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seaweed suntan lotion

Seaweed Suntan Jelly Recipe

"Heat of the Sun signifies concupiscence (strong desire, esp. sexual desire, and lust) to evil, which are contained in self-love and the delights thereof." - Swedenborg. A.R. 692

I always thought it was all the half-naked bodies during the summer that made me amorous. I never realized it was my self-love that determined my amorous response to the heat of the sun. In this recipe then, adding Coconut oil (good, love) can only magnify the natural earthy delights of sun tanning. Therefore, adding flower scent, which represents the goods of faith, helps balance the sensual influence of the oil with the faithful influence of the flowers, thereby contributing to an enjoyable stress-free day at the beach.

This Sun-tanning Serum makes your skin look and feel younger; you will forget you have it on. It re-vitalizes and deeply moisturizes even the driest skin, without any oily appearance or feeling. One application is sufficient to protect your skin for the whole day. Feel free to add your own sunscreen.

How to make:
Put the ~ Read More: Order Book → Alternatively, make up a bottle full, it will keep refrigerated for a month.

Recipe Ingredients:

  • Three parts ? (or scented)
  • One part ?
  • Choice of ?

I prefer the smell of coconut oil, but if I am going to wear this sun Serum other than at the beach then I use different oils. Try sunflower, peanut, or olive oil.

Olive oil and seaweed Serum together make the best suntan oil - try it!

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