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* Planning an event a year in advance? Don't get disappointed when you discover the moon is void of course that day. Why wait for the Void of Course Moon Times to be posted on the internet. Plan the year head with this Twelve Month 2018 Void of Course Moon Report for your Time Zone.

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* Order the Void of Course Moon Report and get a FREE Astrological Symbol Key Chart on the final page (PDF)

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One Year - Twelve Page Report Grid Format Includes Beginning Time | Ending Time | Last Aspect | Sign

- Symbol Grid format for quick reference.

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About the Void of Course Moon

Every couple of days the transiting Moon makes a last aspect to another body in the sky before changing signs, described as a Void-of-Course Moon period, which lasts from a few minutes to over a day, depending how late in the sign the planets are at the time. It is generally considered an unfavorable period for decisions that require solid support, but a good time for insight, relaxation, and reaching outside of confining boundaries. Ptolemy swore by it, and so do most astrologers to this day.

It's generally not a good time to make purchases, sign contracts, or start major new ventures; daily routine is OK, just not big moves. Events already in operation at the time often lose their stability.

It's a good time to relax and party, and to get creative, be wild and unpredictable, take a break from the ordinary.

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