Seaweed Diet: Frozen Paste Recipe

Frozen Oil-Based Kelp Seaweed Paste Recipe

Frozen Oil-based Seaweed Paste Preparation Recipe

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This Frozen Oil-based Seaweed Paste preparation recipe (page 90) makes the most incredibly smooth rich-tasting paste, as long as you use the right amount of liquid, and cook it correctly (see dried seaweed cooking guide page #14). It makes a base for many new recipes. The texture of this seaweed Paste improves substantially when frozen.

The book explains how easy it is to make Seaweed into a Seaweed Paste to be used for The Nutritional Seaweed Diet Recipes (chapter 3), and for the Gourmet Baking recipes (chapter 8).

Remember, seaweed is a food - so keep everything clean, and refrigerate when cool. To clean utensils, stronger water pressure works better than... Order Book @

(...the book also contains recipes for green seaweeds - which should be treated more gently).

How to make the frozen Oil-based brown Kelp seaweed Paste

How to prepare weight loss liquidStep #1 - Use 2 Ounces Dried Kelp SeaweedStep #2 -Cut into small piecesStep #3 - Blends easier cut smallStep #4 -Rinse well in cold waterStep #5 -Simmer for 1 1/2 hoursFreezeThaw and drain oil

2 oz. dried brown Kelp seaweed
Fresh Water

Oil or melted Butter

(#1-3) Cut the dried Kelp seaweed (see: seaweed Kelp species guide page #8) into two-inch squares.

How to cook seaweed

(#4) Rinse well in cold water.

(#5) Simmer slowly with Fresh water (see cooking guide for correct amount of water page #14) for (? Minutes) (see guide for seaweed type cooking times), stirring every fifteen minutes, allowing the water to reduce as mentioned on page #88).

(#6) Put the seaweed in a blender, add the oil or butter (see oil type recommendations), and... ~ Read more: Order Book.

(#7) Put the oil-based seaweed paste mixture into a container, and freeze until noted on page #87.

(#8) Remove from freezer, thaw, stir, and spoon the paste into a fine strainer... ~ Read more: Order Book .

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