Oil-Based Seaweed Paste

Butter or Oil-Based Seaweed Paste

"Imagine changing a high fat, high-sugar recipe into the perfect texture and consistency instantly and naturally - using less fat and sugar, without a loss of taste."

Oil-based Seaweed Paste: a Substitute for Butter

There are certain recipes that need a different texture, and this seaweed Paste takes you to a deeper level of richness. It makes delicious spreads, great for making a quick sauce for cooking, or as an oil or butter substitute in baking. It has a texture that can easily create an elegant appetizer instantly.... Read more: Order Book

oil-based seaweed paste

Oil-Based Seaweed Paste Recipes

This seaweed recipe uses oil as a base, which allows the cooked seaweed to blend to a Paste without having to add more water.

This seaweed Paste has a decidedly meaty taste while remaining smooth and creamy. The Paste takes on a slight oil taste that changes its foundation very subtly, allowing it to spread on crackers without making the cracker soggy. It is perfect for pesto sauces, and garlic spread. Enjoy! ~Read more: Order Book →

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