Seaweed Jelly Diet: Sweet Seaweed Paste

Sweet Seaweed Paste

"Imagine. sweet-potato curried jellyroll, creamed candied carrot mousse, or sweet braised red cabbage jam. You decide what will be sweet and jellied - instantly." - C.Tylor

Men's Fitness Magazine, Seaweed: Super Food by Tina Benitez-Eves

Sweet Seaweed Paste for Jams, Sauces and Barbecue Marinates.

There are many recipes where the only added moisture in the recipe is the sweetener, and this Paste fits right in. Use it for jams, fruit compotes, and applesauce.

I have not tried it in cooked fudge or other cooked candies, but for recipes that just require a binder such as the fruit and nut bar recipe, it works great. The honey-based Paste paired with unsweetened chocolate makes a nice icing. Try this Paste in toffee, peanut brittle, pralines, chocolate truffles, candied fruit, nougat, and sweet marinates for the barbeque.... Read more: Order Book

Green or Brown Sweetener-Based Seaweed Paste

The brown sweetener-based Paste works best if you are making chocolates, icing, cheesecake, or pies, as well as sweet sauces for desserts, or the barbecue.

The green sweetener-based Paste makes a fine mint sauce, rice pudding if you can stand the color, or as a dressing such as a honey orange vinaigrette. With a little beet juice to color and imagination, it could open up an entirely new direction in jellied salads and desserts.... Read more: Order Book

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