Affirmations: Transforming

Affirmations: Healing to an image.

Transforming (Healing) via an Image

I CAN - live my true potential.

No matter what other words you add to this affirmation to create your statement of true potential, "I Can" is the emotional propulsion power behind the words. "I", spiritualizes the affirmation, and "can" overcomes the doubts or fears - but it is still in the intellectual and emotional realms - action is still to come in the "I Will" phase. Here we are concerned with overcoming some insecurity, some weakness in personality, as seen through the eyes of a Transformative Astrologer.

Applying the Four Principles

  • Concentration : "I can" takes you to a place in consciousness where you still await images that add power to your desire. The words that you form now, such as: "I can - do this", "overcome this", or "I can - be a doctor", are meant to stir up images.
  • Meditation : Here, you stay in the receptive state. (It might just be half a second in time.) Getting clear images are spontaneous and being stirred by the feelings of images are communicated in lightning speed. Your task now is to attune with images that contribute to resolving the doubt and fear. (Intuitive imaging is what every good business person does - and the images they get are usually steps to take to work out some detail.) "I can do this" - now images of "how" will appear.
  • Visualization : Now Imagination takes over, multiplying streams of images, appealing to you. (If no strong image holds your attention, probably a reevaluation of your goal is needed, or your goal is too broad.) Imagination loves to be accessed, and once the flow begins, we just hook on and ride the images of beauty - radiating from our central Self.
  • Adoration : After your feelings are stirred by images from imagination you are in the flow. Let it flow, this moment is about the flow, not images. (In the flow, images are too slow a means of communication.) Now images become light, and light becomes sound, and sound becomes a "feeling" of joy that tingles through your body - "I Can "feel" it!"

Most transformative astrologers would agree affirmations using "I can" are usually motivated from doubt or fear. Again you need to attune with a spiritual truth, a power or strength that is spiritual, so that it raises you up. ("Spiritual" means being receptive.)

  • Words: Your affirmations should come from your own words. It is your future-self you are talking with, so be careful to use words that cause the right transforming attitude - overcoming some weakness in personality. Only you can judge whether "I can win" or "I can do this" creates a better response.
  • Images: Our entire life are images, images that we hooked onto and made important, and usually unconscious. A mature spiritual adult gets to pick the images, thereby transforming the collective images of doubt and fear that bombard most of humanity .
  • Scenario: With "I can do this" are stimulated streams of images, that have now become a movie, with sound and credits, and an audience, and applause. Hold this feeling - it is your spiritual self - you without the fear and doubt - "I can be this!"

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