Frozen Kelp Seaweed Paste Recipe

frozen seaweed paste

Frozen Kelp Seaweed Paste for Gourmet Baking.

There are many recipes where a thicker seaweed Paste is needed, such as in spreads and sauces for sauteing and baking. Try this seaweed paste in pie crusts, pastries, and strudels. Just add frozen oil-based seaweed Paste to any gravy or sauce, for a texture that is not usually possible without heavy cream.

Frozen Kelp Seaweed Oil-Based Paste for Baking.

The Frozen Oil-based Seaweed Paste (see recipe page 88) has a decidedly meaty taste while remaining smooth and creamy. It is perfect for pesto sauces, garlic bread, or meat loaf.

The green Seaweed frozen oil-based Paste (see recipe page 88) is good in fillings where oil or butter is in the recipe such as pecan pie, lasagna, or dumplings. Try it in shepherds pie, or fish and curry dishes. It also tastes great in turkey stuffing.

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