Seaweed Jelly Vegetarian Diet

textured seaweed

Textured Seaweed

"Imagine, a mineral rich 100% organic vegetarian meat substitute and all fiber! You decide the texture and consistency for your recipes." - C. Tylor

Textured seaweed is a wholesome meat substitute. It thickens and binds, and therefore eliminates flour thickeners, eggs, or cream for a complete vegan diet. Add a sweetener for delicious desserts and jellied mold recipes.

About Brown or Green Textured Seaweed.

The green seaweed is impossible to texture for it just becomes a mush. The textured brown Kelp seaweed (page 17) recipe uses the thicker stalks and stems, in a blender or food processor using a coarse chopping setting. It is best, put through a meat grinder twice to obtain a ground beef consistency, otherwise chop by hand, or use a grater for recipes like lasagna, fermented salads, or chutney.

Textured seaweed (page 105) ground or grated is different from the Jelly consistency in that it is harder to digest, it is best to grind or grate into small pieces for easier digestion.... Read more: Order Book

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