Timeless Life: Preface

Timeless Life, by Clayten Tylor

Timeless Life:
The 365 Day Self-improvement Plan

by Clayten W. Tylor

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Spirituality/Self-help/Astrology(Some Astrology Knowledge Required)

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Timeless Life: The 365 Day Self-improvement Plan

Timeless Life, The 365 Day Self-improvement Plan by Clayten W Tylor

If you can visualize the perfect body ... the feeling will accomplish the rest!

Timeless Life is a 365-day self-improvement plan, which follows the cycle of the Moon through the twelve signs of the zodiac to re-program our attitude toward food. Each of the twelve signs sets into motion powerful changes that affect the processes, which are responsible for re-shaping the feeling of our body image.

Timeless Life is both a diet and a spiritual discovery into the understanding of our emotions. If you happen to lose weight on it fine, but that would be because you understood that the powers of the Higher Self, are your powers - the power to be yourself without the limited understanding that shapes our physical body.

To live spiritually, is really just being yourself. Discovering the simplicity is the purpose of this book. We use the cycle of the Moon to understand the different layers that make up the total feeling of our Self. We then plant more meaningful suggestions, such as to lose weight or to make more money - and even, to heal. Whatever you wish - these inner powers are suggestions that are yours to use.

Clayten W. Tylor is a Certified Esoteric Astrologer, Numerologist, and Mystic. His other interests include Occult Psychology, Metaphysics, Sacred Science, Mystical Qabalah, and Contemporary Spirituality.


"I dedicate this book to all the overweight spirits who came to me in my dreams to share their experience about the spiritual sensation of “Fatness”

Please note: The term "Fatness" has nothing to do with someone's outer appearance, but the inner spiritual sensation of themselves as a divine person. "Fatness" is the largess feeling of the Divine Feminine.

Preface: Spiritual “Largess” (The celestial sensation that Angels experience)

All the spirits who came to me in my dreams told me that being fat was the most spiritual sensation that a human being can experience. They said that humans have to be fat to be happy, because being fat corresponds to the inmost feeling of heaven.

Being fat, is feeling spiritual, because it is caused by the “largess” sensation of the spiritual body. Being overweight is the result of astral or psychic energy that has identified and attached to the expanding sensation of our spiritual body. The spiritual body, with the attached pain of the astral body, contributes to forming the actual shape of our physical body. It is the mixed emotions of our psychic body, which holds the memories of pain that causes the physical body to become overweight.

Our body's shape is a response to the sensations flowing through our physical body. The physical body is held in shape by the feeling of the astral or psychic “pain” body. The psychic feeling of suffering is mostly responsible for our mind-chatter, which causes our feeling of separateness, and distorts our perception of the spiritual body.

Negative thought patterns begin as feelings in our psychic body. If they are allowed to remain unchecked they merge with our spiritual body to cause weight gain. To feel the spiritual body, without first purifying the psychic body, pollutes both sensations. If the distorted feeling of our psychic body is accepted as a suggestion by our subconsciousness it begins to grow a physical body that is overweight.

The spiritual body feels bigger than both our physical and psychic bodies. The mind of our spiritual body is in a sphere of silence. It cannot be affected by thoughts of mind-chatter unless they combine with a strong feeling. If painful feelings are brought up to the sphere of silence, they merge with the largess feeling of the spiritual body. The merging acts as a suggestion on the subconsciousness. This sensitivity causes the psychic body to expand, which results in weight-gain in our physical body.

Think of the spiritual body as a glowing feeling of evolution expanding outwards. The psychic body would be a dark feeling of involution contracting inwards. The spiritual body in its purest state is the feeling of perfection. It has grown our physical body by the pain that we have identified with as our own. Our judgmental mind has shaped the expanding and contracting e-motions of evolution and involution into the selfish feeling of our astral sphere. It takes the collective pain of humanity and makes it personal. When the pain of the astral plane is held in our personal sphere, it then veils the largess feeling of the spiritual body. Together the light and darkness form into a shadow, which is the same shape as our physical body, but as a spiritual feeling.

Think of it this way: The source of every spiritual sensation in its purity, is an image. The celestial plane contains images that we perceive as feelings of perfection. It is our larger sense-of-self. In Christian terms, feelings of perfection are represented by the “Grand Man.” The spiritual plane receives these affections as spiritual light. The light infuses the physical, astral, spiritual, and celestial bodies with the ability to feel spiritual light as love. The highest in-most sensation, is conjugial love as heaven. It is felt in all four of our bodies as astral light, sometimes called the Limitless Light.

The celestial or “largess” feeling-of-self is further distorted by feeling bad about being overweight. To experience the “innocence of heaven” of conjugial love, is to feel “largess” without feeling bad. This requires re-shaping our affection of love, with more warmth and light, by establishing spiritual feelings that are permanent. We want to make our perception of the largess feeling of conjugial love, permanent.

Let me explain further: Looking at the physical plane from the spiritual sphere is a mind warp. There we can see how some colors that we associate with healing are actually triggering their afterglow and instead of healing causing inflammation. Someone visualizing the color in their mind with their eyes closed, might receive a different effect then when actually looking at a color. Even so, some colors can cause feelings of depression, while other colors can just make us eat quickly.

We know little about the effects of colors on our dreams or on our spiritual development. I perceive mostly by a feeling, and so for me a handshake holds more personal data than someone's search history. Everything is a feeling, and because of that, everything is a vibration and a number. This means that everything can be divided by another number, to arrive at its source. A color is also a number, which is a harmonic feeling. We are bombarded by colors on the physical plane, which act as little strings of harmonics from the spiritual world that we cannot yet hear.

We are going to yank on the strings of the spiritual world to shake down more harmonic feelings, so that we can share them. We do this by making our feeling of self more permanent, as a timeless life. Also, we want to feel that we are being lifted-up and guided by the harmonics of the spiritual world. To do that, we must put our actual feeling-of-self, into correspondence with the motion of the spiritual sphere.

The motion of spiritual goodness, is the inmost feeling of conjugial love. It develops in our physical body as astral light, which can be shaped to effect the appearance of our physical body. Spiritual goodness is the feeling that remains as a result of being touched by conjugial love during a Samadhi experience. Our spiritual body is made of this same goodness. In its essence it is spiritual light as the sensation of being largess. It corresponds to being profoundly happy as in the spiritual sphere of heaven.

By using spiritual light with the use of our imagination, we will reshape the light to affect our body's shape. We shape our spiritual body by the astral light, which helps to suggest how we would like our physical body to feel. The feeling of the astral light shaped by our imagination into the image of a perfect body, acts as a suggestion to the subconsciousness. It manifests conjugial love, the more we can identify with the largess spiritual feeling-of-self, and not with the physical appearance of our body.

Preface: Conjugial Love


I know that heaven exists, because I can feel it. The miracle is the mind transparent, which unveils the spiritual sphere of heaven as the feeling of Conjugial love. The feeling of conjugial love affects every person according to their mental state. Heaven gets represented by a giant Human, because our thoughts corresponds to the three degrees of heaven. However, our thoughts veil the affections of conjugial love.

Our personal thoughts, even our thoughts from memory, can be either thoughts from conscience, or thoughts from no conscience. Thoughts from an inner perception, such as intuition, are from being in the present moment, and from one of the three degrees of Heaven. If we were aware of our predominant thoughts in our thinking habits we could predict our future, because they are an indication of our intention.

Our physical body, as well as our thoughts, corresponds to the three degrees of heaven. The upper part of our body corresponds to the inmost heaven. It influences us by our thoughts that are good, which come from an inner perception as intuition. The trunk of our body corresponds to the middle heaven. It influences us by our thoughts that are good, which come through our sense of conscience. The lower part of our body, corresponds to the outer heaven. It influences our thinking by thoughts that are good, which come from thinking with no conscience.

Spiritual communications are by images, which we interpret as our thoughts. Images are the cause of our thinking processes. Think of spirits and angels as representing images, which cause us to dwell on thoughts that affect a particular area of our body. Those sensations develop into patterns, which then cause tension and stress in the corresponding area of our body and cause disease. Spiritual images get perceived according to the purity of our thoughts. Inner silence, when the mind is free from all thoughts, enables us to perceive these images as angelic messages.

All thoughts are colors. Each color represents an area of our body. Habitual thinking patterns create thoughts in a particular area of our body because they feel good there, even if centered only in our gonads. To be aware of where our predominate thinking hovers, is our goal. We want to know what it is that we are thinking when we are not aware that we are thinking. We want to understand our habitual mind-chatter, by the correspondence to the types of feelings that we harbor, according to their color.

Once we watch our feeling, instead of our thoughts, all thinking stops. Changing negative thought patterns by replacing them with colors, can raise the mind into a higher vibration. Analyzing our negative thinking patterns, which might be from a repressive childhood, does no good if we cannot make amends. Yet, by using colors, we move past the judgmental mind and place suggestions into our subconscious mind. Spiritually, mind-chatter is the source of depression or other mental illnesses if it is not regulated at the level of the self-conscious mind. However, talking about our problems, only extends the duration of the problem. Ideas form not from analyzing difficulties, but from resolving them. This requires the mind being silent. As an example, if we were guided to buy a lottery ticket, or to back up our hard drive, would we associate it as being an influence from good? Generally we associate good as winning, even if it causes us to go on a binge, overeat and debauch. We measure someone's goodness by their outer actions, but not their spiritual intention.

The inner-self, as a feeling of spiritual goodness, is hidden from most people if they are outwardly directed, seeking to be loved by people and things. The inner spiritual goodness is a permanent feeling. It is the food Divine love uses to grow us to become conscious. A spiritual life starts with a glimpse of Divine love. Yet, most of us have confused our inner goodness, with other sensations, which have become entangled with temporary feelings of expression, such as eating, drinking, or making love.

There is a difference between temporary and permanent feelings of goodness. The “goodness” that we feel when we partake in a desire that is selfish, is temporary. Temporary desires result in eating, shopping, or making love. Yet, when done with greater feeling, they could be considered rituals. When eating gets done as a ritual, such as a sacrifice by exchanging the temporary enjoyment for a more permanent feeling of health, it can be a great motivator. Even having sex could feel like making love, if our attitude towards our partner changes, and the sensual-energy is raised to express a higher form of goodness. We are learning to control our desires.

In this book we will use imagery and color to control our appetites. We will then measure our feeling of goodness by whether our appetites are temporary or permanent. We want to stimulate our desires to correspond to a more permanent feeling of love, by learning to express ourselves by a higher feeling of goodness.

We are about to learn how to collect and distribute Divine love as a feeling, first to our body and then to the universe and everybody else. Without being in the sphere of this inmost felicity of Divine love, the human race can never become more than an animal. Humankind is at a turning point, and the feeling of Divine love is finally here. Yet, we must learn to reach up half-way to feel it, to bring it down.

We are learning to will celestial love, as spiritual or mutual love. We all know the feeling of romantic love when we are expressing it sexually. Yet, it is the same feeling on all planes. In fact, love becomes more erotic as we progress further inwards and upwards. Willing love, is Yoga for the Westerner. It is not a beginner's path. To know how to will-love, is to be a Yoga Master. Yet, I bet there are a lot of people who, can will spiritual love, without knowing they can. I also bet there are more women who could understand this than there are men. For both men and women, conjugial love is a spiritual experience given by grace, and in that sense, we are both equal.

Nevertheless, it is more important to perceive the love that we are willing, than it is to be able to will it. In that sense, everyone can learn to experience it as mutual love. Yet, mutual love is not a love we find in a community, it is a love we bring to a community. If we think of a community, there is always someone behind it that is able to bring their love to it. Therefore, if we are not yet able to will-love, then at least we can carry it into our community by expressing it as mutual love.

Preface: Spiritual Development

If you are overweight, it is proof that you can feel your spiritual body. I like to think of spiritual development as the process of expanding our sentient sense-of-self out into space. Yet, spiritual development has no practical value unless it can be measured by an improvement in our outer circumstances. In that sense, spiritual development should affect the mental body by reducing mind-chatter, the emotional body by causing less uncertainty, and the celestial body by making us feel loved. This is how spiritual development using concentration will improve your life.

Faith alone effects nothing. It is the feeling of spiritual good that improves the feeling of our sense-of-Self. The feeling of good comes from the corporeal consciousness of our body. We want to feel spiritual good as it flows from within. Yet, it is not until we can emote it out as an essence, does it make us feel better about ourselves. We want to feel the spiritual good extend itself and radiate out to others as mutual love.

Spiritual development improves our life, both spiritually and materially. The largess sensual feeling of the spiritual body is always expanding. This is why it can cause weight-gain. Our goal is to be able to feel this expanding feeling, but without it causing weight gain. The spiritual feeling of the self expanding, must pass through the emotions of the psychic or “pain body.” This phase attracts negative thoughts and fears. Therefore, as we expand into the feeling of our spiritual body, we must first befriend the urges of our lower emotional pain body, which causes our weight gain.

To be spiritual, is to feel big. Yet, feeling spiritually big does not also need to cause weight gain. When spiritual development includes a weight-loss goal, it is something that we can use to measure the changes we feel. We want to feel big, while also looking thin. This requires a body-shaping goal; perhaps a thirty-day weight-loss goal, or a three-months body-building goal, or perhaps a six-months health goal. The hardest part, is a one-year celibacy goal. But you decide what you really want.

Spiritual goals are set by imagining the feeling of the goal accomplished. A weight-loss goal is our self-image as a new feeling. A spiritual weight-loss goal, or in my case, a weight-gain goal, shapes the body by using astral light. We use light to build a new feeling as an image. The outcome is established by the suggestion we place in our subconsciousness as the goal completed, which makes the goal effortless. By setting a physical goal, where the results can be noticed as weight loss, leads to the feeling of faith, which attracts love. Later in this book, you will be asked to write down your goals, so I suggest that you prepare now by thinking about a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goal. The physical goal could be weight loss, the mental goal could be more faith, the emotional goal could be more peace, while the spiritual goal could be more love. When all four bodies are aligned as One; in that they all support the same common goal, we will write a Constitution, which we can live by. Our constitution, will be our life-purpose as an achievable goal.

We are learning how to grow a spiritual body, by requesting an influx of celestial love. We are learning how to use our desires to change the shape of our physical world. It starts by forming our desires into a goal. This is the first step to growing a spiritual body. We want to feel our efforts growing, but not fear the laws of growth. We want to become comfortable with the feeling of our body growing, and we do this by first expanding our feeling of self. Growth is a pattern of evolution, which is the feeling of Life itself. It is felt as will power, otherwise called evolution. But it is the spiritual power of the will-to-do-good expanding, which acts as a request to grow a spiritual body.

We want to align our sensual feeling-of-self with the spiritual feeling of evolution. At the Divine level, evolution, is the expanding feeling of spiritual Life itself. Yet, at the same time, we want to maintain or even reduce the size of our physical body. We are also burning carbon by expanding our inner sense-of-self as we shape our astral or pain body into an image of ourselves with a perfect body. We want to feel that perfect carbon body override the old feeling of our physical body. Also, we want our new feeling of self, to dictate our actions. Our progress is measured by how strongly we feel the “Life-Force” becoming the dominant feeling as our new sense-of-self.

The perception of our spiritual body is complete, when the dominant feeling of our sense-of-self is constantly expanding. It corresponds to being overweight. The spiritual body is the growth aspect of evolution. It is the feeling of spiritual Life itself. Our first sense of it is the ability to feel mutual love. Our second sense of it is the ability to will spiritual love. By willing love, we align with the flow of evolution. In a sense, evolution is the largess feeling of our spiritual body without the weight gain.

To be able to send or to will love, depends on our ability to receive spiritual light. The celestial plane is the ability to perceive an influx of spiritual love. When celestial love is felt as an influx of spiritual light, is when we can, will love. Yet, the influx of celestial love as spiritual light, while still identifying with the astral pain body, is what causes weight gain. Either way, we have to first clear the astral body of its pain. This is done by balancing the seven metallic “interior stars” or Chakra s.

When we can receive an influx of conjugial love, the spiritual body receives the celestial body, which then radiates out mutual love as the ability to will mutual love. By being overweight, we are already feeling the largess aspect of the spiritual body. We just have to transform our response to the influx of the largess feeling of the spiritual body, by maintaining a selfless intention.

Although we will be traveling to “the end of the Outside” where the ego does not exist, we will be traveling to the blissful feeling of the spiritual body. There we can reside in everlasting peace, all the while, still living in our physical body.

Preface: Feeling Bad

My previous three books on spirituality, were all about the process of expanding the sensual sphere of our physical body out into our astral body, in order to experience the largess feeling of our spiritual body. The celestial sphere is felt to be even further out from the spiritual body, which is the same feeling as being overweight. Thus, the feeling of Fatness corresponds to the inmost sense of heaven, as the feeling of conjugial love.

The “largess” sphere that accompanies the perception of our spiritual body, is felt on the spiritual plane as the outpouring sensation of mutual love. It is a feeling of love that is larger than the astral body, which is the sensual space closest to our physical body. The spiritual body is further out from the astral body, but further out from that would be the celestial body. These three bodies extend our sensual feeling of the physical body into the psychic, spiritual and celestial bodies. This enables us to perceive life on all levels, earthy, mental, emotional and heavenly.

The difference between someone who is thin and someone who is overweight is that the overweight person, already feels their spiritual body. Being overweight means having an awareness of the painful feelings of the psychic body, while still being able to sense things about the self that makes one feel bigger than the physical body. The weight gain is caused by identifying with the painful feelings of the psychic body. We personalize the pain, which then attaches to the largess feeling of the spiritual body.

Feeling “largess” is spiritual, if not celestial. It acts with the astral body to grow us an overweight body. It is difficult to feel both largess and thin, because one is the psychic “pain” body, and the other is the spiritual body of perfection. The psychic body is made of mind-stuff from the collective mind-chatter of humanity. The spiritual body is also made of mind-stuff, but made silent by being lifted-up to what is called God thought. It is here in silence that we want to make all of our suggestions.

Thoughts accompany feelings. But negative thoughts are the painful feelings of the psychic body. The psychic pain is a natural part of the psychic body. Yet, if we pass through that pain into our spiritual body without first healing it, we are only disguising it, which causes the weight gain. We want to pass through the psychic body and transmute the pain. This is the “feeling bad” phase of spiritual regeneration. To feel spiritually largess, without weight gain, we must detach from our suffering.

Therefore, by feeling spiritual, while still sensitive to the psychic pain, gives the subconscious mind mixed signals. The two sensual feelings interacting together, the psychic pain of the contracting in-pouring love, interacting with the expanding out-pouring love of the spiritual body, is the cause of weight gain. We cannot love deeply and still identify with pain. We must purify our memory of pain. Memory loves to continue suffering.
Just as I have to eat right and exercise to gain and keep weight on, so too must someone who is overweight eat right and exercise until the negative habits of “feeling bad” are purified from the psychic body. We cannot feel good and identify with a body that feels largess, if we also associate feeling bad as having anything to do with our appearance. We are changing the old feeling of our inner self, before we give it a new appearance; otherwise we will just yo-yo up and down losing and gaining weight.

We want to feel largess and spiritual, but without feeling bad. The psychic pain body surrounds our physical body, but we want to purify the sensual feeling of the psychic body, before we expand it into the feeling of the spiritual body. We do not want to attach to the collective pain by making it personal or identifying with it as our own. We want to feel compassion, but not be burdened by the suffering. This is done by not identifying with negative feelings, but rather to see them as our sensitivity to the collective suffering of others. Thus, we purify the collective pain by not owning it, or not letting it call up memories of our own past suffering.

The expanded sensual feeling-of-self becomes spiritual when our psychic body is purified. When we stop mixing our pain with our spiritual body, the expanded self becomes the feeling of mutual love as good-will. It is the feeling of spiritual good, wishing someone well. This is the only way that we can pass through the feeling of the psychic body, and not identify and attach to the pain as our own. We no longer carry the pain of the psychic body into our spiritual body.

To distinguish between these two sensual selves, of the psychic and spiritual bodies, we must remember that they are two feelings that have become mixed together as one. We want to purify the largess spiritual feeling, of its identification with the psychic body. The memories associated with that identification have attached to us as a sense of self. To purify our sensual self, our “animal” desires must be lifted-up from selfish to self-less, freed from the pain of the psychic body, and made innocent.

We want a sense of self that is not attached to the appearance of our physical body. We want to free our sensual feeling of the physical body so that it can be used as the foundation for building a new purified sense-of-self. It will still feel largess, but without the feeling of separateness, without the suffering. This painless body, is the sensual feeling of our True inner spiritual body. We need to identify with this new innocent feeling-of-self in order to enter into the affection of the spiritual sphere.

The astrological Age of Aquarius, represents being connected by an inner spiritual feeling. That inner sensation, is feeling “largess,” but without the pain of the psychic body. When I say without the pain, I mean without the feeling of separateness. Thus, we need to think of the largess feeling of the spiritual Self, as being without feeling separate from others. This means we can still feel the pain of others, but we can sense their innocence, which makes their pain act on us as mutual love.

Mutual love is spiritual. It connects us all as One. More importantly, it can also be felt without seemingly helping anyone. Naturally, our motivation for experiencing mutual love is selfish, because we want to remove the pain that makes us feel separate from others. Our pain is in our psychic body, which is not yet purified of its selfishness.

Our inner psychic pain, when it has been purified and reconciled is called mutual love. Mutual love is spiritual love, as a caring kind of love radiating from within. Mutual love is the awareness of our spiritual body, which is without the memory of pain. When our pain vanishes, it goes back into the collective Self, and so too does the feeling of being separate from others. In this way we clear the way for the cosmic memory to flow in. This takes place when we sleep.

Spiritual or mutual love is arrived at by receptivity. This is only after we have purified our intelligence of its mind-chatter. In the state of consciousness called the present moment, is the silence of spiritual thought. It is a state of thoughtlessness; the mind is without mind chatter, which is followed by a spiritual feeling of knowing.

The celestial sphere is higher than mutual or spiritual love. It is our final goal. It is not a logical step from the present moment, into this selfless sense-of-self. Logic cannot comprehend the celestial sphere. The outpouring feeling of celestial love is the feeling of love, but without the identification or the attachment to a separate sense-of-self.

Celestial love, is an out-pouring feeling of love that gives of itself because it is free from identification and attachment to any kind of body at all. This sense of self is nameless. Swedenborg (1688-1772) calls it the feeling of conjugial love. It is a Samadhi experience as Deity flowing through us as the Divine Will.

Reaching this level of love, is not an impossibility. It is without an identity, free from the pull of the psychic body, free to associate our sense-of-self as being the feeling of love and faith. It is the feeling of being in One mind and One body as an open channel for the Divine Will. We become a nothing; in occultism, it is called No-Thing.

When we can identify and attach to this new outpouring conjugial feeling, all sense of separateness dissolves, and we experience the feeling of being Eternal. The goal is to feel eternal and largess, while still staying thin and grounded in a physical body. This is done by transferring our sense of self into astral light in order to pass through the psychic body unaffected by its pain. We become silent in our spiritual body and are then able to perceive our celestial body as the feeling of being infinite and eternal.

The spiritual regeneration process, is from the inner darkness to the outer astral light. The lower mind of mind-chatter perceives the upper mind as spiritual silence. It is a blending of the lower astral light with the upper silence by the use of the heat of sensual love. It forms a spiritual affection of love, which carries us both inward and outward, and upward and downward in a conjugial love experience. Therefore, it is a Samadhi experience, willed into being by our imagination using a combination of solar energy formed by the suggestions we make while we eat our food.

Food contains alchemical elements as magnetic spiritual substances, which are not yet known to science. Science can get into the brain, but not into the spiritual mind or its understanding. These spiritual substances are contained in everything, including in what we eat and drink. They are not known to science, only because they are magnetic vibrations that can only be felt from within our spiritual sphere.

The spiritual body is composed of feeling-substances, which can be perceived as astral light. They are revealed when our spiritual body begins to grow. The movement causes them to be magnetized around a center as light-substances. The magnetized structures feel to begin to dance, tingle and vibrate within our physical body. They create all kinds of nuisances and are often classified as imagined. But few people escape the loss of faith with diminished astral-light, which results when the physical body gets ill, because it has forgotten its ability to self-heal or to “re-magnetize” itself.

To be able to feel the dancing structures of joy, results from purifying our memory of the collective pain of the astral body. We experience a less painful life and no longer have a propensity to self-pity or a lack of faith. Yet, even still we will die. But to die with the dancing structures of inner joy in the bloodstream, is different from dying with outer structures of joy. Faith can be formed in many ways. But faith formed by outer structures of security, is different from faith formed by inner dancing structures of love. Joy, if it is formed by the spiritual substances of the elemental “earth” is available to everyone. These substances are in everything. But finding them and building them into a structure that can receive the spiritual body, is the great secret. This is the “Great Work” that we are about to discover in this Age of Aquarius.

The elemental substances are called the spiritual “earth,” when they are magnetized around the body-forming principle of the feminine aspect of Deity. She decides who and when these inner substances are made known. She operates as a Feeling, as the form-building principle of the universe. We must believe in Her powers, or we will never experience these spiritual substances united. She is the Dance of Life. She unites us with the masculine principle of Life, by making it dance with Joy. Together they become the Joy of Life. The magnetic substance of Joy dancing, is the “New Earth.” The “earth” is the spiritual substance of the Universe. It is not a physical new earth – although it is felt as one – but we do feel the old earth, as new.

The “New Earth” is the dancing spiritual substances when they are multiplying in the physical body. It is the feeling of being infinite and eternal. The sensation, in Itself, ends all previous notions of death being anything to fear. It ends the idea of our personal intelligence, being intelligent. The experience is not a notion, but an actual realization of the One Reality. We wake up from this dream of unreality, and awaken to our true Self. The spiritual substances then unite as the feeling of conjugial love. Personal memory is made innocent, when it is purified of its identification and attachment to the old feeling of self. This is the eternal feeling of a timeless life.

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