Seaweed Beauty Moisturizer

seaweed vitamin E moisturizer recipe

Seaweed Moisturizing Jelly Recipe

"Oil signifies the holy principle of good, or the good of love." - Swedenborg. 3728

Vitamin E oil is usually too heavy, and too 'good' to use on the face other than for treating scars or doing intensive repair work. However, the seaweed Serum enables you to thin the Vitamin E oil to an infinitesimally small amount. Now, who would want to use any other oil but vitamin E on your face? It is incredible in small doses of 'good'. You have to try just a little.

This moisturizing jelly acts as an exfoliating and clarifying moisturizer that gently blocks impurities while vitalizing and making the skin smooth and polished. It combines the seaweed serum with Vitamin E; perfect for damaged skin and adding extra hydration, giving you a nourishing moisturizer, which encourages new cell growth. It is good for sun-damaged skin.

How to make:
Use the ~ Read More: Order Book →. Rub palms together to create a creamy lotion. Apply to face and body.

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml) Distilled ?
  • One-drop?

For a more intensive private oil treatment, try using ~ Read More: Order Book →is incredible, even if you can only stand the smell for an hour. When combined with the seaweed serum, it is the softest skin you will ever have.

The fish-oil facial treatment is worth trying, if only once.

. ~ Read More: Order Book →

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