Milk-based Seaweed Paste

Milk-based Seaweed Jelly & Paste

"Imagine a world of decadent desserts - all fat-free and good for you! Now that is heaven on earth" - C.Tylor

For Desserts - Cream or Gelatin Substitute

Milk-based seaweed Paste is a convenient consistency to add to recipes requiring thickening and binding properties,normally obtained by gelatin, milk, cream, or egg yokes.... Read more: Order Book

milk-based seaweed paste

Brown or Green Seaweed Milk-based Paste

The brown Kelp seaweed Milk-based Paste (page 60) is better for creamier spreads, dips and puddings, and requires less milk or cream to obtain the same consistency as whipping cream does. A small amount of milk increases its gelling strength, and is capable of binding and holding the texture in both hot and cold recipes.

The Green seaweed Milk-based Paste (see instructions on page 60) binds and gels like the brown, but is just more difficult to hide the color, so is preferred in recipes that normally already have a green tint to them, such as pea soup or cucumber dips.

Try combining the brown and the green seaweed milk-based Pastes together in recipes, it improves and enhances the taste of everything.

In addition, both the brown and green seaweed milk-based pastes are capable of thickening fruit such as kiwi, which has lower pectin content than other fruit.... Read more: Order Book

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