Seaweed Beauty Extracts

"Skin allergies? Stop using store-bought soaps and shampoos. The Seaweed Beauty Guide: for super-sensitive skin." - Clayten Tylor
Natural Seaweed bath treatments

Commercial Seaweed Extracts: Skin Allergies

Seaweed contains the world’s most luxurious gelling compounds, used in almost every beauty product. In fact, seaweeds are the only natural plant source for gelling and emulsifying agents.

The patents for the extraction process date back to 1922, and read like alchemical doctrine, probably to disguise the simplicity of the process, which uses chemicals to clean and remove the gels.

The processed gels, require approval by the food and drug administration, which classifies it as an extract, but does not require these chemicals to be included on the ingredient list. The chemicals are used only to simplify the separation of the liquid from the solid matter - which can be done without chemicals or preservatives, if done ~ Read More: Order Book →, as explained in this book.......

Skin Allergies: Seaweed Extracts & Chemicals

"If you have skin sensitivities, it is time to quit the chemically processed seaweed extracts, and start using a natural unprocessed seaweed jelly."

These chemically-processed seaweed gels are known as, Algal polysaccharides, which are gelatinous substances, mucilaginous in nature, and depending on the chemicals used, and the type of seaweed, these gels are known by many other names such as Aginic acid, agar, carrageenin, laminarin, fucoidin, galactans, xylems, and mannans.

These chemically-processed seaweed extracts are used as emulsifiers, stabilizers, and thickeners, in most cosmetics, shampoos, shaving creams, anti-bacterial soaps, gels and ointments. Therefore, unless your skin care product says just 'seaweed' - those added chemicals are on your skin right now.

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