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Western-Astrology Reports calculated using Eastern-Astrology Sidereal Zodiac, (traditionally used by Vedic-Astrologers). The perfect combination - Eastern Vedic Zodiac, translated by Western Astrologers.

Comparison of Eastern and Western Astrology Reports

If you would like to read what a Western Astrologer would say about the aspects in your Sidereal Zodiac chart, then these Vedic Reports are a must have. To compare the two systems of Western and Eastern Astrology with a computer report is impossible, but I like to think of these Eastern Sidereal-Zodiac Reports as a way to understand the two systems in relationship to my own chart.
What will change in a comparison between Eastern-Sidereal and Western-Tropical Zodiacs is that some of your planets will be in different Signs. Although, all of the aspects that are in your Eastern Sidereal Zodiac will be in your Western Tropical Zodiac Chart. As an example, if you have your Sun square Moon, it will be in both reports, but perhaps in a different sign. The interpretations will all be the same, and because these reports do not take into account the sign when it interprets an aspect, in that respect, these reports are valid.
The planets being in different signs are more difficult to reconcile, and whatever your particular Sun Sign might be in each of these reports, I think it best to think of the Zodiac Signs as being spiritual qualities that you are coming to understand (because, if you are trying to understand yourself as two Signs, it will cause too much confusion). These are two different measuring techniques -having the same goal - evolving us to be All Signs.
I hope you enjoy reading about yourself under this light. Enjoy! (:Clayten

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(Vedic Natal Report approximately 45 Pages)

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Vedic Lovers Compatibility Report

Vedic Compatibility Report $15 (Discontinued)

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(Vedic Compatibility Report approximately 22 Pages)

About:Tropical & Sidereal Zodiac

Sidereal Zodiac: One of the two major zodiac systems, the sidereal zodiac is traditionally used by Eastern astrologers. In it, the 12 signs are based upon the constellations of the fixed stars. The signs coincided with the signs of the tropical zodiac approximately 2000 years ago. This is no longer so, due to the movement of the fixed stars -- approximately 50 seconds per year (or 1º in 72 years). This motion is known as precession.

Tropical Zodiac: The measuring system in which planetary longitudes are measured along the ecliptic from the vernal point. In Western astrology, this is the most popular system.

Report Options: Ayanamsas
With the Sidereal Zodiac calculation method, you can select from two Ayanamsas. Lahiri is the most popular Vedic Ayanamsa, (and is set as the default), but among Siderealists, Fagan/Bradley would be the one to use.
Note: The default House System used is Vedic Equal House.

(Also note: Some reports, by their nature, cannot be run with Sidereal Time. Only Natal reports should be run using Sidereal Time.)

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