Seaweed Beauty Face & Body Jelly

seaweed Face & Body Spa Polish

Seaweed Face & Body Polish

"Heavenly peace flows in, when the lusts arising from the love of self and of the world are taken away." - Swedenborg. 5662

Shut the curtains, turn up the thermostat, and run a hot bath. Apply this polish to your entire body, and run around the house naked so you can leave it on as long as possible. Wash it off in a hot bath, and have kissable soft skin again.

This exfoliating and clarifying body polish gently removes impurities while vitalizing and making the skin smooth and polished.

The two different seaweeds blend very well for extra hydration, while the sea salt and the Vitamin E oil creates a nourishing polish that loosens dead cells and encourages new cell growth.

How to make:
Put the ~ Read More: Order Book →. Heat the mixture by setting the container in a sink full of hot water. Apply to face and body. Leave on as long as possible. Lie in the sun and use a spray bottle of water to re-moisten, and then let dry, then re-moisten, and dry again.

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1 part brown ?
  • 4 parts ?
  • 1/2 part?
  • One ?

This is a fabulous way to deep clean the pores and moisturize at the same time, and again without a lot of mess. It stays on the skin and washes down the drain. Imagine moisture rich skin again - this is it! Try other oils as well, for the sea salt helps to remove any excess oil, leaving your skin extremely silky smooth.

Finish up with a scented body wash.

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