Timeless Life

Timeless Life, by Clayten Tylor

Timeless Life: The 365 Day Self-improvement Plan

by Clayten W. Tylor

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Keywords: Esoteric Astrology, Self-improvement Plan, New Age Diet, Age of Aquarius, Numerology, Western Yoga Practices

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Timeless Life: The 365 Day Self-improvement Plan by Clayten W Tylor

Timeless Life, The 365 Day Self-improvement Plan by Clayten W Tylor

If you can visualize the perfect body ... the feeling will accomplish the rest!

Timeless Life is a 365-day self-improvement plan, which follows the cycle of the Moon through the twelve signs of the zodiac to re-program our attitude toward food. Each of the twelve signs sets into motion powerful changes that affect the processes, which are responsible for re-shaping the feeling of our body image.

Timeless Life is both a diet and a spiritual discovery into the understanding of our emotions. If you happen to lose weight on it fine, but that would be because you understood that the powers of the Higher Self, are your powers - the power to be yourself without the limited understanding that shapes our physical body.

To live spiritually, is really just being yourself. Discovering the simplicity is the purpose of this book. We use the cycle of the Moon to understand the different layers that make up the total feeling of our Self. We then plant more meaningful suggestions, such as to lose weight or to make more money - and even, to heal. Whatever you wish - these inner powers are suggestions that are yours to use.

Clayten W. Tylor is a Certified Esoteric Astrologer, Numerologist, and Mystic. His other interests include Occult Psychology, Metaphysics, Sacred Science, Mystical Qabalah, and Contemporary Spirituality.


"This book is dedicated to all of the overweight spirits who came to me in my dreams to share their story and inspire me to write this book about their spiritual sensation of "Fatness."

All of the spirits who came to me in my dreams told me that being fat was the most spiritual sensation that a human being can ever experience. They said, humans have to be fat to be happy, because being fat corresponds to the inmost affection of heaven.

Being fat, is feeling spiritual, because it is caused by the "largess" sensation of the spiritual body. Being overweight is the result of astral or psychic energy that has identified and attached to the sensation of our spiritual body. The expanding spiritual body, with the attached pain of the astral body, contributes to forming the actual shape of our physical body. It is the emotions of our psychic body that holds the memories of pain, which causes the physical body to become overweight.

Our body's shape is a response to the sensations flowing through our physical body. The physical body is held in shape by the feeling of the astral or psychic "pain" body. The psychic feeling of suffering is mostly responsible for our mind-chatter. It causes our feeling of separateness, which distorts the perception of our spiritual body.

Negative thought patterns begin as feelings in our psychic body. If they are allowed to remain unchecked they merge with our spiritual body to cause weight gain. To feel the spiritual body, without first purifying the psychic body, pollutes both sensations. If the distorted feeling of our psychic body is accepted as a suggestion by our subconsciousness it begins to grow a physical body that is overweight.

The spiritual body is larger than both our physical and psychic bodies. The mind of the spiritual body is on the plane of silence. It cannot be affected by the negative thoughts of mind-chatter unless they combine into a feeling. When painful feelings are brought up to the plane of silence they merge with the largess feeling of the spiritual body and act as a suggestion on the subconsciousness that causes the psychic body to expand, which results in the weight-gain of our physical body.

Think of the spiritual body as a glowing feeling of evolution expanding outwards; and the psychic body as a dark feeling of involution contracting inwards. The spiritual body in its purest state, is the feeling of perfection. It has grown our physical body in combination with the painful sensations that we have identified with as our own. Our judgmental mind has shaped the perception of the expanding and contracting motions of evolution and involution into our astral body, which causes our sense of separateness as the result of the collective pain of the astral body personalized. This personalized pain of the astral body then distorts the largess feeling of the spiritual body, which causes the astral body to expand as weight gain in the physical body.

Think of it this way: The source of every spiritual sensation in its purity is an image. The celestial plane contains images that we perceive as affections of perfection as the "largess" sense of self. In Christian terms the sensations are called the "Grand Man." The spiritual plane receives the largess affections as spiritual light. The light infuses our four bodies; the physical, astral, spiritual, and celestial with the ability to feel spiritual light as love. The highest in-most sensation of love is conjugial, which is felt in all four of our bodies as astral light, sometime called the Limitless Light.

The celestial, largess feeling of love is distorted by feeling bad about being overweight. To experience the "innocence of heaven" as conjugial love, is to feel "largess" without the weight gain. But this requires reshaping our affection of love with more warmth. Thereby, establishing feelings that are moving, but more permanent. We want to make the perception of our feeling of love, permanent.

Let me explain further: The spiritual world is a mind warp. Looking at the physical plane from the spiritual world, we can see colors on the physical plane that we associate with healing, but are actually triggering their afterglow and instead of healing cause inflammation and death. Someone visualizing the color in their mind with their eyes closed might receive a different effect than when looking at a color. Some colors can cause depression, while other colors can cause us to just eat quickly.

We know little about the affects of colors on our dreams, or on our spiritual development. I perceive mostly by a feeling, and so to me a handshake holds more personal data than someone's search history. Everything is a feeling, and because of that, everything is a number and a vibration. If everything is a number it means that everything can be divided by another number to arrive at its source. A color is a number as a harmonic feeling, and we are bombarded by colors on the physical plane, which are little strings of harmonics from the spiritual world that we cannot yet hear.

We are going to yank on the strings of the spiritual world to shake down more harmonic feelings, in order so that we can share them by making our feeling of self more permanent as a Timeless Life. We want to feel that we are being lifted-up and guided by the harmonics of the spiritual world. But to do that we must put our actual feeling of self into correspondence with the motion of the spiritual world.

The spiritual motion of goodness is the inmost feeling of conjugial love. The spiritual goodness within our physical body develops as astral light that can be shaped. It already shapes the appearance of our physical body. Spiritual goodness is the feeling-essence that remains as a result of being touched by conjugial love. Our spiritual body is made of this same goodness as an essence. It is the sensation of being largess, because it corresponds to being profoundly happy as in heaven.

By using spiritual light and the use of our imagination we will reshape the light to effect our body's shape. We shape our spiritual body by the astral light, which helps to suggest how we would like our body to feel. The feeling of the astral light shaped by our imagination into the image of a perfect body, acts as a suggestion to the subconscious mind to manifest our goal; but only so long as we can identify with the largess spiritual feeling of self, and not the physical appearance of our body.

Table of Contents


Table of Contents










The Psychic Body


  The Spiritual Science of Fat


  Awareness of the Astral Body: Exercise #1


  Recognizing Our Love of Self


  Self-Love is a Mirror Reflection


  Developing a New Self by Acting "As If"


  Transitioning into a Spiritual Light Body


  Conscious Thought is Love as Food


  Everything is a Suggestion



The Spiritual Body


  The Birth of a Spiritual Body: Exercise #2


  Regeneration: 365 Days of Sexual Abstinence


  Adoration as a Self-Improvement Exercise



The Celestial Body: Radiating Joy


  The Nameless Self: Exercise #3


  Awareness of our Celestial Body


  T he Constitution of Conjugial Love



The Spiritual Constitution: The Seven Inner Metals


  Metal Substances of the Days of the Week


  Uniting The Seven Substances


  Sunday: The Collecting Feeling of Gold


  Monday: The Uniting Feeling of Silver


  Tuesday: The Exiting Feeling of Iron


  Wednesday: The Transparent Feeling of Mercury


  Thursday: The Rewarding Feeling of Tin


  Friday: The Luminous Feeling of Copper


  Saturn Becomes The Inner Center


  Saturday: The Administrative Feeling of Lead


  The Sabbath Finds Equilibrium Within


  Having a Clear Intention


  Our Intention is Our Inner Life


  Pain Binds Us To Love


  The Hierarchy Of Love


  Feeling Infinite and Eternal



The Eternal Moment: The Three Higher Elements


  Morning, Daytime, and Evening Elements


  The Airy Feeling of the Morning


  The Fiery Feeling of the Daytime


  The Watery Feeling of the Nighttime



Spiritual Motions of Body-Building


  Identification with our "Animal" Nature


  Responsive Nature: Acid or Alkaline


  The Divided Feeling of Self


  One Moment Of Conjugial Love



Polarity: Willpower & Desire


  Balancing Light & Dark


  Cerberus: The Guard Dog at the Gate



The Affection of Good and Truth


  Using Color as Regeneration Therapy


  Colors Speak To Us


  Opposite Colors Guide Us


  Colors Suggest Magic


  Being Taken For Granted


  Colors Also Regenerate Us


  Truth By Trial


  The Inner Church of a Regenerate


  Seeing Spiritually is Seeing Differently


  Everything is Being Regenerated Always


  Shame vs. the Innocence of Heaven


  Full-Body Consciousness


  "Fatness," The Feeling of Conjugial Love – Part #1


  "Fatness," The Four-Fold Feeling – Part #2


  "Fatness," The Feeling of Charity – Part #3


  "Fatness," Reception into the Three Heavens – Part #4


  The Spiritual Limbus – Exercise #4


  Expanding The Limbus Feeling


  The Feeling of Faith



Setting Goals by The Sign of The Moon


  The Twelve Principles of Faith


  #1 Aries: The Constituting Feeling


  #2 Taurus: The Triumphant and Eternal Feeling

1 1 3

  #3 Gemini: The Disposing Feeling

11 6

  #4 Cancer: Feeling of the House of Influence

11 8

  #5 Leo: The Secret Feeling of All Spiritual Activities

1 2 0

  #6 Virgo: The Feeling of Will

1 2 2

  #7 Libra: The Faithful Feeling

1 2 4

  #8 Scorpio: The Imaginative Feeling

1 2 6

  #9 Sagittarius: The Feeling of Probation

1 2 8

  #10 Capricorn: The Renewing Feeling

1 3 0

  #11 Aquarius: The Natural Feeling

1 3 2

  #12 Pisces: The Corporeal Feeling

1 3 4


1 3 9

Abbreviations & Bibliography

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Table: The Moon Through the Signs 2020-2029


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