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Moon Transits/Progressed Search Report

Includes All Personal Aspects: Hourly Transit to Natal, Progressed to Natal, and SolarArc to Natal Aspects.
* Also Includes: Local, Void of Course Moon, and Sign Changes times.

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12 Months: $20 (Approx. 60 pages)
24 Months: $25
36 Months: $30

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Moon Transit Search Report

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This professional Daily Moon Transit/Progression Search Report is the one I calculate for myself using the Matrix Search Program. It is not usually offered as a report, but I offer it because it includes all Transit to Natal aspects beginning with the Moon, Progressed to Natal, and SolarArc to Natal Aspects, as well as, the exact minute the local Moon changes signs or goes Void of Course. Includes all Mercury and other planet Retrogrades aspects and stations.

Calculated using your Time Zone. Note: be sure to fill in the residence location on the Order Report

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