Seaweed Skin Care Jelly

seaweed skin care jelly

Seaweed Skin Care Treatments

"There are spirits who belong to the province of the skin, especially the rough and scaly part, who are disposed to reason on all subjects, having no perception of what is Good and True." (Swedenborg. Arcana. 1835)

There are two categories when it comes to commercial face creams, moisturizers, which correspond to 'Good', and cleansers, which correspond to 'Truth'. Moisturizers are gentler because of the oil or wax needed to make a creamy consistency. Cleansers, also know as toners, are clear and usually contain ~ Read More: Order Book →

These moisturizing recipes use the seaweed Serum, which eliminates the need for heavy oils or wax, yet sill makes an oil-free creamy consistency. The cleanser recipes use vinegar instead of alcohol, but you could also use witch hazel, which does contain a small amount of alcohol.

The Seaweed Skin Care Recipe Highlights

Seaweed moisturizer Moisturizing Jelly
This moisturizing Jelly acts as an exfoliating and clarifying moisturizer that gently blocks impurities while vitalizing and making the skin smooth and polished ~ Read More: Order Book →

seaweed body soapMoisturizing Body Soap
This moisturizing body soap is soothing and formulated with nutrient rich seaweed and natural green tea to supplement the skin's moisture balance, Read More: Order Book →

seaweed astringent jelly Seaweed Astringent
This astringent Jelly uses the Serum, made from brown seaweed known to contain proven natural healing properties, and when combined with .... Read More: Order Book →

Seaweed splash tonerSeaweed Splash Toner
This splash toner uses apple-cider vinegar for its preservative and astringent properties. The lavender flower tea adds the r ~ Read More: Order Book →

seaweed lotus root eye jellyLotus Root Under-eye Salve
This under-eye, lotus-root Jelly is a soothing, fragrant free moisturizing lotion, formulated with nutrient rich seaweed, and natural lotus root to balance and revitalize ~ Read More: Order Book →

seaweed massage jelly oil Seaweed Massage Oil
This is a gentle non-greasy moisturizing massage oil, formulated with nutrient rich seaweed Serum, and natural olive oil to give the ultimate massage. It maintains its moisture ~ Read More: Order Book →

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