Seaweed Jelly Diet Recipes

Seaweed Recipes -The Seaweed Jelly-Diet Cookbook Guide by Clayten Tylor

Seaweed Jelly Preparation Recipes

"Seaweed Jelly reduces fat in all your baking recipes." - Clayten Tylor

The recipes in this book are simple and basic. I have purposely left out any reference to seaweed in the name of each recipe, for the intention is to hide and disguise the seaweed taste and appearance.

Men's Fitness Magazine, Seaweed: Super Food by Tina Benitez-Eves

The recipes are suggestions, so that you can understand how to use these natural nutritional additives as binding and emulsifying agents in your own recipes.

I have personally made all of the recipes, but each time I have to adjust the moisture content. Different seaweeds have different absorption and gelling abilities depending on the species and origin.

Be creative, make seaweed products your own! Seaweed jelly unites and suspends flavor as well as adds creaminess. Try seaweed jelly in all of your recipes, it becomes like the flavor you use with it - the perfect, almost tasteless whole-green fiber.
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Seaweed Jelly Preparation Recipe Classifications

Three Consistencies.

The seaweed preparation recipes use three different consistencies,

1) Liquid, 2) Jelly, 3) Paste

It is easier to get a smoother consistency, when you are adding... . in this way, ~ Read more: Order Book &rarr creates smoother, richer textures. In this case, the liquid is best for....

Four Bases.

The seaweed recipes use four different bases. By using one of these four bases, you can change any recipe to include seaweed jelly.

1) Water, 2) Oil, 3) Milk, 4) Sweetener

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