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Practical Guidance, Personal Astrological Counseling thru Esoteric Astrology

Vancouver Counseling: The purpose of Counseling using Astrology is to reach a state of Inner Silence; the spiritual 'center' within, a state of 'pure integrity' within each of us. It is usually very difficult to reach and hold this level of spiritual awareness without a life-changing event, such as an enlightenment experience. I can help you reach this level of awareness, where all conflict is resolved. It is a direct spiritual essence experience into more creative spiritual expressions of happiness.

Vancouver Counseling Astrologer

Vancouver's Certified Esoteric Counseling Astrologer

When you have an Esoteric Astrology Session you will discover your spiritual Keys to happiness, and unlock your true potential. These Keys are your personal spiritual patterns, when applied in the correct way, will unblock the inner path which leads to spiritual peace and happiness. Esoteric techniques enable you to reach a level of pure awareness, a centering of clear intention - and "one is simply, here Now!"

Certified Esoteric Counseling Astrologer

Vancouver CounselingVancouver Counseling: Book your personal Counseling Astrology Session with Vancouver Counseling Astrologer, Clayten today. In person, or by telephone. For Spiritual Counseling sesssions I recommend you book the 135 Minute session for our first appointment. (Requires 3 hours preparation. Exact Birth Time is required.)

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