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Vancouver Astrologer, Esoteric Readings

Astrology Readings: One year into the future...

Vancouver Astrology Readings"If you have ever balanced a stone on its side, you know the exact moment of balance; the experience is magical, life changing - you never forget it!"
Re-discover your Creative, Spiritual Love "Essence"

Executive Life-Coaching thru Astrology
Vancouver Readings

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Vancouver Numerologist

Vancouver Numerology Readings: Stage Names ~ Balanced Names ~ Corporate Names

Esoteric Astrology Readings in VancouverA personal Numerology Name Analysis or Life Path Reading will reveal inner qualities such as your motivation, or 'core-intention'. By learning to work with these inner influences, allows you to align with the cosmic cycles of living more fully. Numerology Readings in Vancouver, BC, or worldwide by telephone.

Vancouver Numerologist

Vancouver Business Consultant

Vancouver Business Consultant: Business Development ~ Business Improvement.

Vancouver Business ConsultingClayten has coached hundreds of clients to transition from a personal Astrology reading to their own self-employment opportunity. He helps with financial projections and ongoing coaching to overcome any self doubt. Call Clayten for a Business Reading in Vancouver

Vancouver Business Consultant

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