Seaweed Jelly Diet: Raw Diet

raw seaweed diet

Raw Seaweed Jelly Diet Recipes

"Use this raw jelly in all of the same ways as the cooked jelly, but it works really well in salad dressings or raw nut bars." - C.Tylor

The raw seaweed jelly is the perfect raw food diet! If you a’re into raw food, then this is for you. It is easy to digest, and compliments being mixed with all foods. Probably no other raw food can be used in so many unique ways, in salad dressings, dips, spreads, and puddings.

Men's Fitness Magazine, Seaweed Jelly-Diet by Clayten Tylor

This is the raw food diet for a New World!

Raw Seaweed Jelly Uses

Naturally, every recipe that is not heated above 128° is considered raw. This raw seaweed jelly (page 98) works in salad dressings, spreads, desserts. It freezes without any loss of consistency, so it is easy to have single portions in the freezer, which thaw in their wrapper within ten minutes in a glass of warm water - the perfect seaweed Jelly for last minute party spreads and dips.... Read more: Order Book

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