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Seaweed ‘Jelly’ is the term I use to distinguish it from seaweed ‘Gels’ and ‘extracts’ that have been processed using chemicals. Those chemically extracted gels are in every beauty product that has ever touched your skin. In fact, if the product felt luxurious and creamy, it probably had some seaweed extract in it to make it feel that way. However, the recipes in this book use only... ~ Read More: Order Book →

Some of the recipes for the skin treatments are washed-off immediately, while others such as herbal treatments ~ Read More: Order Book →. None of the recipes are harsh enough to hurt your skin; all of them are luxurious enough to want to leave them on all the time, you decide.

In addition, most of these recipes are for a single application, enough for just the face, and because they do not contain preservatives or alcohol, would easily spoil unless kept refrigerated. Therefore, if you want to make these recipes in larger quantities, you will need to add your own preservative.

If you just want to add some seaweed to your store-bought skin-care products such as your liquid hand soap or shower gel, then no ~ Read More: Order Book →. This is an excellent way to benefit from seaweed jells without any changes to your skin care routine. Just wash and moisturize at the same time - great for getting your whole family’s skin soft without chemicals.

In addition, the three preparation techniques used to make the seaweed Serum, Jelly, and Paste recipes use ~ Read More: Order Book →

I have also included some spiritual quotes, by Emanuel Swedenborg. These quotes explain the 'inner nature' of an ingredient through spiritual correspondence. It gives a clue as to what to expect from mixing different herbs and ingredients. Spiritual quotes lift the mind to an ‘ah-ha’ moment, and I will attempt to decipher the more complicated ones, in the hope that you can appreciate the true spiritual perspective of 'really natural' beauty products.
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