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What Color is your Astrological Sign?

What Color Do You Project?

Bringing Spiritual energy, or vibratory powers into full awareness requires connecting with how our thoughts create our conditions, and how our emotions mold those conditions into repeating patterns, trapping us and taking away our control.

In Astrology, Aries rules the head, Taurus rules the throat, etc., down to our feet ruled by Pisces, so we actually have all the signs of the zodiac within us.

Each sign has a particular quality or color, and we can access that quality by tuning into its color, thereby strengthening that quality in our personality. The idea is to balance all of the signs (or color qualities) in our personality.

Since all signs have their own color and their own musical note, is why certain colors or music have different effects on each of us. Signs that are opposite cause balancing.

 (Eg. When you look at the color red and then shut your eyes, you see the afterglow of its' opposite color, which is green.) So actually all of our strong likes and dislikes are actually bringing us into balance.

You can use the Signs' color that is opposite your Sun Sign to give you the qualities you feel you lack. Libra can use Aries (red) to be motivated, Taurus can use Scorpio to learn to let go, Gemini can use Sagittarius for a broader view, etc.

We attract others by our sign or the "color" that we radiate. Try wearing or radiating different colors and soon you will be balanced in all signs.

Esoteric Astrology can help us to understand our particular "color" patterns that block our divine right to wholeness, which is the full spectrum of color.

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