseSeaweed Moisturizing Hair Rinse
This is a moisturizing hair rinse made from brown seaweed, which contains proven anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and....
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seaweed tooth paste jellySeaweed Tooth-Paste Polish
This delicate every day tooth polish contains seaweed and bicarbonate of soda to lightly clean the tooth surface without ....

seaweed homeopathic cell salt jelly Homeopathic Cell-Salt Tonic Seaweed Jelly
This homeopathic cell-salt tonic Jelly is included here because it is a fragrant free alternative therapeutic lotion, formulated to supply....

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