Seaweed Beauty Massage Gel

seaweed Massage Oil Recipe

Seaweed Massage Gel Recipe

"The oil which was called the oil of holiness, was produced from olive, and mixed with aromatics."- Swedenborg A.R. 493

Although this Seaweed Massage Jelly recipe is similar to the other oil based moisturizers, it deserves a page on its own. If you know of someone who does massage, you have to get them to try this combination - customers will keep coming back for more!

This is gentle, non-greasy moisturizing massage oil, formulated with nutrient rich ~ Read More: Order Book →give the ultimate massage. It maintains its moisture longer than just oil on its own, and results in a rich massage experience. Massaging this oil into the skin revitalizes, and leaves the skin softer than any oil on its own can do. It is suitable for all skin types.

How to make:
Mix one part ? with any amount of ?. You can use from as little as one-drop ~ Read More: Order Book →, and thereby add more moisture from a spray bottle of water during the massage, with no oily after-effect; or add up to equal parts Serum and oil, thereby creating a far superior regular massage oil.

Recipe Ingredients:

  • One part ?
  • ? (any amount)
  • Choice of ?

For oily skin, or acne problem skin, just add Grapefruit seed extract with some additional moisture to keep the massage oil fluid and creamy. Apply to your face or body, massage, and leave on your skin as long as you like.

You can use any oil with this Serum to make the creamiest consistency for massage oil. This massage oil recipe guarantees no more sticky skin.

~ Read More: Order Book →

"Your first batch of Seaweed Massage Gel will save enough money to pay for this book!"
- C. Tylor

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