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Seaweed Sun Care Treatments

"There are two Suns by which all things were created - the Sun of the spiritual world and the Sun of the natural world: the sun of the natural world was created to act as a medium or substitute." (Swedenborg D.W.L. 153)

Nothing is worse than being at the beach and sweating because of your commercial sun tan lotion. All of these seaweed sun-care recipes feel completely natural. They will not cause any sweating, and depending on how much oil you add to them, can give you a sand-free day at the beach as well, for as soon as they are dry, nothing sticks to them. You will forget you have them on. This is how all sun-care products should feel.

Sample Recipes:
Seaweed Suntan Lotion
Seaweed Self Tanning Lotion

The Seaweed Sun Care Recipe Highlights

Seaweed suntan lotionSeaweed Suntan Lotion
This Sun-tanning Serum makes your skin look and feel younger; you will forget you have it on. It re-vitalizes.

seaweed sunburn lotionSeaweed Sunburn Lotion
This Serum apple-cider vinegar combination calms, cools, and relaxes, tight, sun-burnt skin, while it subtly protects ~ Read More: Order Book →

seaweed after sun lotionAfter-Sun Seaweed Lotion
This lotion contains Aloe Vera as a moisturizer which firms and tones the appearance of the skin, while the seaweed Serum adds nutrients ~ Read More: Order Book →

Seaweed self-tanning jellySeaweed Self-Tanning Lotion
This self-tanning lotion is without any chemicals, non-sticky, with a completely natural feeling. Depending on how long you let the steamed watercress water cook

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