Seaweed Jelly Diet Cookbook : Introduction

The Seaweed Jelly-Diet Cookbook Guide by Clayten Tylor

Seaweed Jelly Diet: Acknowledgment

Originally, I was writing an "astrological" weight-loss diet, which uses specific visualization techniques in conjunction with the cycle of the Moon. I wanted a food that I could recommend in conjunction with the diet that would quickly satisfy the food cravings, so that the emotions connected with eating could be examined from a spiritual perspective. Therefore, for this sidetrack into the realm of seaweed, I would like to acknowledge the "angels”, for without the help of some unknown force I would never have discovered these delicious seaweed jelly formulas, and created an entirely new, gourmet seaweed cuisine.

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About The Seaweed Jelly Diet Book.

It all started several years ago when I cooked my first seaweed - I tried toasting, frying, baking, and broiling - it tasted so bad that I blended it with bananas and sweeteners, just to hide the taste.

I continued to experiment. One day I was making pumpkin cookies, and decided to substitute a thick seaweed jelly instead of the canned pumpkin - they turned out to be the fluffiest cookies I had ever tasted!

The Seaweed Jelly-Diet Cookbook Guide - Back Cover

I started using different seaweed jelly consistencies, and adding them to every recipe. They were the best thickeners you could ever want for a recipe! I tried the seaweed jelly with cranberry sauce – just cranberries, seaweed jelly, and honey - Simply delicious! On came the jams - just think, natural jams without pectin and sugar - and a third consistency was born - a thick paste.

With the thick paste came the pancakes, it even worked in ground beef patties - it made then thicker and juicier. On came the dessert recipes, creations like date squares, banana bread, and carrot cake.

By now, the texture had become incredibly smooth, and the taste was bland enough to drink. Therefore, I returned to experimenting with a liquid consistency, and incorporated it into a meal-replacement plan. Fasting with hot lemon water and seaweed jelly, I immediately saw the effects - and the perfect weight loss guide began to emerge.

I continued to perfect the seaweed jelly. I read the patent processes for seaweed extracts and began to freeze, grate, and grind - discovering unique textures to use in place of ground beef, oils, eggs, and fats - thereby reducing calories and fat without any loss of taste. In fact, the seaweed jelly makes everything taste better!

During the year and a half of researching and writing this book, I lived on a food budget of about $100. a month - just imagine, sweet potato jam, or tomato ice cream? When you allow your imagination and creativity to direct your nutrition, a door to a new world of eating opens. Step inside, and save!

Where I Am coming From

In my twenties, I worked in the grocery department of Harrods in London, where I was introduced to everything from strawberries the size of peaches, to decadent frozen desserts catering to the very rich. It was there that my curiosity about food really began.

In my thirties, I owned a fine-dining restaurant for 10 years. It included the bar and catering contract of the attached two civic theaters, which catered to an opera and ballet clientele. The restaurant ran full-tilt, lunch, dinner, and after-theater, and it was there where I learned to love simply-prepared gourmet food.

In my forties, I began to see a correspondence between the digestive system, and the intellectual faculty – ‘that they mutually act and react upon each other’. To trace the source of a food allergy was often an impossible task. However, I soon discovered that 'thinking differently’, about good nutrition was the key.

In the past, something that tasted delicious and creamy most likely was more expensive, and laden with fat and calories. With the seaweed jelly formulas, you will enjoy your favorite recipes even more, knowing they will be less expensive, yet more nutritious and delicious.

Welcome to the Yummy Diet!

About the Author

Clayten Tylor: Author of The Seaweed Jelly-Diet Cookbook Guide.

Introduction To Clayten Tylor

Clayten Tylor is a Certified Esoteric Business & Personal Development Consultant. Formerly a Restauranteur, Artist, Designer, and now a Seaweed Enthusiast. He makes his home in Vancouver , B.C., Canada.
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