Seaweed Beauty Bath Sachets

seaweed Bath Sachets

Seaweed Bath Jelly Recipe

"A bath signifies truth from good."
- Swedenborg. Ap.Ex. 675

The ultimate tool in Thalassic (seaweed, seawater) therapy, contains seaweed blended with sea salt. The marine minerals and chlorophyll assist the organic cells to fight off microbes and boost the body's metabolism, improves circulation, and rejuvenates the skin's surface.

This bath treatment is ideal for all skin types including those with skin disorders.

How to make:
This bath treatment uses the ~ Read More: Order Book →. Lay a piece of tin foil onto the counter-top, and add cheesecloth on top of it. Use several layers of cheesecloth, as it is weak and tears easily when wet. Dump the ~ Read More: Order Book → on top of the cheesecloth. Add the sea salt and any other ingredients. Wrap and tie the cheesecloth, and bundle it in the tin foil. Freeze until set. When ready to use, take it out of the freezer and remove the tin foil. Place the tied seaweed-filled cheesecloth into the bath under the hot water as it is filling. Enjoy!

Recipe Ingredients:

  • ?
  • 2 cups (500 ml) ?
  • Fragrance of Choice

You can add any ingredients such as Epson salts, bicarbonate of soda, fresh and dried flowers or herbs to the cheesecloth sachet.

Use cheesecloth instead of muslin, because the larger holes in the cheesecloth allow the seaweed jells to more easily release in the bath.

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