Seaweed Jelly Diet: Water-Based Paste

Seaweed Dips

Water-Based Seaweed Paste

Seaweed Paste, is for the 'gourmet' in you.

The seaweed Paste recipes (page 42) are for the 'gourmet' in you. Every kind of food can be made into a delicious dip or spread. If your family dislikes the texture of peas or broccoli, just try it as a spread or a dip, and watch their attitudes change. Remember to add seaweed paste to cakes, cookies, and bread, to enhance taste and change the texture into a rich consistency that is hard to resist.

Seaweed Paste for Gourmet Baking, Soups and Dips

The water-based seaweed Paste is a convenient consistency to add to water-based recipes requiring thickening and binding properties normally obtained by reduction or by adding cornstarch, arrowroot, or flour Paste.... Read more: Order Book

green seaweed paste

Brown or Green Seaweed Water-based Paste .

The brown water-based seaweed Paste (page 42) is better for sauces, spreads, and dips, because it has a stronger gelling strength than the green. When used in soups and salad dressings, it is capable of binding and holding textures in hot or cold dishes.

The green water-based Paste (page 43) still binds and gels like the brown Kelp seaweed but it is more difficult to hide the color, so is preferred in recipes that normally already have a green tint to them.

Combining the brown and green seaweed Pastes together in recipes (pages 43-56) improves and enhances the taste of otherwise bland foods, and alternating between the two seaweed pastes is the best way to discover their individual properties.... Read more: Order Book

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