Seaweed Jelly Nutritional Diet

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Seaweed Jelly Diet: Nutritional Diet

"Seaweed used this way becomes the perfect nutritional taste enhancer - all calorie free!" - C Tylor.

You are already on a seaweed diet! It is in everything you eat, in the form of bleached and processed food additives. It is in every food that you associate with being 'yummy'.

Men's Fitness Magazine, Seaweed Jelly-Diet by Clayten Tylor

Just like white rice before brown, or white flour before whole wheat, seaweed jelly is a natural whole-green mineral rich fiber that is ahead of its time. It not only supplies perfect nutrition but also binds, thickens, creams, and enhances all recipes, naturally.

The Yummy Diet ~ Add 20% Seaweed Jelly to all your Recipes

The key to The Nutritional Seaweed Diet is to add about twenty percent seaweed jelly to your recipes. Use it to replace or reduce the empty calories and fat in your diet. Use it to increase the nutritional value and to add more delicious, whole-green fiber. Not only will you benefit from the perfect proportion of additional whole green fiber, but it will also turn you into an accomplished gourmet chef - because everything becomes tastier and creamier. Your family will hardly notice any difference, except a reduced food budget, and everything tastes yummier!

Forget about 'chicken soup' to nurture someone back to health, this jelly adds vitamins and minerals to any recipe. It is perfect for someone who has difficulties eating solids, or suffers from obesity or bulimia - use as little or as much as you want. For the elderly, or for those on a salt restricted diet, this jelly has little or no salt, and when added to any recipe it becomes a soft, nutritious and flavorful meal plan.

For children, this jelly makes nutritious snacks and desserts. Keep some flavored seaweed Popsicles in the freezer, or add a small amount to their milk or juice. For babies, just mix with pureed fruits or vegetables for an appetizing and nutritious baby food.

Even if you want to gain weight, just add the seaweed jelly to protein powders or mix with your favorite oil. It helps in digestion by adding fiber to otherwise high protein or high carbohydrate powders.

Don't forget your pet - who also deserves good nutrition too. Try it raw, mixed with your pet food - and since it is all green, even the parakeet will love it! Millet and jelly anyone?... Read more: Order Book

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