The Affection of Love

The Affection of Love:
How to Invoke an Influx of Spiritual Good

The Affection of Love - How to Invoke an Influx of Spiritual Good by Clayten Tylor

by Clayten Tylor

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Keywords: Spiritual development, Self-improvement, Self help, Numerology.


The Affection of Love

The Affection of Love by Clayten Tylor


This book is an advanced guide to spiritual regeneration, the transformation of sensual energy to spiritual love, and then into divine, creative power in preparation for the experience of eternal life. It describes the transition from selfish to selflessness with its resulting benefits of an increased feeling of happiness. It prepares the physical body by the process of right-eating in order to perceive the spiritual body as the sensation of being blessed, which is necessary to perceive the sensation of the soul that comes through the benefits of right-thinking.

The book takes us on an inner journey from the transition of our selfish sensation of separateness to the birth of conscience with its painful reevaluation of life, into the restitution needed to enter the higher vibrations of Divine love. The journey is not for the weak, but each step strengthens the will-power that increases our affection of love and enables us to forgive and move forward to unite with the higher self in a pulsating feeling of heavenly love.

The realization is of our Divine nature in a momentary experience that lasts forever as we learn to transition into our eternal self as a feeling of Oneness. This journey is humankind's destiny, which enables each of us to enter into an inner sanctuary that we create as our testimonial to the Great Work of being more than human, of being Divine.

Clayten is a retired Certified Esoteric Astrologer, Numerologist, and Mystic. His other interests include Occult Psychology, Metaphysics, Sacred Science, Mystical Qabalah, and Contemporary Spirituality.


I dedicate this book to all the schmucks, because they cause the negative energy, which gets transformed into spiritual power during the resurrection to eternal life.


I acknowledge th e after-glow of spiritual love , because it unites the internal with the external self, and increases the feeling of happiness more than any other kind of love.


Before I can reveal the spiritual principles of the affections of doing good, and being good, first we must discuss their opposite affections of doing evil, and being evil. The feeling of evil embodies itself into all humans in the same way that the feeling of good embodies itself; one person becomes a saint, and the other, a schmuck.

I think of human nature as the ability to focus down into triviality, to concentrate on details. From the perspective of the soul it causes pain. A schmuck acts out that pain, which becomes the collective suffering of humankind. There is no other word to describe a schmuck, but evil. They cannot perceive anything, other than selfish love.

On the other hand, spiritual love, which is also called mutual love, is an unselfish kind of love. We can only sense spiritual love when we use it to do good. The action of spiritual love when doing good, is reciprocal, because it is mutual. It improves our ability to feel the divine essence, which guides us to be a better person. Mutual love, unites the internal with the external self, and without it, we become a schmuck.

A schmuck has no sense of their spiritual self, because they can not feel mutual love. They are addicted to selfish love and cannot even imagine the feeling of being loved. They have no motivation to improve, because they have no knowledge of a spiritual life. This is important to understand, because a schmuck does not know that they are addicted to the affection of self-love. To them, there is no such thing as a spiritual life, which, as a concept would help them evolve, and become happy.

In a way, we all start off as selfish. We are addicted to the contracting feeling of self-love. Yet, the feeling of selfishness blocks the absorption of the expanding vital life force that causes enlightenment. Selfishness can only expand as pride. It causes excessive mind-chatter, which then veils the knowledge that transforms energy into spiritual light. That knowledge would normally come through a quiet mind during sleep, when the higher affections of love deposit the spiritual light to grow our spiritual body.

I like to think of sleep as a “recharging station,” which when fully recharged connects us to the One Mind. The effect of that spiritual sensation on the process of eating, further connects us to the feeling of the One Body. The more that we can feel the Oneness of mind and body, the more the mind can perceive the spiritual light. When the mind feels full of spiritual light, we eat with more awareness, and it creates the timeless feeling of a spiritual body made of light.

The light of spiritual love always attracts a schmuck. Yet, it is not because they recognize what is good and true, but because they are threatened by it. The light of good attracts its shadow. A schmuck tries to knock us off the slated path of trying to be good. They are difficult to spot before they spot us. This is why it is important to learn to perceive them first. However, then you have to learn how to deal with them.

It is only the light of spiritual good that attracts a schmuck. Yet, a schmuck has only one purpose, which is to destroy beauty. Each time that they disturb our peace of mind, and we lose contact with the affection of love, we then have to learn how to invoke it again. Yet, as we learn to resolve each temptation by reaching for the affection of love, it actually strengthen s our affinity to the affection for good.

These temptations are spiritual tests, which strengthen the affection of spiritual love. These kinds of tests do not apply to the selfish sensation of lust, such as concentrating on someone and thinking you can make them love you. That kind of temptation is also a test, but it only creates and attracts more of the same selfish beauty-destroying feeling.

We are talking about a spiritual feeling of beauty that is produced automatically as a result of resisting the temptation to respond back in kind. When we wish someone well by mutual love, we produce an after-glow that expands into the feeling of spiritual good. By expanding the after-glow bigger than the previous sensation of love, increases our feeling of beauty. Then, the schmuck becomes our motivator.

By expanding the sensation of good, by using our will-power to reach further out every day, we attract a stronger and stronger internal influx of love in response. Exercising our will-power by sending out an affection of love, acts as a suggestion that causes the subconscious mind to transform our body into a receiving station for higher love.

The spiritual light that results from spiritual good as it is being willed to others as mutual love, is what attracts the schmucks. They rile against it, because the unseen light acts as an irritant to them. Sadly, it makes their own life seem more exciting, but in the same way that lust attracts competition and jealousy. Yet, in our case, we are seeking an eternal state of happiness that results from the spiritual love glowing as spiritual light in our body. The feeling of love glowing is the actual cause of all attraction.

If we were to pretend to surround ourselves in an affection of expanding love until it became light, it is not something someone else could sense, except you. Yet, imagine being a child with this same ability to radiate the affection of love. The child would be open to all kinds of abuse, because love is an attractive force, even to a schmuck. Keep in mind that we are discussing transforming the lingering feeling that results from an injustice, into the feeling of mutual love, and then further into the feeling of universal love. Therefore, we must start with what we are, the hurt. Our goal is to restrain our response to being hurt. When we spend less time on hatred or revenge it automatically strengthens the feeling of spiritual love, and we begin to feel better about ourselves.

It is not magic, it is the effect of sacrifice, which is anytime that we give up something to improve. Yet, this can not happen until after we are at first, really selfish. This is why spiritual development happens later in life. Even though spiritual awareness can start young, it is only after living a full life, does it become easier to restrain our response to being hurt.

Keep in mind that I personally, have never been in a war or any other unforgivable experience where I was attacked by outside forces and could not later forgive them. I am talking about a hidden affection, such as a schmuck, who can disguise their nature by being outwardly good, but inwardly evil; their interior evil acts through them to make them into a schmuck. When dealing with our own interior evil, an example might be, if during a war, a soldier remained very present, because they were incited by a zeal to protect their country. That zeal could protect them from harboring too much interior evil, which they might otherwise hurt themselves with.

Again, we are talking about an inner hatred that results from an outer event, especially if it became hatred that we carried with us long after the battle was over. It is this psychic evil energy, which we associate with the feeling of an injustice that accumulates as a feeling of revenge. The energy is love-hurt, which we are working to transform.

Yet, I am not talking about disassociation or ignoring justice, but about claiming responsibility for our response. At this spiritual level of awareness, we must perceive even a schmuck as being a spiritual test. This allows the affection of love to take on a special human quality. It becomes a spiritual affection of Joy that can quiet the mind to make the physical body feel fantastic. A quiet mind solves most problems. It allows us to perceive the spiritual essence and Joy that quiet possesses.

Yet, to stay in the flow of spiritual good, long enough to experience that Joy, requires maintaining an inner silence until the mind becomes enlightened, filled with light, which then expands out as a feeling of Joy. Expanding this Joy outwards requires both a compression and then a release of energy, and mutual love is the key.

Try to imagine joy as an expansion and contraction of the affection of love as a feeling of warmth and light. This happens naturally, as a result of living, loving, and being human. In fact, we are all just accumulated psychic energy, which is a kind of love-hurt. We are made up of all of those times that we were hurt by love. Yet, when the accumulated pain transforms from selfish to selfless, that same energy that was once pain, is then transformed and felt as Joy.

Just as anger can cause a pulsation in the blood stream, so can the feeling of love begin to pulsate and glow as spiritual light just by dwelling on it. When we can sense spiritual light as a pulsation in our blood stream, the celestial essence of the love, begins to glow as the feeling of limitless light.

Think of the idea of love, and allow the feeling to expand in the body. What lingers afterwards, is the feeling of love as an affection . The feeling of lust also has an affection, but it has something to gain. Whereas the affection of mutual love seeks to give of itself to others. The spiritual affection of love when it lingers as a feeling always attracts a schmuck, like a moth to light. We want to warm the light so that it becomes like a moth to a flame. The lingering feeling of love is an affection of love that is long past, just as the memory of lust is a memory of a love long past. Thus, “Affection is nothing else than love, but the continuity of it” (3938).

As an example, the light of a star, is no longer where the star is now. The light is the memory of that star. Similarly, the celestial affection of Good, is where Divine love lingers as a memory. By pondering the affection of celestial Love, it becomes a reciprocal feeling of Divine love, which we can receive back in kind as light.

The affection of celestial love only becomes reciprocal after it is first sent as mutual-love. We must use our will power to send love, to wish someone well. Done properly, wishing someone well is the spiritual act of doing good. Try it right now. Wish someone well. Imagine them wishing well back to you. Now, send love to someone that you dislike. Now imagine them wishing you well back in kind.

The additional step needed for receiving it back in kind requires the reciprocal motion, which causes a lingering sensation of feeling loved. We require both of these affections of love. We require mutual love, to get things moving, and the reciprocal feeling of celestial or Divine love to cause the other expanding after-glow sensation of love to linger. Doing good, involves using the feeling of effort. We want to harvest the feeling of effort, and transform it to make ourselves feel better.

Essentially, we are learning to set the two inner motions of love into alignment with the two outer universal motions of divine order. Not only that, we are altering the vibration of our own affection for living. We are training our affection of love, to linger until it becomes the feeling of being loved. We can do this merely by attuning with the memory of something we love, and then allowing the sensation of that memory to linger for longer and longer periods of time until we no longer need the memory.

The more we identify with the lingering affection of love as an afterglow by wishing someone well and then releasing it, the more we become identified with that higher love as ourselves. When we exercise our affection of love by extending the time of its afterglow, both as a memory, and as a feeling, it then effects our own salvation. In this way, we cause our own enlightenment, and actually begin to feel eternal.

We are creating the affection of feeling loved, without it caused by any outer condition. The ability to feel loved is possible for everyone, because it is in our collective memory, once we clear our identification with the collective pain. Doing good, is the ability to love others as ourselves, which gives spiritual love its essence. That essence also makes the physical body feel good.

However, it only becomes magic when we initiate doing good for the sake of spiritual good, by have nothing to gain. Celestial good, is the further ability to invoke and then receive and expand an influx of love. All of these states of conjugial love are in our memory as spiritual affections that cause us to be good, and celestial affections which cause us to feel loved in response.

Table of Contents





Table of Contents





Chapter One: Motions of Love



Chapter Two: Being Good



Chapter Three: Acknowledging Love



Chapter Four: Accepting Justice



Chapter Five: Trusting Divine Justice



Chapter Six: Awareness



Chapter Seven: An Influx of Good



Chapter Eight: Magnetic Memories



Chapter Nine: Temporary or Eternal



Chapter Ten: The Seven Substances



Chapter Eleven: Signs and Miracles



Chapter Twelve: Celestial Feeling of Love



Chapter Thirteen: Feeling Balanced



Chapter Fourteen: Building a Foundation


  Act #1: To Smell


  Act #2: To Taste


  Act #3: To Chew


  Act #4: To Swallow


  Act #4: Digestion


  Act #5: To Excrete



Chapter Fifteen: A Spiritual Life



Chapter Sixteen: Regeneration – What to Expect



Chapter Seventeen: Eternal Life



Chapter Eighteen: Our Usury Nature



Chapter Nineteen: Mankind's Destiny



Chapter Twenty: Death or Resurrection



Chapter Twenty One: Innocence



Chapter Twenty Two: Unity



Chapter Twenty Three: Truth Enlightens



Chapter Twenty Four: Good Heals




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