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Vancouver Psychic, Clayten Tylor, is a Clairsentient Psychic, the ability to "tune-into" the feeling of an individual, and to become "like" them. During a Psychic Reading, this intuitive sensitivity, in conjunction with your Astrological Birth Chart, gives an extremely accurate way to predict, and therefore to understand the possible events that may happen during the following year covered in your personal Psychic Reading, using Esoteric Astrology.

Vancouver Psychic Reading

This Psychic Reading "feeling-tone" as I call it, is our internal-response signal. It is the creative aspect of Love, and our 'response" to life. It is a subtle, internal, love-signal, which suggests to our unconscious mind to manifest that particular feeling that you hold onto, into corresponding events for your future, and that feeling is the real power and magic in our life, because it controls your body's response to life, and therefore determines your future. Essentially, you create your future by how you feel.

This "feeling-tone" is your Spiritual Intention behind your actions. And because it also radiates out to others, it also determines your happiness-response from others. The feeling-tone can be reprogrammed by becoming aware of how you feel about certain things in your life. Using Numerology, during a Psychic Reading, Clayten can also help you to understand what cycle-phase you are in, regarding manifesting a particular desire. Essentially, you have to want something to happen for it to happen, and you also have to fear something to happen for it to happen as well.

The outside world and your environment is a reflection of who you are, it cannot work against you. Learning to change your internal love signal, by bringing Spiritual Awareness to it, can help change your happiness-response, and therefore your outer circumstances. And all of this can be done during just one Psychic Reading with Clayten, using Esoteric Astrology.

"There is no 'predestined' future." "All are predestined to heaven, and none to hell." - Swedenborg (D. P. 329). (from the book The Feeling of Love, by Clayten Tylor)

Vancouver Psychic Readings with Clayten

Contact Clayten, for a personal Psychic Reading in Vancouver , using Astrology, Numerology, and Metaphysical Techniques (90 Min. preparation time included).

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