Vancouver, B.C.

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2 Min. Video of Vancouver, B.C. Canada: Photographer - Bill Hunt.

Note: You might want to turn down the volume.

Esoteric Articles:

Affirmations: Making Magic Happen All thought is an affirmation - not just the spoken word. Affirmations are a powerful tool for manifesting our desires or making deep psychological changes to our personality.

Balancing: Using Color. All the Astrological Signs are colors, and everything else that makes up a chart reading have a color symbolism - this is your Aura. The basis of horoscope analysis is to determine what is necessary to bring about a fulfilled but balanced life experience.

Awareness: The Intuitive Level. Intuition is a flow into the interior sight from within.The Intuitive level is a "purer" aspect of consciousness and is equally accessible to all. But to access it, we must leave our personality self behind,

The Power To Heal.The power to heal spiritually is just the power to get out of the way, to hold your focus of concentration on the object of your choice and then - to let go!

Free Spiritual Healing: Requests The Thoughts of Love Campaign (T.L.C.) is a metaphysical healing service. Similar to prayer, it enfolds you in love, which helps to attract more favorable circumstances into your life.

Meditation & Relaxation Articles Are you ready for deep relaxation? A relaxed body, is a relaxed mind. And a relaxed mind is receptive to any suggestion, and then all things are possible.

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