Seaweed Beauty Guide- Preface

Kelp seaweed for the beauty serum

Where I am Coming From

We have all experienced the slimy texture of seaweed while at the ocean beach, but how many of us have experienced first-hand the beautiful jelling compounds that seaweed offers-up when it is exposed to just fresh water.

I am not a scientist, therefore, the recipes in this book have only been tested on my own spiritually sensitive skin. However, I have always been interested in testing and trying new things, especially subjects like metaphysics, ancient wisdom, and alchemy. These are subjects that test and try the assumptions we make about ourselves, of others, and of the things of nature.

These esoteric subjects essentially teach the science of determining the inner or spiritual nature of a thing or a person, such as a personality flaw or the benefits of a particular herbal treatment. It is the science of the body from the inside out, from a spiritual perspective. It is how the blood draws into itself the nutrients it needs, or how the brain restricts only the purer blood by its rate of contraction. We want to determine how these natural rhythms may be better regulated, so the inner nature, can better shine through.

All of these subjects deal with understanding the seven creative principles of spiritual regeneration. They include both cellular regeneration, which is used in spiritual healing, to spiritual regeneration, which transfers the sense-of-self from being a body, to being a spirit. These inner processes need only be acknowledged, in order to perform their work more effectively.

Nevertheless, even when we can understand how the mind may become the instrument for change, we still age, and die. However, we do not have to feel old while we age. The key to outer beauty, is inner beauty, which is a feeling.

Moreover, no matter how strong your sense of inner beauty is, it cannot radiate through a beauty product that you can feel on your skin. If you can feel your beauty product on your skin then it is really a cosmetic. Essentially, you should not be able to feel where your skin ends and the atmosphere begins - a pH-balanced connection to the universe.

This, is where that slimy seaweed comes in. It creates a feeling, which is soothing to chapped skin, cuts, burns, or itchy skin. Although this book uses essentially just one seaweed jelly compound, each chapter is set up to explain how seaweed can be used in a variety of different ways; as a binder, stabilizer, and emollient. Use it even as just a creaming agent to combine with other ingredients, and help to repair and regenerate the skin from the inside out.

By combining the luxurious gelling compounds of seaweed, with a simple no-fuss, no-mess, daily skin-care regime, you too can create your own non-toxic, natural, pH-balanced skin care products that are fun to make – yet, safe enough for the whole family.

However, just like with the study of metaphysics, if you do not actually do any of the inner work on your personality ; or, if you do not actually go out and buy some seaweed to apply on your own skin, then this book will just be an intellectual concept. That said, you will never really know what I am trying to explain about the feeling of natural skin-care products.


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