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Natural Seaweed spa treatments

Seaweed Spa Treatments: Algotherapy

"Minerals are the substances which compose the forms of the animal and vegetable kingdoms.." (Swedenborg A.Cr. 96)

Algotherapy is a Luxurious skin treatment therapy. It uses seaweed in the bath, or applied to the skin as a warm paste and then wrapped, even applied as a herbal poultice, which is absorbed through the skin.

The Seaweed Spa Paste recipe has a longer drying time than the Seaweed Jelly, therefore, depending on what other ingredients you mix with it, such as clay, oil, or herbs, can result in deep pore cleaning, or very deep moisturizing treatments - excellent for problem-skin therapy used with the herbal treatments.

The seaweed spa wrap recipes in this chapter use unprocessed seaweed Paste made from...

Sample Recipe: Seaweed Face & Body Spa Polish

How to Make the Pureed Seaweed Spa Jelly

The Seaweed Spa Treatment Recipe Highlights

Seaweed facial maskSeaweed Reformation Facial Mask
This Reformation Clay Facial Mask corresponds to the 'lowest natural good' we can experience on the physical plane before it is considered....

Moisturizing detoxifying bathMoisturizing Detoxify Seaweed Bath
The Green Seaweed takes this to a new level of therapy. The Kelp makes it luxurious, and added with the green...
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Seaweed Face and Body polish Face and Body Seaweed Polish
This exfoliating and clarifying body polish gently removes impurities while vitalizing and making the skin smooth and polished....
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homemade seaweed moisturizerSeaweed Wrinkle-Reducing Body Treatment
Apply gently all over the body, one-half hour before getting in a hot bath....
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Neutralizing Red Seaweed TreamentNeutralizing Red Seaweed Treatment
This is a moisturizing, healing, and detoxifying seaweed treatment. It is unlike any of the other treatments.

Seaweed Distillation ProcessDistillation Process
This Distillation process makes a clear liquid that is perfect for invisible skin care treatments...
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