Vancouver Astrologer Testimonials

Vancouver Astrologer Testimonials

Client Testimonials for Vancouver Astrologer, Clayten

Vancouver Astrologer Client Testimonials

Published By Grace - Vancouver, B.C., Canada - June 21, 2014

WOW!!! What the bleep do I know? I know ... Clayten is an amazing and gifted Qualified Astrologer. After only one session, I'm able to anticipate all the new opportunities and challenges coming my way. How exciting and empowering! Understanding the "how and why" is only two dimensional when you realize you can also know who, when and where! Treat yourself to a great and insightful conversation with this guy.

Published By Brenda - Vancouver, B.C. - January 28, 2013

Clayten is an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate individual. His readings are very informative and accurate. He has provided support and insight on how to deal with extremely stressful situations that at times seemed to be hopeless or overwhelming. I am very glad he was recommended to me and look forward to continued readings.

Published By Pam - Richmond, B.C., Canada - June 06, 2013

I've had the pleasure of being Clayten's client since 1997. The clarity that he helps me find in my life has been so beneficial and given me great strength and confidence. I appreciate and have great respect for his work.

Published By Darren - Toronto, Ontario - Sept. 03 2012

Big thanks from the heart!! Clayten, what a wonderful and well needed experience. (Perfect timing mate!) You are a friend for life and the gift you gave is priceless. You will be strongly recommended. I see many people spend $150 with nothing to show. Your gift (service) paid for itself the moment you spoke. Your work is obviously a labor of love. Congrats on your success and thank you for sharing it with me and the world. All the best to you! Till next time. BTW- I got the tape in record time. Many thanks! Best regards.

Published By Pavan - Toronto, Ontario - Aug. 24, 2011

I have been a client of Clayten's for only a year and I can attest that his universal and spiritual approach to the study of astrology has been both enlightening and insightful. With astounding accuracy, Clayten is able to determine and help identify key elements of personal and developmental growth. After grasping a few simple concepts I was able to self-navigate with confidence and determination. After only my first reading, my perspective and self-perception have been re-aligned 180 degrees.

Published By Janice - Coquitlam, B.C., Canada - Aug. 17, 2011

I have had the good fortune to receive several esoteric astrology readings from Clayten. He provides the facts of your birth chart and current transits, and also assists you in utilizing the information for your highest good. The quality of the information that I have received from Clayten has tremendously benefited me. I am happy to recommend him to anyone who is wanting to take an in-depth approach to their personal growth.

Published By Marney - Ireland - July 22, 2010

I was recommended to Clayten a few years ago by a friend. I was amazed at how knowledgeable and accurate he was. I continue to consult him around my birthday every year and in addition whenever something in my life doesn't make sense. Clayten provides information and support not only on what is going on but also how best to approach things. I really appreciate him not only as a Master Consulting Astrologer but also as a truly compassionate person.

Published By Steffany - West Vancouver - May 30, 2009

I have known Clayten for eighteen years and usually have a yearly up-dated astrology reading from him around my birthday. His readings are always well researched and give an in-depth overview of the coming year. I find especially helpful the insights that he gives me re my progressed chart .. with an emphasis on the "highs and lows" that I may encounter over the coming year. He also gives me valuable advice on how to handle these planetary influences. I truly appreciate Clayten as a Master Predictive Vancouver Astrologer.

Published By Shashi - Vancouver, Lower Mainland, Canada - May 31, 2009

I first met Clayten through a friend of mine 6 years ago. It was through this first session that I discovered how powerful his insight into my life was. Not only were his readings accurate but they were inspirational to me as well. Clayten's warm and enlightening words were helpful to me planning my future endeavors. There have been times when his wisdom has proved to be truly life altering. If you are thinking about joining Clayten for a personal reading, please do not hesitate as I believe you will not be disappointed. I still see him to this day.

Published By Toby - Surrey, Delta, B.C. - May 30, 2008

I have been seeing Clayten now for almost 3 years. I find his advice practical and informative. It never ceases to amaze me when I listen to my readings months afterwards, and events that were discussed that I didn't quite understand at the time are now unfolding. The readings don't take away the spontaneity of living but rather give you advice on how best to approach different often otherwise unforeseen circumstances before they occur. I find the readings immensely practical, and I feel fortunate to be able to access such a wealth of knowledge as Clayten.

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