Seaweed Reduces Food Costs

Seaweed can reduce your food costs by 20%

Men's Fitness Magazine, Seaweed Jelly-Diet by Clayten Tylor

Seaweed Jelly Diet: Reduced Food Costs

"Just imagine, sweet potato jam, or tomato ice cream? When you allow your imagination and creativity to direct your nutrition, a door to a new world of eating opens. Step inside, and save!"

Using seaweed in my diet substantially reduced my food budget. During the researching and writing of this book, I added seaweed to my diet and lived on a food budget of about $100. a month. Previously, my food budget was about $300. CAD a month... Read more: Order Book

My main source of protein was hemp-seed powder in my morning seaweed shake. My lunch consisted mostly of seaweed soups, and my dinner, mostly chili or pasta containing seaweed Jelly. Later I baked seaweed cookies and desserts, which increased the budget.

Add Seaweed Jelly to Reduce Food Costs

The key to the nutritional Jelly-Diet is to add about 20% seaweed Jelly to your diet. By using this percent formula you will reduce your food budget by at least 20% - and everything will taste yummier!

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