Seaweed Beauty Gel

Lubricating Gel

Seaweed Lubricating Gel

"Joy is spoken of the delight of the love of good of the heart, and of the will." - Swedenborg A.R. 493

Seaweed Serum: The Natural Lubricating Elixir!

I have included this recipe here because it must be mentioned. Although this Joy Jell is (see recipe page #9), it is not like anything that you have ever experienced before. If you are still having sex now-a-days then this lubricating jelly will make you appreciate intimacy even more. If you are not, then this joy-jelly could very well bring back an interest in sex.

This is a gentle, completely non-greasy joy-jelly, or lubricating jelly, using just (see recipe page #9) to give the ultimate sensual experience. It is completely natural, and dries without any traces what-so-ever. It revitalizes the skin and leaves it softer than any chemically enhanced lubricating jelly. It is suitable for all sensual skin types.

How to Make the Lubricating Seaweed Joy Jelly Serum

"Your first batch of lubricating gel will save enough money to pay for this book!"
- C. Tylor

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