Seaweed Beauty Gel

Lubricating Gel

Seaweed Lubricating Gel

"Joy is spoken of the delight of the love of good of the heart, and of the will." - Swedenborg A.R. 493

Seaweed Serum: The Natural Lubricating Elixir!

I have included this recipe here because it must be mentioned. Although this Joy Jell is (see recipe page #9), it is not like anything that you have ever experienced before. If you are still having sex now-a-days then this lubricating jelly will make you appreciate intimacy even more. If you are not, then this joy-jelly could very well bring back an interest in sex.

This is a gentle, completely non-greasy joy-jelly, or lubricating jelly, using just (see recipe page #9) to give the ultimate sensual experience. It is completely natural, and dries without any traces what-so-ever. It revitalizes the skin and leaves it softer than any chemically enhanced lubricating jelly. It is suitable for all sensual skin types.

How to make:
Mix one part ~ Read More: Order Book → with any scent. You can add more moisture using water if it begins to dry.

Recipe Ingredients:

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Try some (see recipe page #9) is best.

Keep some individual portions (see recipe page #9).
~ Read More: Order Book →

"Your first batch of lubricating gel will save enough money to pay for this book!"
- C. Tylor

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